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Keynote: SourceCon Spring 2017 - Can We Automate Being Human?


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In recruitment we love to call people anything but people; we call them candidates, talent, resources, and worse. Have we forgotten how to be human in this automated age? Have all the tools and shortcuts made us forget how to approach people as, erm, people? Is that why terms like hyperpersonlization and profersonal are on the rise?

Katrina Collier will challenge sourcers & recruiters to rise above the robotics and to put the human back in. You’ll see clear examples of why the wrong automation only creates noise and discover how to ensure you’re not losing that all important personal touch, because isn’t recruitment really all about engaging with people?

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Keynote: SourceCon Spring 2017 - Can We Automate Being Human?

  1. 1. Can We Automate Being Human? Katrina Collier Founder & Chief Searchologist Social Recruiting Trainer & Speaker
  2. 2. Katrina Collier Social Recruiting Trainer & Global Keynote Speaker Since 2009
  3. 3. @KatrinaMCollier What accent? I don’t have an accent… #SourceCon
  4. 4. @KatrinaMCollier Do you just find people? Do you find people & contact? …and pass on to a recruiter? …or woo to the end?
  5. 5. @KatrinaMCollier For those who make contact…
  6. 6. @KatrinaMCollier Why be human?
  7. 7. @KatrinaMCollier PECULIAR / pɪˈkjuːlɪə 1. Being out of the ordinary 2. Different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity
  8. 8. @KatrinaMCollier Idiosyncrasies
  9. 9. @KatrinaMCollier People Are Influenced
  10. 10. @KatrinaMCollier People Have Peculiar Loyalties
  11. 11. @KatrinaMCollier Robots Will Find…
  12. 12. @KatrinaMCollier But The Robots Won’t Find…
  13. 13. @KatrinaMCollier What is peculiar about you that AI won’t find?
  14. 14. @KatrinaMCollier EMOTION / /ɪˈməʊʃ(ə)n/ 1. Feelings derived from circumstances, mood, or relationships. 2. Instinctive or intuitive feelings.
  15. 15. @KatrinaMCollier Please Stand Up! (Yes, even you cool kids in the back)
  16. 16. @KatrinaMCollier How did that make you feel? (Shout it out)
  17. 17. @KatrinaMCollier @Bianca Eder Random Invites
  18. 18. @KatrinaMCollier
  19. 19. @KatrinaMCollier @AllisonAKruse #FightSpam TL;DR
  20. 20. @KatrinaMCollier @MikeAstringer
  21. 21. @KatrinaMCollier Ouch… @EvanFHerman
  22. 22. @KatrinaMCollier Algorithms Make Mistakes
  23. 23. @KatrinaMCollier When you’re not human
  24. 24. @KatrinaMCollier Please Stand Up! (Again? Yep & it will be worth it!)
  25. 25. @KatrinaMCollier How did that make you feel? (Shout it out)
  26. 26. @KatrinaMCollier
  27. 27. @KatrinaMCollier
  28. 28. @KatrinaMCollier Subject: I dig the Batman photo Will, I hope this finds you well. I wanted to speak with you about a potential opportunity for you here at comScore. I’m looking forward to getting in a little Batman/Superman movie time in the near future. But I digress… we’re working on bringing some new products to life in the programmatic space, and we need someone with some strong chops in the Ad & Digital space to help us make that a reality. Given the experience you have with _______ on the Ad Tech platform, I think you might be able to help us get there. I’d love to talk with you about what we’re doing, and see if you might have some interest. We’re not curing cancer, but we’re affecting billions of dollars that are spent in the Ad arena each month. Let me know if you’d be open to having a chat. Thanks, Pete Radloff To: Radloff, Pete Subject: Re: I dig the Batman photo Hi Pete, Thanks for reaching out. Nice job on the Googling - I had forgotten about that photo =) To be transparent, I'm fairly happy at ______ and probably unlikely to want to move to comScore at this time. But it never hurts to chat and am always glad to do a 30 minute call some day if you're up for it.
  29. 29. @KatrinaMCollier Use The Right Channel!
  30. 30. @KatrinaMCollier Use The Right Language!
  31. 31. @KatrinaMCollier
  32. 32. @KatrinaMCollier Is technology taking us forwards or backwards?
  33. 33. @KatrinaMCollier
  34. 34. Katrina Collier +447917880711 | Skype: katrina.collier Social Media Recruitment Training | Onsite & Online Be Human, Be Peculiar!