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You're still only recruiting on LinkedIn! Why???


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LinkedIn may be the popular go to place for recruiters but that doesn't mean it's the best place to source your employees. This presentation looks at the reasons why and why you should broaden your social recruiting net. It's helpful to HR & Recruiters.

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You're still only recruiting on LinkedIn! Why???

  1. 1. You’re STILL only recruiting on LinkedIn! Why???
  2. 2. h"p://­‐Media-­‐Update.aspx     Why limit your hiring to one small pool?
  3. 3. When 52% of LinkedIn users visit less than once per week.
  4. 4. Many users have stopped listening! Because recruiters annoy them with irrelevant messages.
  5. 5. Source:  h"p://­‐networks-­‐care-­‐2014/     Did I mention that they are smaller than Facebook, Twitter & Google+? Did you know that you can send an email to any Google+ user, for free?
  6. 6. £ Value As a LinkedIn Recruiter, you now have fewer (useful) features than you did last year… Source:   h"p:// 2014/01/linkedin-­‐takeaways-­‐social-­‐ recruiters-­‐disadvantages/    
  7. 7. They also CHARGE job seekers to see the salary data of the job you PAID to advertise! Do job boards do this?
  8. 8. And it can’t be popular because they’ve got a sale on Job Seeker membership! Job seekers don’t have the money…
  9. 9. Source:  h"p://­‐map-­‐of-­‐social-­‐networks/     (Caveat:  it’s  hard  to  understand  the  impact  of  Google+  because  it  is  part  of  Google  domain  traffic).   Where are you hiring?
  10. 10. Source:  h"p://     Who are you recruiting?
  11. 11. Want to be fishing in the right social media pool?
  12. 12. I can show you how! Katrina Collier Speaker, Trainer & Writer Social Media for Recruitment
  13. 13. Just some of those…
  14. 14. Who are now… Promoting their Employer Brand on multiple social networks, effortlessly. Engaging appropriately to promote their jobs on social channels. Sourcing from multiple social media networks – the ones suited to their industry & jobs.
  15. 15. And also… Loving their measurable R.O.I. Attracting passive candidates and improving calibre of hire. Saving time… no, really! Reducing their recruitment spend. Increasing referrals = higher retention & further cost savings.
  16. 16. You could be too! Katrina Collier Independent Voice on Social Recruiting, since 2009 Mobile: + 44 7917 880 711 Email: Website: Twitter: LinkedIn: Google+: Attend a scheduled workshop in the UK or Australia… more here Or call me to discuss onsite or online delivery.