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  • Flea market

    1. 1. sdf sdfgsdfWeekend L train service is often delayed or inconsistent. The East River Ferry is a scenic alternative to the underground metro. The ferry docks just footsteps away from the flea market.
    2. 2. The Williamsburg flea market offers a wide variety of cuisine from Asian-style hotdogs to bacon-studded cupcakes. Saturday, the 15th was the final market day of the season for hungry Brooklynites. After this weekend stands closed up shop for the winter.
    3. 3. A mischievous child grabbed two treats with his dirty little child-fingers from Sweet Loren’s cookie stand. Accordingto social convention, the mother was obliged to purchase the “sullied” cookie and brownie.
    4. 4. sd Above, Sweet Loren Brill displays the cookie brand she created last year. As she was recovering from Hodgkins cancer, Brill began to dosomething she always loved: bake. She was motivated to create a healthy cookie alternative to Tollhouse and Pillsbury. She now sells Sweet Loren’s ready-to-bake cookie doughs in two NYC Whole Foods. Brill hopes to be on the shelves of all six NYC Whole Foods in another six months.
    5. 5. Pictured cookies from front to back: Nutty Peanut Oatmeal, Bold Espresso Chunk, Dark Double Fudge, Heavenly Chocolate Chip and Cherry OatmealCranberry. Brill was always passionate about food and nutrition, something she inherited from her mother who recently passed away from cancer. “She was an amazing cook and she never followed the rules” Brill said. The cookies are made with all natural ingredients and whole grains and coconut oil.
    6. 6. Brill’s mantra is that healthy cookies CAN taste better. Her ready-to-bake business plan aim’s to go “full circle” with three critical aims: to addvalue to the marketplace in the sweets category; to make it easier for kids to sell healthy, tasty snacks at bake sales; and to also raise moneyspecifically for pediatric cancers. Sweet Loren’s is partnered with Cookies For Kids’ Cancer.
    7. 7. The Dark Double Fudge brownie may sell like hot cakes, but Sweet Loren’s Cherry Oatmeal Cranberry cookie is not only aesthetically pleasing but delicious too.
    8. 8. Cookies are not the only edible sold at the Brooklyn flea market. Pictured above is Cemita’s Cemita, a carnitas sandwich filled with shredded mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado.
    9. 9. Of course, no day of flea market consumption would be complete without miniature bacon cupcakes, courtesy of Williamsburg’s own Kumquat Cupcakery.