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With Network Support Services (NSS) outsourcing in place, wireless carriers can focus their attention on expanding coverage, improving the quality of the network, and bringing in new devices and applications to enhance the client experience. Network maintenance and support services can be obtained from a Network Support Services (NSS) provider, which manages network elements including switches, base stations, backhaul and messaging systems based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the network operator.

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WireIE Outsourcing Network Support Services

  1. 1. Outsourcing Network Support Services: Advantages for Carriers By Jennifer Marron Marketing & Communications Specialist WireIE Holdings International Inc. April 2010 Outsourcing Network Support Services: Advantages for Carriers 1
  2. 2. Outsourcing Network Support Services: Advantages for Carriers By Jennifer Marron Marketing & Communications Specialist WireIE Holdings International Inc. The fact is that outsourcing is becoming a T oday, many wireless carriers are global reality and its challenging ingrained perceptions of what is core and non-core to a network operator’s business activity. With making the decision to outsource their network maintenance and support NSS outsourcing, operators may focus their operations. In doing so, carriers are able to attention on expanding coverage, improving focus on their core business of delivering the quality of the network, and in the high quality services. Outsourcing simply process, bringing in new open devices and means that another company is contracted applications that enhance the client with the responsibility of managing and experience. maintaining certain network assets that Outsourcing Benefits cost money to operate on an ongoing basis. Outsourcing is a great solution as it reduces This allows wireless operators to focus on costs and manages operational risk. The building their business instead of managing main goal of an outsourcing agreement is to daily, resource-intensive tasks associated produce cost savings that operators can with operating their network. Companies then reinvest in their network(s). It is simply that provide outsourcing services are that it costs less for outsourcing companies specialists in those areas and can offer to handle operations instead of keeping peace of mind to their clients, often at a them in-house and taking up valuable lower cost. resources. Labour costs are diminished and staff can focus on the tasks at hand – which What is it? mean generating more revenue by Network maintenance and support services increased client numbers and devices. NSS can be obtained from a Network Support providers offer service assurance and are Services (NSS) provider. The NSS provider focused on client Key Performance manages the network elements such as Indicators (KPI’s) as defined by the switches, base stations, backhaul, and operator. messaging systems based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the network Outsourcing network support also allows a operator. company to focus on keeping clients by using valuable resources in an effective Outsourcing Network Support Services: Advantages for Carriers 2
  3. 3. way. By retaining clients, churn is reduced, Under the agreement, Ericsson assumes thus managing Average Revenue Per User responsibility for the day-to-day services, (ARPU). From here, more marketing dollars provisioning, and maintenance of Sprint's can be spent in order to focus on acquiring CDMA, iDEN and wireline networks. This more clients. therefore allows Sprint to retain full ownership and control of its network assets, An audit is typically conducted in order to and solely own the network strategy and assess the business value of outsourcing investment decisions. and to justify it to the operator. It would need to be determined what in fact needs This agreement is very influential as it to be outsourced, and then partnership opened the door for US operators to follow arrangements are set up in order to repair the lead of Europe, Asia, and the emerging network elements that markets in handing over are near end-of-life. Outsourcing keeps the day-to-day operations of its network to an In such instances where the company moving outsider, while they focus vendor support no longer on service. The Sprint exists, a company still forward as contract is the first where needs to support their client’s experiences and technology evolves a major nationwide operator has been willing expectations. Instead of to turn the entirety of its managing multiple vendors, they have a network management and operations to a single point of contact for all network third party vendor such as Ericsson. Due to issues, resulting in less interfacing with the scale of this deal, it garnered attention vendors and agreements to manage. Again, from North American network operators this affords the operator the flexibility to who were perhaps skeptical and unwilling contemplate future applications. to outsource their network functions elsewhere. A Caribbean-based example of this would be for a wireless operator to continually What about smaller operators? monitor and support a 2G network and its While Sprint is a large American network clients, while on the path to developing a operator, smaller operators would be even 3G network or new technology. Outsourcing more likely to benefit from an outsourcing keeps the company moving forward as arrangement. Additionally, the outsourcing technology evolves. will free valued resources as the company can now concentrate on innovation and The Ericsson/Sprint Example development rather than investing in A prominent North American example is network technology, maintenance and Ericsson’s 7-year NSS agreement with Sprint upgrades. WireIE realizes the value of key announced in July 2009, worth up to $5 resources and manages network elements Billion, and affecting 6,000 employees. from our facilities, thus managing Outsourcing Network Support Services: Advantages for Carriers 3
  4. 4. operational costs (on-site service is deploying, and ultimately managing new provided only as required). technologies for the client. So why do it? Outsourcing provides customer peace of So why outsource NSS and managed mind to operators, and they are able to services? In short, it provides improved hand off network performance processes, effectiveness and efficiency of operations. and the MSP handles performance monitoring and ensures preemptive steps Skills and knowledge may not reside within are taken to identify issues and maintain the client’s organization and will only be service levels. Outsourcing companies available through a Managed Services convert one’s business drivers into network Provider (MSP). Clients are able to be reality and are typically vendor agnostic – advised on important business and network meaning the client does not need to contort technology decisions through outsourcing. their network (or business requirements) to They are the client’s trusted advisor on both suit a manufacturer. Therefore, outsourcing business and technology decisions – both network maintenance and support avoid present & future. costs of building and staffing a wireless They also have a ‘going-in’ advantage in carrier’s own management and reporting advising and then subsequently designing, systems, and contributes to lower total cost ownership. Outsourcing Network Support Services: Advantages for Carriers 4
  5. 5. What can we do for you? At WireIE, we have the expertise to identify and understand your unique challenges. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to create, build, deploy and maintain the latest in wireless network solutions. We are the industry's brightest and best and we're prepared to ensure success in your Next Generation Network solution. Let's start the conversation. Rob Barlow President and CEO WireIE rob.barlow@wireie.com Tel: +1.905.882.4660 Fax: +1.905.882.0223 www.WireIE.com WireIE 35 Leek Crescent, Floor 2, Richmond Hill, Ontario CANADA L4B 4C2 Visit our Resource Centre to download our white papers and presentations: http://www.wireie.com/resources.php Join the dialogue on our blog: http://www.wireie.com/blog/ View our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/WireIE Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/WireIE Outsourcing Network Support Services: Advantages for Carriers 5