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Wood County HOM

  1. 1. • 2010-12 Communities Putting Prevention to Work grantee • 2013-15 Community Transformation grantee • HPWC coalition, coordinated by Wood County Health Department • 2010-11 start…next school year will be our fourth year BACKGROUND
  2. 2. • 11,000 students, K-12 • Six public school districts: Auburndale, Marshfield, Nekoosa, Pittsville, Port Edwards, Wisconsin Rapids • County model
  3. 3. Harvest of the Month (HoM) as: F2S implementation strategy F2S promotional/educational strategy
  4. 4. HoM as a F2S program implementation strategy Sue Anderson, Food Procurement Coordinator sue.eric.anderson@gmail.com
  5. 5. YEAR ONE: How we started •California model - Wisconsin products (apples, potatoes) •Taste tests then lunch line? •Grant paid for product, F2S team prepared and served in school cafeteria •3rd – 5th grade F2S education •School gardens and greenhouse start ups STRUGGLES: Safety and legal issues of farm fresh product, finding farmers, delivery SUCCESSES: Steep learning curve! (delivery, packaging, pricing) 750# local food purchased with $650 (all grant $)
  6. 6. YEAR TWO: Growing the program • Increased school base (2 to 27 schools). • Grant paid for product once ($500 ave/month) AND schools often purchased product again • Served in lunch line, food service prep, F2S staff promote • Positives and negatives of ordering at a county level • School gardens and greenhouse products are used in lunch line • 3 – 5th grade education • Food service starts sourcing products • Explored processed products: carrots and sweet potatoes 16,500# local food purchased with $6,250 (half grant $)
  7. 7. YEAR THREE: Processed product, weather extremes • Expanded fresh-cut products, two processors •Slices/sticks - carrots, watermelon, winter squash, sweet potatoes •Shredded - carrots, zucchini, cabbage •Diced - winter squash, sweet potatoes •Puree - winter squash, sweet potato • Frost and drought affected fall produce • All product paid for by schools (process product prices subsidized by grant), prep by food service staff and served in lunch lines, no F2S staff •29,000# local food purchased with $21,400 (mostly school $)
  8. 8. NEXT YEAR • More cafeteria promotion (taste tests make a comeback) • Multiple HoM products for flexibility • Continue exploration of processed product costs • Schools will need to pay true cost of processed product
  9. 9. HoM as a F2S promotional/education strategy Michelle Goetsch, Media/Communications Specialist mgoetsch@co.wood.wi.us
  10. 10. • Cafeteria taste tests YEAR ONE: How we started
  11. 11. • Cafeteria taste tests YEAR TWO & THREE: Growing the program • Elementary school morning announcements • Family newsletter - sent home to all elementary students, approx. 7,000 newsletters • School building/district newsletter articles • School menu promotion • F2S apparel for food service staff • Special in-school events • Paid media • Earned media: monthly newspaper articles • Social media
  12. 12. • Coordinate messaging with food procurement calendar Things to keep in mind • Constant communication with FSDs and/or school F2S champion • Reality: Dedicated communications staff member a plus • Take advantage of NO COST promotion • Messaging strategy: think school, home, community
  13. 13. • Transition some promotional efforts to the schools Next Year • English, marketing, yearbook, art/design students can lead some of these efforts • Quarterly family newsletter that highlights multiple HoM products/producers • Increase cafeteria promotion (colored ladles, clings on serving bar areas, signage
  14. 14. Sue Anderson, Food Procurement Coordinator sue.eric.anderson@gmail.com Michelle Goetsch, Media/Communications Specialist mgoetsch@co.wood.wi.us Getactivewoodcounty.org Facebook.com/getactivewoodcounty