Oracle EBS iBiz Dashboard (Business mobile app)


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Enterprise mobile app Oracle EBS iBiz Dashboard for Oracle E-Business Suite helps you stay on top of your business through your iPhones/iPads, Android, Windows Phone 7 & 8. Integrated with your Oracle Application server, accessible anytime anywhere.

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Oracle EBS iBiz Dashboard (Business mobile app)

  1. 1. Oracle EBS iBiz Stay on Top of your Business © 2012 Winjit Technologies
  2. 2. Access anytime anywhere Richard Larrabee Richard Larrabee Global Account Manager Global Account Manager 7301 North, Highway 161 Tel: +1. 972.373.7308 7301 North, Highway 161 Tel: +1. 972.373.7308 Irving, TX 75039 E - mail: Irving, TX 75039 E - mail: www.bearingpoint.comThis document is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries as an unpublished work. This document contains information that isproprietary and confidential to Winjit Technologies or its technical alliance partners, which shall not be disclosed outside or duplicated, used, or disclosed in wholeor in part for any purpose other than to evaluate Winjit Technologies. Any use or disclosure in whole or in part of this information without the express writtenpermission of Winjit Technologies is prohibited.© 2012 Winjit Technologies, Inc. (Unpublished). All rights reserved. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 2
  3. 3. Steve Jobs knew where his business would take him while creating iPhone. iBiz helps you know whereyour business is going at one touch. © 2012 Winjit Technologies
  4. 4. EASY TO UNDERSTAND View your organization’s KPIs in graphical format, i.e. Pie charts and bar diagrams and even numbers. The statistical data involves KPIs like total sales, net profit, etc. Filter the data as per your need. For example, month-wise total sales in last quarter of 2011. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 4
  5. 5. iBiz is a composition of followingsub-systems:- Oracle EBS database Oracle Oracle EBS Oracle EBS application Application Application BI iPhone database Server Server BI iPhone application Recent Statictics Manual sync BI iBiz iPhone BI Application iPhone Database UI (SQLite) © 2012 Winjit Technologies 5
  6. 6. SECURED LOGIN Limited secured access to the app which requires the username and password of the dedicated user. Ensures only selected end- users who have privilege of dashboard application in Oracle EBS can access to view the confidential data Only the iPhone UDID registered with Oracle EBS can access Oracle server. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 6
  7. 7. DATA TRANSMISSION © 2012 Winjit Technologies 7
  8. 8. DATA TRANSMISSION iBiz maintains offline data. It gathers the data through customized Oracle forms. The statistical data from Oracle server is transmitted to SQLite database in iPhone. When iBiz requests synchronization to Oracle application server, the background queries retrieve the data from the Oracle database server. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 8
  9. 9. STATISTICS COLLECTION iBiz takes the statistical data from the Oracle apps database using customized views based on the KPIs(customizable). On successful login, the application directs user to the list of KPIs. On selection of the KPI, the related statistics can be viewed in the form of pie charts and bar diagrams. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 9
  10. 10. APPLICATION UI Display of the statistics gathered on the iPhone application from Oracle server in the form of Pie chart and Bar diagram as below. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 10
  11. 11. ANNOTATION iBiz helps you mark important points or add comments in your KPI graphs. Add in your comments. Note down important points. Mail in on the fly. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 11
  12. 12. MAIL Also you can mail the important factors with annotations about the statistical readings to concerned persons along with CSV attachment for tabular readings. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 12
  13. 13. BENEFITS Keeps track of your business from administrative point of view. Marks the turning points of your business. You are well aware of the important topics and agenda to address in board meetings. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 13
  14. 14. BENEFITS Time saving. Quick decision-making. Scalable to android, Windows Phone 7 & 8. Ability to annotate on the fly. © 2012 Winjit Technologies 14
  15. 15. CONTACT USCorporate Office INDIA: USA: C 8/1 A Road, 501, Silverside Rd, NICE,MIDC Satpur, PMB# 124, Nashik - 422007 Wilmington, DE 19809. (Maharashtra) India. +1 508 816 5888 +91 253 6633999 UK: 140 , Francis Close Epsom, Survey KT 190JT UK, +44 208 144 1127 © 2012 Winjit Technologies
  16. 16. THANK YOU © 2012 Winjit Technologies
  17. 17. © 2012 Winjit Technologies