Mother-to-be, expectant mom, pregnant and having a baby.


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There are two types of women ... those who are pregnant and those who are not pregnant. Once you become pregnant you join this exclusive group ... pregnant women, mothers-to-be, expectant mom. No matter how you say it you are either in this exclusive group or out of it.

There is only one way out of that group ... giving birth. Yes, a termination, miscarriage, labor + vaginal birth, labor + Caesarean delivery or non-laboring Caesarean.

What do all forms of 'birth' have in common? It is an activity only pregnant women do whether they birth at home or hospital, with midwife or doctor, with heaps of medical care or very natural. No matter how you birth, it is an activity.

What other activities do you do? Drive a car? Cook? Do your job? Do a sport? Take care of your kids? Have a hobby? Do you do any of these activities without skills? You might. And how do you feel when you have to do something and don't have the skills to do it well or reasonably well? You feel terrible usually, awkward, insecure and definitely not empowered.

When you have a skill to do an 'activity' don't you feel more confident and better about yourself, experience pride, feel dignity and sometimes incredibly empowered? Here's the reality. No one has told you that giving birth is no different from other activities. You have to do it. But you're going to do it infrequently.

It's simpler than you think to learn the skills to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body. It's simpler than you think to learn the birth skills to successfully work through your baby's birth journey no matter where you birth, no matter with whom you birth and no matter what is happening to or around you.

Your role is simple really. Become a skilled birthing mother-to-be. Then use your birth skills as you do this incredible activity that moves you from 'becoming' a mom to 'being' a mom. As a skilled birthing mother, you'll feel more skilled with your newborn.

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Mother-to-be, expectant mom, pregnant and having a baby.

  1. 1. “Doing” Your Jobs Being pregnant is a job. An activity that prepares you to do The birth. Birth is a transition activity that prepares you to “do” parenting. The “doing” of pregnancy physical, emotional, and mental.
  2. 2. “Doing” Your Jobs • In early pregnancy, you’ll feel fat and wish you “showed.” • In the middle part, you’ll feel pregnant and hopefully beautiful. • In latter pregnancy, you might feel like a washing machine with an unbalanced load or absolutely terrific —or anywhere in between. • Sex drive will either drop off to nothing or elevate to high levels of delight. • Breasts complexion, energy, and mostly every other part of your body.
  3. 3. • Psychological and emotional aspects are impossible to remove. It is ultimately physical, and it leads to the physical experience of childbirth, after which it’s near impossible to remove all the anticipation, anxiety, and excitement of becoming a parent. Parenting…hmm.
  4. 4. Individuality vs. the Human Condition Couples prepare for childbirth within the context of the culture. The culture passes on knowledge, skills, and information directly from mothers to daughters and fathers to sons. Skills passed on are more about preparing for the final birth rather than how to handle the labour that precedes birth.
  5. 5. The exact ways to breathe, relax, open up, and cope with labour pain are often not part of the picture. Whatever happens at a birth is considered normal and natural, whether the outcome is good or not, whether the woman coped well or screamed for hours. Modern women have all the conveniences of medical assistance but still wants to know from people who have been there what will happen to them and their baby during pregnancy and birth, how to deal with a new born, and how to be a parent. You, as a modern woman, are no different. You want to do everything so you and your child are safe.
  6. 6. Pregnant women read books, attend classes, and see birth professional regularly. They also make a Birth Plan which might change unexpectedly. In order to reduce or prevent potential trauma to your own body and to your baby, you need something more failsafe than a Birth Plan—and that is skills to do this activity of giving birth and a commitment to using those skills as birth unfolds. Giving Birth: The Ultimate Activity Commit yourself to giving birth. The reality is that you have to do this activity with another person: your child. The best approach to this reality is to learn skills so you can do your part of this phenomenal activity as best as you can mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  7. 7. Your Pink Kit resource is about these things: • Physical preparation of your pregnant body • Learning birth skills so you can work with your baby’s efforts (his/her “doing”) to be born. Pink Kit skills bring your mind and body together, as any set of skills does. It will make you feel competent, capable, and proud. It will make you feel in control of a situation but not your body’s actions, labour. Your Pink Kit skills, which come from people who have been there, will empower you to participate in your own unique experience.
  8. 8. Birthing Better Pink Kit Produced by Common Knowledge Trust
  9. 9. Birthing Better Pink Kit Produced by Common Knowledge Trust