Using Twitter To Get A Job - Presentation to MBA Career Coaches


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Twitter for MBAs: The New Way to Open Doors
Webinar: Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT

Join Beyond B-School for this free webinar for MBA career services professionals.

Now with Twitter, your MBAs can gain access to hiring managers and target companies as never before. They can feel in control of their job search, as they proactively “tweet” to shine a light on their skills and network with key contacts in real time.

Learn techniques to help your students become Twitter-savvy to enhance the effectiveness of their job search. As an MBA career coach, you will have a step-by-step how-to guide that you'll find easy to relay to your students.

Learn how to help your MBAs:

-Create compelling BIOs, and use profile & cover photos that represent themselves positively
- Interact appropriately and have a structure that they can use to find jobs in just 10-15 minutes each day
Find people to follow at their targeted companies, stay organized, and gain trust and recognition
- Use third-party applications that can be used to find jobs on Twitter and that can showcase their skills in more than 140 characters

Katrina Collier is a UK-based speaker, trainer and writer on the use of Social Media in Recruitment & Job Search. Her company, Winning Impression, educates companies to use social media to gain access to their candidates directly, and also empowers job seekers to use social media to open the hidden job market. Katrina writes for leading British job board Jobsite, Facebook recruiting solution Work4, and Computer Weekly. She regularly speaks at industry events, including the Social Media in Recruitment Conference and the Recruiting Through Social Media Conferences. Katrina also volunteers for Working Knowledge, bridging the gap between job seeker education and the workplace.

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Using Twitter To Get A Job - Presentation to MBA Career Coaches

  1. 1. Presented by Katrina Collier Speaker, Trainer & Writer Social Media in Recruitment & Job Search
  2. 2. Twitter is a real-time information network, connecting you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news. Founded in San Francisco in 2006 Information bursts in 140 character Tweets 554 million users; 200 million are active monthly Users in nearly every country globally Available in 20 languages 9100 Tweets occur every second Your MBAs Will Gain Unprecedented Access To People & Companies
  3. 3. Make the most of your bio 160 characters Use SEO-rich key skills Inject personality Include your location
  4. 4. ✗ ✓ Use a profile picture Of you not of a logo Professional looking Also use it for LinkedIn
  5. 5. Add a cover photo Show your personality Highlight an achievement, be it personal or professional
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Twitter etiquette Conversation = success Broadcasting = failure Reply, RT & thank Offer help & be a connector Share articles & insights Tweets are public! ✓ ✗ hell o This is an example of poor This is an example of poor This is an example of poor This is an example of poor This is an example of poor This is an example of poor This is an example of poor This is an example of poor This is an example of poor hell o H el lo
  8. 8. Successful Tweets Place links after the first 25% of the Tweet Use URL shortener Ask questions to engage Leave space to encourage RTs Use a maximum of 3 #tags
  9. 9. Hashtags Make a word become a searchable link on Twitter Find common industry terms at They are super useful & important
  10. 10. Tools to find people
  11. 11. Keep organised with lists Create your own, public or private Find others to subscribe to or follow members of a list Can be added to 3rd party apps Being added to a list is flattering!
  12. 12. You’ll be followed back if you RT their Tweets Add a comment Ask a question Favourite their Tweet
  13. 13. On Twitter share: Your own content Photographs & videos Thought leadership Personality & authenticity Industry news & articles - try LinkedIn Today
  14. 14. Option 1: Share from LinkedIn Add your Twitter handle to your LinkedIn profile Share the article as a status update & send it out to Twitter
  15. 15. Option 2: Schedule your Tweet Regular dispersed Tweeting is the most effective Scheduling tools include – Bufferapp, Hootsuite, Tweetde ck & Socialoomph
  16. 16. Scheduling: Increases followers Built in analytics let you know what interests your followers
  17. 17. Share photographs Images matter, hence the success of Pinterest & Instagram Visually show off your expertise & achievements Try smartphone apps like Instagram, ColorSplash, Instaw eather…
  18. 18. Create & share videos Try Instagram 15 or Vine 6 second videos Share your resume on YouTube
  19. 19. At events, take your online activity offline Check-in using Foursquare to see who else is in attendance Use the conference or event #tag to spot other attendees
  20. 20. Conduct advanced searches Save searches or subscribe to the RSS feed Shows results on a map
  21. 21. Conduct advanced searches Get notified of results Build a resume Job Channel finder
  22. 22. Every day Load your scheduling app with articles & insights Morning, noon & night check your mentions & say thanks Morning, noon & night scan your Twitter stream & comment or RT Search for jobs using #job Search Twitter job boards Find & follow 5 new people
  23. 23. Ways to check progress: Number of people following back Number of RTs Clicks on links Kred or Klout scores (purely as a guide!) Ask a Twitter expert for their assessment
  24. 24. Katrina Collier Speaker, Trainer & Writer Social Media in Recruitment & Job Search Website: Email: Phone: +44 7917 880 711 Twitter: LinkedIn: Google+: More tips on the blog: