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What's hot

  1. 1. What’s Hot:<br />Plug In to this Network and Sign Up!<br />Tune In to online class:<br />“Strengthen Your Intuition in Times of Change!”<br />Turn On with 3 Guided Meditations!<br />
  2. 2. P lug In & Sign Up!<br />Become a member, sign up, join the network… “become one of us”<br />Why?<br />Because I would like to stay in touch with you!<br />I’m not going to spam you, load your inbox up with junk or overload your phone with email. You get to decide how much of what you receive.<br />I just want to keep you posted on Freebies, Specials, Classes, New Stuff and news when appropriate. So it’s safe…go ahead click here and plug in!<br />Good News: In gratitude for signing up I offer you for FREE. <br />“ The 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Turn Any Problem into a Solution!”<br />Bad News: It will take you 5 minutes, you will have to enter your email address, pick a password and do one of those silly “read the letters” thingeys (it’s to make sure only quality individuals sign up).<br />
  3. 3. Tune In & Turn On!<br />Get involved in my online class:<br />Strengthening Your Intuition<br />in Times of Change!!<br />Yes, 2012 is upon us. Whether you think it will come like a lion or a lamb it is coming. And it is bringing some changes.<br />Already you are probably experiencing the effects of it in your life as it touches every aspect of our culture. These are changing times.<br />Get a better understanding of these times and learn how to successfully navigate through them using your intuition.<br />Your going to get really close with your Inner Wisdom and stretch your sixth sense in this class.<br />
  4. 4. Tap In & Tune In!<br />My New Cd:<br />Three Powerful Guided Meditations<br />“Journey Within”<br />Get it now!<br />You get to escape to a new place designed and created just for you; your Sanctuary, where you will get to recharge your inner battery and bring back to waking life motivation.<br />You get to experience the ultimate plug in…your “Clear Space”. This is too good to try to attempt to use words to entice you with here.<br />You’ll get the ultimate tune up with the guided meditation “Raising Your Frequency”!<br />
  5. 5. Turn On!!<br />In the works and getting ready for release this fall…<br />The Questions that change your life, help you manifest your desires, and power you up for shaping your life!!<br />