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Father-to-be ... Become a skilled birth coach


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Every dad-to-be needs to have a basic set of skills to help his pregnant partner to become a birthing woman and have birth coaching skills to work through the birth. In other words, every expectant father needs to move from 'being' to 'becoming' a dad by being a skilled and competent man. How powerful is that?

Don't think men can't know about birth. Each man has been born through a woman's body and is hardwired to know birth. Every man shares the same human body and Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® is based on our shared human body AND was developed by hundreds of fathers-to-be.

Now, finally, all expectant dads can become skilled men, skilled partners, skilled fathers.

Without the right skills men often feel useless and helpless at the birth of their children. When this happen it changes the man forever. There is no reason this should happen. Having the right pregnancy and coaching skills also changes men ... they gain confidence, capability, know they know and their pregnant/birthing partner knows they know. Knowing yourself as a skilled person changes you.

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Father-to-be ... Become a skilled birth coach

  1. 1. How Important are you? Father-to-be Men feels either • “Glad its not me” or • “Wish I could be pregnant” In Birthing Better Pink Kit method men are Birth support/coach
  2. 2. How Important are you? Men experience Couvade or proxy birth symptoms Birthing Traditional Cultures • “Women’s business” – all women family members or relatives only • Skilled birth attendants • Pregnant go off alone NO FATHERS-TO-BE!
  3. 3. Modern Maternity System All about Mother-to-be and Baby With the birth professionals Father-to-be are welcome But often left out because they lack knowledge
  4. 4. Modern Maternity System Fathers depend on • Obstetricians or • Midwives NO! Fathers should support And coach
  5. 5. Are you a birth Coach or Support? Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Direct: tell others what to do but with little encouragement Delegate: give no encouragement or help Support: give lots of encouragement but little help Coach: give lots of support and help when necessary
  6. 6. Birth Coach or Support? • Help your partner • Learn the skills • Practice teamwork • Provide emotional support- love, encouragement and strength
  7. 7. The Pink Kit: Tool Kit for Practical Skills Things that will be noticed • your ability to help your partner. • good communication between the two of you. • her appreciation of your help. Get involve! Learn from other birth videos
  8. 8. Don’t Let Yourself be Left Out Practice with her • Breathing and relaxation skills • Communicate • Help her cope with the pain Coach and support Don’t let yourself be left out!
  9. 9. Don’t let yourself be left out • Help your partner • Learn the skills • Practice teamwork • Provide emotional support- love, encouragement and strength
  10. 10. Birthing Better Pink Kit Produced by Common Knowledge Trust