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As a small coffee shop, use of social media might not seem like a significant contributor to the success of your business. Your customers stop by your store and pick up a coffee because it’s local, convenient and of good quality. So why should you then engage online to reach new consumers?

Lets think of some reasons. Firstly, food services, as most other industries are taking over smaller boutique stores by consumers preferring familiar brand names. It seems like you can get inexpensive coffee anywhere! Secondly, you may think you have reached out to all potential local consumers, but the truth is that customers need incentives to come back and substitute their coffeemaker at home with better alternatives like in-store coffee and service. Competition is everywhere, and quality of product and environment alone cannot expand your consumer segment.

So how can social media help tackle these problems? By virtually connecting everybody to a social network, there is incredible potential for the spread of your product and brand. Engagement with clients outside your store is close to impossible as a boutique brand and emails are primitive and time consuming to have as a primary feedback tool. To be present online is not sufficient for anyone because everyone can be. That’s why you need to implement the right tools to attract and engage customers to your network! Why not make it a social one? Interact with customers, spread ideas, advertise promotions and explain how they benefit from being related to your network.

This short guide will help you utilize your social media platform as a marketing tool with the purpose of maximizing the reach of your potential customers, receiving feedback on your brand and products, and most importantly build relationships with clients outside your local store, so pay attention☺!

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Social Media Marketing for Coffee Shops

  1. 1. The Easy Guide on How to Boost yourSocial Media MarketingLearn with WishpondThe Coffee Shop
  2. 2. Identified Challenges Attaining Customers forCoffee Shops• High Level of Competition• Low Level of Perceived Differentiation of Products• Difficulties Boosting Brand Presence Online• Challenge Attaining Customer Information for CRMwishpond
  3. 3. The How To’sSocial Media Solutionswishpond
  4. 4. Strategic Overview for SoMe-Marketingwishpond12345Engage your Customers!Focus on a Pull-Strategy: Don’t Sell your Product, make it Compelling to BuyMake your Platform Visually Appealing and DynamicRetain your Customers through SoMe CRMUse Facebook Ads to Boost your Promotions
  5. 5. 1. Ask Questions!• Get direct feedback on what your customers think about yourproduct and give them the opportunity to communicate with your brand2. Be Local• Make sure not to generalize your fan base3. Create Contests and Promotions• Get clients attached to your page by participating in brand related campaigns4. Involve Customers in your Content Marketing• Make sure to take use of the best stories from your SoMe pages in your blogs andother areas for content marketing in order to make customers feel valuedwishpond1 How to Engage your Customers
  6. 6. wishpond2 How to Implement a Pull Strategy1. Increase the validity of your brand by posting content fromcustomers and employees2. Provide news releases on products and pay attention to theresponse you get from clients
  7. 7. wishpond3 How to stay Dynamic & Visually Appealing• Change the graphic theme of your SoMe page in accordance with thecurrent promotion or new product• Make your page visually appealing and professional by using greatimages by graphic designers• Consistently post updates on promotions to remind clients of yourcurrent campaign
  8. 8. wishpond4 How to Retain Customers1. Obtain customer information through CRMdatabases, Facebook contests and subscription sign-ups• Analyze and subtract information about your target market• Follow up with email updates2. Use Retargeting as an advertising tool
  9. 9. wishpond5 How to Take Use of Facebook Ads• Boost the reach of your Facebook Campaign by taking use ofFacebook Ads with specified demographic targeting
  10. 10. How can Wishpond Help?wishpond implementationswishpond
  11. 11. wishpond
  12. 12. How Can Wishond Applications Help?Boost Traffic and Fan Base on Social Media and Company WebpageIncrease Customer EngagementDifferentiate your Marketing Presence and Strategy from your CompetitorsReach New Customer Segments through Promotions that Goes ViralEasily Acquire Customer Information for CRMObtain a Deeper Understanding of your Customers throughWishpond AnalyticsEasy to Use, Low Risk, Low Cost123456wishpond7
  13. 13. WishpondCampaign Exampleswishpond
  14. 14. Starter Contests:Intermediate Contests:Advanced Contest:wishpond
  15. 15. wishpondApplication Suggestions from Product Suite• Social Offers• Sweepstakes• Photo ContestsBoost your Coffe Shop with Wishpond
  16. 16. wishpondSocial OfferWhy create Group Offers for your Coffee Shop?• People love FREE – Coffee is not an expensive commodity to give away• Creates buzz about your product and build habits• Customers visit your SoMe page more frequent and winners ofclaimed offers gets accustomed to drink your coffee in store• Easy to participate and manage• High Potential for going viral and becoming a trend• Great way to easily boost fan base and acquire customer information• Applicable on all social media platforms and mobile devices!
  17. 17. wishpondSocial Offer Landing Page Example
  18. 18. wishpondSweepstakesWhy create Sweepstakes for your Coffee Shop?• Low involvement purchase on coffee – Lowest barrier to entry Easy to participate for customers and win coffee related prices• Potential for spreading rapid awareness through Like-Gating• Great way to easily boost fan base and acquire customer information• Applicable on social media platforms and mobile devices
  19. 19. wishpondSweepstake Website Example
  20. 20. wishpondSweepstake Twitter Example
  21. 21. wishpondWhy create a Photo Contests for your Coffee Shop?• Most engaging type of online content– On Facebook - photos generate 50% more Likes and 100% more commentsthan other content• Relates and promotes to the product your selling– Example: Ask your customers to show where they best enjoy your coffeethrough uploading and voting on photosPhoto Contest
  22. 22. wishpondPhoto Contest Landing Page
  23. 23. wishpondWishpond AnalyticsHow Does Wishpond Analytics help?• Real-time reporting to help optimize campaign while running• Complete break-down of who your leads are- Interests, Demographics: Age, Gender & Location• Segmentation tools to analyze each of your customer groups• Complete email-address list over participants to further target customers
  24. 24. wishpondWishpond Analytics Example
  25. 25. What to Keep in Mind When Creating a CampaignIdentify the desired outcome before choosing your campaignGive a prize worth participating for that relates to your brandMake sure the campaign is easy to understand and participate inPromote your campaign through all channels – and use Visuals!Remember to engage existing customers12345wishpond
  26. 26. Learn with WishpondGOOD LUCK!