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Art - creative paper artworks

Examples of amazing paper sculptures and works of art, using paper collage and cut outs. Delicate and intricate cut artworks. Examples to inspire students to create their own paper artworks.

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Art - creative paper artworks

  1. 1. Creative Paper Art works
  2. 2. Yulia Brodskaya
  3. 3. Michael Velliquette
  4. 4. Mia Pearlman has become famous for her wispy, cloud-like paper installations, such as Eye, which takes on another dimension thanks to the natural light coming from the window behind.
  5. 5. Michael Swaney makes sculptures from everyday household objects. This colourful sphere was sculpted from circles of hole-punched paper.
  6. 6. Paper, glue and foam were all that wa to build this magnificent, if not rather paper house.
  7. 7. “Buscando a la Serpiente”, which means “Chasing the Snake”. The paper has been expertly folded to form a thoroughly serpentine shape.
  8. 8. Jen Stark, an eminent paper artist whose energetic sculptures are second to none.
  9. 9. Ian Wright
  10. 10. Hina Aoyama’s paper cut artworks are some of the most intricate in the world. Delicate and stunning, they stand as a testament to her incredible skills with a pair of scissors.
  11. 11. Hina Aoyama’s paper cut artworks are some of the most intricate in the world..
  12. 12. A dress made from the pages of a phone book
  13. 13. Anna Lomax, decided one day to brighten up her bedroom with paper and coloured pens. Turning a boring space into a living cartoon.
  14. 14. A room is transformed beyond recognition and all scale is lost as it’s covered in small sheets of paper
  15. 15. It’s not just high fashion, but street fashion which can be recreated in paper.
  16. 16. Collated by Kate Whitehead 27/8/13