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25 Tips: Email Lead Generation from Social Media


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Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram...

Each one of these major social networking sites gives you an amazing opportunity to begin the sales cycle through nurturing relationships, and amplifying your brand.

But how do you get the lucrative email from your Fans and Followers? How do you take your social relations further along in your sales conversion?

In this presentation, I give you tried and tested methods to reach your markets - and get email leads - from the top 5 social networking sites.

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25 Tips: Email Lead Generation from Social Media

  1. 1. 25 Tips: Email Lead Generation from Social Media
  2. 2. Table of Contents: 1 Facebook 2 Twitter 3 Pinterest 4 Google+ 5 Instagram
  3. 3. 1 Facebook
  4. 4. Facebook 1 2 3 Run sweepstakes: ● email-gated Facebook sweepstakes or Facebook contests Give email-gated discounts: ● Host coupons or group coupons directly on your Facebook Page Post links to email-gated landing page: Give away content for an email: ● webinar ● industry related ebook ● product tips and how-to’s
  5. 5. Facebook 4 5 Make a newsletter sign-up Tab: ● customize newsletter tab ● entice with exclusive offers Host a Facebook event, with your own email-gated landing page: ● Use your own email-gated landing page for RSVP’s ● (don’t use Facebook’s event RSVP app - which doesn’t give you email lead generation options)
  6. 6. 2 Twitter
  7. 7. Twitter 1 Host an email-gated contest: ● Contest on Twitter (vote contest, photo contest, video contest, etc.) ● Email-gate it (yup, you can do that! With our app) 2 Use your bio to link to an emailgated landing page: ● Don’t miss this easy opportunity 3 Entice emails with coupons: ● Host your business coupons directly on Twitter
  8. 8. Twitter 4 5 Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards: ● get emails in the same sort of way you’d get emails from your website landing pages Post links to email-gated content: ● Give away compelling content for the cost of an email ● use niche hashtags to market
  9. 9. 3 Pinterest
  10. 10. Pinterest 1 2 3 Create a “free stuff” Board: ● link back to your emailgated website content Offer exclusive deals: ● coupons and deals get repinned ● create coupons on your website Host a “Pin it to Win it” Contest: ● email-gated page
  11. 11. Pinterest 4 5 Entice pinners with images: use lifestyle images such as: ● food ● crafts ● fashion Use Rich Pins: ● Rich pins automatically update real-time info from your website (such as prices) ● increase traffic to your site
  12. 12. 4 Google+
  13. 13. Google+ 1 Target with Circles: ● Segment Following to target posts 2 Join Communities: ● find niche G+ Communities ● join and engage ● share email-gated landing page links 3 Entice emails with coupons: Updates to customers, Communities, and use hashtags
  14. 14. Google+ 4 5 Host contests: ● email-gated contests (i.e. essay contest, vote contest , photo caption contest) ● image, details ● market with hashtags, Communities, Circles Host Google+ Hangouts: ● interactive video chat ● email-gate participants ● email-gate viewers
  15. 15. 5 Instagram
  16. 16. Instagram 1 2 3 Instagram photo contest: ● photo share love ● use contest specific hashtag, email-gate Events: ● Business and private events ● Behind the scenes look ● RSVP via email Email-gated coupons: ● authentic product image ● hashtags - product and campaign Starbucks rocks Instagram. This cool stop motion video showing behind the scenes look at staff preparing for the holiday rush.
  17. 17. Instagram 4 5 Geo-tag updates: ● mobile social sharing site ● geo-tagging engages locale ● more traffic to email-gated events and landing pages Focus on your customers: ● very personal, authentic type site ● share follower photos, tag, quick comment responses ● develop cool brand image ● post email-gated content Coca Cola knows how to focus on their customers, by hosting Instagram photo contests, and posting the many winners.
  18. 18. More Resources... Best practises and tips for the top social media platforms: ● The Top 8 Methods to Generate Email Leads Through Facebook ● 6 Sure-fire Methods to Generate Email Leads Using Twitter ● 9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog ● How to use Google+ to Promote your Blog ● 52 Tips: How to Market on Instagram Best practices and tips for your email marketing campaigns: ● 8 Steps to Write Email Copy that Converts ● 10 Sure-Fire Subject Line Formulas for Your Email Marketing Campaigns ● 15 Email Automation Stats that Might Surprise You
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