12 Tips for Holiday Tweeting: Last Minute Twitter Boosts


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Need some last minute Twitter tips?

You’ve planned your tweets to promote your holiday marketing campaigns. You’re well and truly entrenched in Twitterland. So why aren’t your messages getting the results you need?

Here are 12 days of Twitter tips to give your holiday marketing the boost it deserves.

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12 Tips for Holiday Tweeting: Last Minute Twitter Boosts

  1. 12 Tips for Holiday Tweeting Last minute Twitter boosts
  2. 1 Images & Vine
  3. ● Show your message visually, to increase engagement ● Use images or vine videos for lifestyle, fun, quotes and even products ● Tweet customer images (get UGC via photo contests)
  4. 2 Discounts & Coupons
  5. ● People love holiday discounts ● Set up coupons on your landing pages, or via your Twitter ● Make your coupons mobile enabled
  6. 3 Contests
  7. ● Make your prize holiday related gift cards encourage immediate sales ● Host your contest on a landing page, or via your Twitter ● Run multiple contests with many winners
  8. 4 Add Some Goodwill
  9. ● Show your brand cares by holiday giving ● Choose a charity that fits with your business goals (i.e. local, kids, global, etc) ● Tweet about it to encourage customers to support with you
  10. 5 Holiday Lifestyle Tips
  11. ● Solve customer problems with lifestyle tips - like recipes, relaxing, and fashion ● For recipes: Tweet links to great party appetizer, baking and holiday dinner recipes (on your site or others) ● Include an image of your tips, too
  12. 6 Seasonal Hashtags
  13. ● Use popular holiday hashtags like: #giftideas #lastminutedeals #stockingstuffers ● Connect with like-minded people use hashtags your followers use ● Use product, campaign and trending hashtags
  14. 7 Share your @mentions
  15. ● Get your @mentions seen by all your followers - don’t start it with @mention ● Use “.” in front of your @mention to get it shared ● Put “the” “tx” “RT” etc. in front of your initial @mention
  16. 8 Personalize your Tweets
  17. ● Write your tweets with “you” “me” and “us” ● Tweet photos of your busy, friendly staff - to show you’re human (hey, if Android can do it you can too!) ● Include behind the scenes looks at events you’re hosting - online or off
  18. 9 Twitter Ads
  19. ● Use Promoted Tweets to get your posts seen by your followers and more ● Target your competition, like the Gap did here with H&M ● Promote your most engaging posts, like cool vine videos
  20. 10 Contact Info
  21. ● Holiday shopping can be stressful make it easy for customers to get your help ● Design a Twitter background with your business contact info ● Include store locations, hours, and other common queries
  22. 11 Ask for a RT
  23. ● Make your RT tweet an interactive question or consumer choice ● Use RT asks in your holiday coupon and contest campaigns ● Spell out “retweet”, to get 23x’s more engagement
  24. 12 Show your Product
  25. ● Use visually appealing images of your product ● Think about lifestyle in product tweets - how will your goods solve customer problems ● Include a link directly to your ecommerce landing page
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