Evaluation and experiences from the Vindpilot project at Dragaliden and Gabrielsberget


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Presentation by Helena Karlsson, Svevind at Winterwind 2012, session 5b, "Evaluation and experiences from the Vindpilot project at Dragaliden and Gabrielsberget"

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Evaluation and experiences from the Vindpilot project at Dragaliden and Gabrielsberget

  1. 1. Evaluation and experiences from theVindpilot project at Dragaliden andGabrielsbergetHelena Karlsson – project leader/developerSvevind AB2012-02-08
  2. 2. The Vindpilot projects of SvevindDragaliden (app. 380 meters above sea level)• 12 turbines of which 2 have a total height of 179 meters (the rest: 149 meters)• Enercon E-82• Installed power 24 MW• All 12 in operation since December of 2010Gabrielsberget syd (app. 200 meters above sealevel)• 20 turbines with a total height of 149 meters• Enercon E-82• Installed power 46 MW• All in operation since March of 2011• Next phase is Gabrielsberget nord (20 turbines) – in operation this summer
  3. 3. The Vindpilot project The Energy agencyLarge scale wind power in the north of SwedenSvevind started the work in 2009 and justrecently the final report was submitted.The report can soon be downloaded onwww.svevind.se.
  4. 4. Evaluation of the permitprocessFinal report in 2009
  5. 5. Forest effect on theproductionData of the production isreported to Vindstat
  6. 6. Solutions for treating damagedlandRevegetation on craneplatformsContinues with solutions thataccelerate the naturalrevegetation
  7. 7. Effects on reindeersAnnual reports – conclusionsafter 2 years in operation
  8. 8. High intensity obstacle lights(100 000 cd white) - DragalidenDevelopment of thetechnology...Parallell we worked with softerparameters like thedisturbance for locals
  9. 9. High intensity obstacle lights(100 000 cd white) - DragalidenDifficulties:• Ice and snow• The stray light – disturbance for locals (the disturbance was evaluated in the final report)
  10. 10. Technique to prevent andremove built up ice - DragalidenTests were carried out 2009-2010 – one turbine with andone without de-icing systemThe result:54 % gained energy with thede-icing system
  11. 11. Icing at GabrielsbergetHas not gone through awhole winter season yet –no results so far!The plan is too look at icethrows at one of theturbines for a limitedperiod in timeResult may tell the risk inthis area
  12. 12. Example of field of applicationWind farm management - monitoring during operation
  13. 13. The Vindpilot projects of SvevindSeveral of the projects continue during the runningphase and more reports is going to be finished.For exampel:Effects on the local society (GB and DL)Effects on the reindeers and for sami villages (GB)Effects for hunting closeby the wind farm (GB)Effects on birds (GB)
  14. 14. Thanks for your attention! www.svevind.se helena.karlsson@svevind.se 090-349 49 39