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Realising Business Outcomes & Digital Transformation with IoT by Jayraj Nair, VP & Global Head of IoT


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The changing dynamics of today’s world, is forcing enterprises, irrespective of industries, to re-invent themselves; be it in products, services or business processes. For enterprises to remain relevant and sustainable, Digital Transformation of their business is key and the success of the transformation is a function of outcomes realized. In this session you will hear our point of view on how to realize value, design, build and operate solutions using digital transformation framework for a multitude of use cases and how ecosystem partnerships are a key to delivering robust end-to-end IoT solutions.

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Realising Business Outcomes & Digital Transformation with IoT by Jayraj Nair, VP & Global Head of IoT

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  6. 6. 6 digital transformation & internet of things strategy design technology curating capability at the intersection of strategy, design & technology; to deliver outcomes. ©2017 wipro digital
  7. 7. x ©2017 wipro digital Usage Models Reference Stack Reference Architecture User dspace@mit: user driven product innovation velocity of innovation - agility iterative, fast, responsive, collaborative
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  12. 12. 12 Foundation/ insights Research and opportunities Experience vision Direction and experience concept Experience roadmap Business transformation roadmap and future customer journeys Experience design Solution and prototyping Continuous delivery Development and implementation 5 step approach ©2017 wipro digital
  13. 13. Disruptive insights To ensure a solid foundation and the right project scope, and have a clear understanding of current challenges as well as possible future disruptive paths to take. Key insights and clear opportunity spaces with high business impact. Extensive field and desk research involving end-user, experts and stakeholders. Synthesis across all data sources and clear prioritisation of insights and opportunity spaces. ©2017 wipro digital
  14. 14. Future vision To have a clear long term goal and aspirational customer experience and market position to navigate towards. A visual and textual description of the overall future experience that the customer must have when interacting with the brand in the future. The prioritised opportunity spaces and key insights are unfolded and turned into a clear vision statement supported by a visual vision concept or future customer testimonial. ©2017 wipro digital
  15. 15. Experience roadmap To have a clear long term goal and aspirational customer experience and market position to navigate towards. A visual and textual description of the overall future experience that the customer must have when interacting with the brand in the future. The prioritised opportunity spaces and key insights are unfolded and turned into a clear vision statement supported by a visual vision concept or future customer testimonial. ©2017 wipro digital
  16. 16. Experience design To create hands-on touch points solutions that deliver on the overall vision and client strategy. Developed and refined touchpoint design that embodies the overall vision and experience roadmap. In line with the collected insights, the defined future vision and the initial touchpoint description, the ideation and concept development of the selected touchpoint is initiated. The concepts are prototyped and validated with end- users and client in iterative loops. ©2017 wipro digital
  17. 17. Continuous delivery We ensure the quality of the solution all the way through to market delivery and that full impact is achieved. Maintain organisation buy-in throughout. Finalise technology, design and implementation guidelines, as well as relevant governance. Build, deploy and run the technical estate. Develop clear artefact documentation for future rollouts. Ensure hyper collaboration across multi-functional teams with ongoing reviews and discussion. ©2017 wipro digital
  18. 18. x ©2017 wipro digital digital cell a multidisciplinary team working within an agile framework under digital governance
  19. 19. x ©2017 wipro digital digital pods across the globe Aarhus, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, Lima, London, Madrid, Medellín, Munich, New York, Oslo, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo
  20. 20. x 20 food/beverage, retail to healthcare, mining to energy generation automotive, train to marine, manufacturing to agriculture waste water treatment to renewables, utilities 20 ©2017 wipro digital IoT, IIoT solutions
  21. 21. Connected Manufacturing Equipment JCB India wanted to better connect its construction equipment & machines and remotely monitor the real-time health and performance of its assets on the field. Wipro developed an end-to-end technology solution for connected assets including device engineering, connectivity, integrations, platform and applications. Wipro’s solution helped in: • Bringing operational efficiency and opening new revenue streams • 160000+ machines in the field in the next 5 years • Expected reduction in service operations cost : 10 to 15% • Expected increase in end owner retention and loyalty: 10 – 12% 4 ©2017 wipro digital
  22. 22. Welding information real time Connectingdevicestoremove manualrecordingof equipment status, usage pattern to enhance visibility and offer additional services. Push data to cloudtointegratewithenterpriseIT. Wipro’ssolutionincludedthefollowingsystems: - Enhancedmachinehealth - Real time monitoring for better supply chain management - Sellingproductasaservice ©2017 wipro digital
  23. 23. Managing energy efficiently across 1000 stores Continuous identification and commissioning of energy saving strategies through dynamic control of lighting and temperature across 10,000 retail stores Deploying intelligent controls, like demand limit capability, to manage demand efficiently at customer level Large Electronics Retailer ©2017 wipro digital
  24. 24. x ©2017 wipro digital consider relevant digital devices & usage scenarios of your next generation of end users
  25. 25. Leveraging technology to create a safer, smarter city For events as big as Kumbh Mela with millions of visitors thronging in one place, the scene is more like a popup city. Wipro helped implement a Smart Surveillance system to support the Police department work in crime prevention, traffic and crowd management. Wipro’s solution helped in: • First ever tech-supported incident free Kumbh mela • Enabled a video analytics crowd management system that enable early identification of stampede –like situation 4 ©2017 wipro digital
  26. 26. Defining the future of fan experience for Chelsea Business transformation across all touch points – from digital to in-stadium and beyond Wipro is working on rebranding the look and feel of Chelsea’s digital channels and also creating Android and iOS mobile apps and a new website for Chelsea. A digital signage project has just gone live with 12 screens now deployed around Stamford Bridge. ©2017 wipro digital
  27. 27. Monitoring performance with custom dashboards Dashboard for global view on the performance and equipment usage User defined monitoring parameters, alarms, notification alert on email/call Leading Medical Device Manufacturer ©2017 wipro digital
  28. 28. Connected health solution home dialysis equipment HDM connected equipment for improving usability and improved care delivery leading to reduced product returns and service cost. Wipro’s solution enabled: • Making available patient therapy data and clinician's prescription data on dialysis machine • Monitoring dialysis machine usage and health Leading Medical Devices Company ©2017 wipro digital
  29. 29. x © 2016 WIPRO DIGITAL | CONFIDENTIAL achieving a right balance of product-service experiences & business aspirations ©2017 wipro digital
  30. 30. Centralized Remote Device Management Solution IoT based alarm monitoring and control solution for monitoring device level information and generating alerts based on KPI metrics along with a Command Center for 24X7 remote monitoring of the assets Wipro’s solution helped in • Gaining operational efficiency in managing and maintaining the assets • Reducing dispatch costs for the customers by higher remote resolution Leading Provider for Cleaning, Hygiene and Sanitation Products ©2017 wipro digital
  31. 31. Remote Device Management Solution Installed sensors on customer’s scent diffusing devices and set up an AWS IoT platform for device monitoring and control along with a command center for 24X7 proactive remote monitoring of the assets. Enabled “Do it Yourself” visual assistance and troubleshooting. Scent Marketing, Sensory Branding Company ©2017 wipro digital
  32. 32. x © 2016 WIPRO DIGITAL | CONFIDENTIAL it isn’t about delivering digital tools & connecting machines ©2017 wipro digital
  33. 33. Data drives rail freight Real time collection and transmission of freight data using a gateway between the locomotive ECU (engine control units) and control center. Rail Freight Operator ©2017 wipro digital
  34. 34. OnStar General Motors R&D center in Israel established a development team in order to bring OnStar services to the European market. OnStar Corporation is a subsidiary of General Motors that provides subscription-based communications, in-vehicle security, hands free calling, turn-by-turn navigation, and remote diagnostics systems throughout the United States, Canada and China. Designit was chosen as a key partner in developing the ecosystem of OnStar services in Europe, by defining and creating the user experience on multiple platforms. ©2017 wipro digital
  35. 35. © 2016 WIPRO DIGITAL | DESIGNIT | CONFIDENTIAL 35 experience-led put customer experience as the driver at the center of our outside-in, cross- silo approach. experience first. technology second. disruptive transformation high velocity adopt a rapid experiment oriented, data driven, fail-fast/learn-faster progressive approach through continuous strategy/design/delivery global scale deploy high calibre, multi-disciplinary talent throughout the value chain from local ideation through to global industrialisation, to deliver results that impact and shape the business of the future. 01 02 03 ©2017 wipro digital
  36. 36. © 2016 WIPRO DIGITAL | DESIGNIT | CONFIDENTIAL 36 Designing IoT Experiences in the Age of Humanised Technology Guido Woska, Chief Client Officer, @Designit. more insights at wipro sessions Today Mar 15 2017 Time: 13:55 – 14:20 ©2017 wipro digital Living the journey with an adopter Richard Cornish, Director Europe, IoT Vijay Anand, Practice Director, IoT John Bates, CEO PlatOne Tomorrow Mar 16 2017 Time: 11:35 - 12:00 Delivering Innovation and Digital Transformation with IoT Vijay Anand, Practice Director, IoT Tomorrow Mar 16 2017 Time: 13:25 – 13:50
  37. 37. at the end of the day what counts is how well executed is the choreography; among the old that should be optimized, and the new that has to be implemented thank you ©2017 wipro digital