Positive birth for absolutely ALL births!


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Every expectant mother or father-to-be wants a POSITIVE BIRTH. Unfortunately there has become such a division in the childbirth conversation that only one type of birth is considered to be positive ... natural home birth. Yeeks ... a hospital birth can't been seen of as a positive much less an elective surgical birth.

Good heavens what are we doing to our society when so many families are left out of truly feeling their baby's birth is honored, respected and valued? This has to stop.

The hundreds of Birthing Better Pink Kit families who developed The Pink Kit skills in the early 1970s all wanted a positive birth and they all achieved that. This is not rocket science.

How did all these families and tens of thousands afterwards do the same thing? Simple. They learned skills to prepare their pregnant body to become a birthing body. This is fun to do, enjoyable, part of becoming a mother and father, a commitment to our baby and a good idea.

Then these families learned, practiced and USED their birth and coaching skills to work through their baby's birth no matter how that birth unfolded. That's right. To achieve a positive birth all it takes is to use skills to work through your baby's birth journey. Who knows what will happen to or around you during the birth but with skills you can always achieve a positive birth because you are a skilled birthing mother and coaching dad.

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Positive birth for absolutely ALL births!

  1. 1. Good/Bad BirthGood/Bad Birth Positive Births for All?Positive Births for All? Positive birth is not a perfect birthPositive birth is not a perfect birth Its knowing how to birth betterIts knowing how to birth better A skills based pregnancy/A skills based pregnancy/ childbirth systemchildbirth system Bad births can range from • a woman who was angry her husband didn’t know how to help her and then stayed angry with him for months or years to • a woman who felt that the staff midwife was rough when she did an internal to • a woman who was angry because her favorite midwife was sick the day she gave birth. There is hope. Simple: I had toSimple: I had to know how to birthknow how to birth
  2. 2. Positive Births:Positive Births: PainPain • Natural pain is part of giving birth • Pain relief is used by pregnant women without skills or support partner • Husband or partner is the most caring birth professional • Combine your pink kit skills with your will power and determination After a well-managed, painful birth, you will feel an unbelievable high.
  3. 3. Positive Births:Positive Births: Natural BirthingNatural Birthing • Natural birth = midwife care and home birth • Medical birth = Doctors and hospital birth Everything happens in labour and birth is NATURAL/NORMAL – Wrong!Wrong! The Pink Kit Method ofThe Pink Kit Method of self-knowledge and skillsself-knowledge and skills changes our concept of “natural birth” to concern how we manage, cope, and handle ourselves, rather than where we are or what is done to us.
  4. 4. Positive Births:Positive Births: Medical CareMedical Care Positive birth include •standard medical assessments, •monitoring, and procedures •use of pain relief, specially for surgical birth. Your Pink Kit skillsPink Kit skills grew from families who wanted a positive birth experience within the embrace of medical care. Couple with skill is working with the labour.
  5. 5. Positive Births:Positive Births: Health IssuesHealth Issues • Pregnancy with health issues require a great deal of medical attention A pregnant woman with heart problem was able to positively gave birth using Pink Kit Skills. This include: • Internal massage of vagina • All muscles and tissue inside was soft and pliable. With 5 hours labour, she gave birth in the care on the way to hospital with three pushes only.
  6. 6. Positive Births:Positive Births: In any PlaceIn any Place Home, Hospital, birth centre or anywhereHome, Hospital, birth centre or anywhere A positive birth is something you work to accomplish, not something dictated by the choices or lack of choices about where you give birth. ComplimentsCompliments Obstetricians and staff midwives or obstetrical nurses love to see women coping well with birth and dads who really know how to help. Compliments increases your confidence and chances of having a positive birth.
  7. 7. Birthing Better CausesBirthing Better Causes Less traumaLess trauma • Common belief – “we have no ability to make a difference in the process, progress, or outcome of the birth experience.” The birth process is as physiologicalThe birth process is as physiological as hunger and the sexual urge.as hunger and the sexual urge. Achieving a positive birthAchieving a positive birth Childbirth should be viewed as an exercise in plumbing – the journey of a big object out of a container. Pink Kit MethodPink Kit Method teaches you how to open your body by doing the internal work. Activate the part in your brain that works counter- intuitively when the naturally occurring pain urges you to tense up. Post birth scenario - babies seemed more relaxed, and settled. Less trauma and healing is quick.
  8. 8. Positive BirthPositive Birth No Matter the OutcomeNo Matter the Outcome • Positive birth is achieved through commitment and took responsibility to prepare in a thorough manner. • Our faith gave us the courage. The Pink Kit gave us the skills. • Do not compare your experience to anyone else’s. • So work toward having your positive birth by preparing for this phenomenal experience, learning the skills, and using them.
  9. 9. Birthing Better Pink Kit Produced by Common Knowledge Trust www.thepinkkit.com