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10 Crucial Elements of Lead Generation Form Optimization


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Forms are the focus of your website. They're not the sexiest thing in the world, but (at least business-wise) they are one of the most important.

A form is where someone goes from a visitor to a prospective customer.

This infographic gives you the 10 crucial elements of lead generation form optimization.

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10 Crucial Elements of Lead Generation Form Optimization

  1. 1. To see dozens more lead generation form examples and optimization strategies, check out 10 Crucial Elements of Lead Generation Form Optimization 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 This is less intimidating for landing page visitors and has shown to improve conversion rate by 300%. More than 50% of forms are filled out on mobile. One of the biggest reasons for drop-off is an inability to easily select fields. Place your form above-the-fold Use as few form fields as possible Make your form fields big Encapsulate your form Break up long forms into multiple pages Use checkboxes to ease conversion Match formatting of fields and buttons Use a progress bar in multi-page forms Tell the user what to do in each form field Don’t bring up ‘Spam’ Encapsulation, or the act of placing a border around your form, draws, focuses attention, and keeps it there. Everything you can do to make your visitor's conversion easier, do it. Checkboxes are a great way to expedite the process. Visuals matter. Make sure your fields are all the same length and your button isn't aggressively larger. With multi-page forms, make sure your visitor knows how much they're being asked to commit, otherwise they'll bounce. Be clear about what you want people to do. Leave no doubt in their minds with "type your email address here." You might think it eases your visitor's concerns. In fact, all it does is get them thinking about the possibility. Your form fields should match the value of what you're promoting. Don't ask for more information than your offer is worth. If you have a long page, add a link at the bottom which drives visitors back up to the top where your important elements are. wishpond