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Web based tool for increasing the performance,analyze the cost and schedule the work of your organization

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E management tool

  1. 1. E-Management Module
  2. 2. Overview of E-management module  Web Based Tool (access anywhere).  Simple, Practical and Elegant.  Modular Approach.  The customization of functionalities can be done according the customer requirement.
  3. 3. Overview of E-management module  Different sections in the E-management module: -Home Tab :Quick access buttons. -HUD Tab : Heads Up Display (Dashboard). -Programme Tab :Work plans, Activities, Funds, Report. -Office Tab :Manage Missions, MoU and Contracts.
  4. 4. Functionalities User Roles Work Planning Activity PlanningDifferent user roles Plan your work Plan your subactivities,and responsibilities plan and budget request for budget and and link it to Global manage missions Work PlanFinancial Administration Reporting Manage your financials, Report for your work doneobligations, and expenses and targets achieved
  5. 5. The Admin screen Only the admin can access this screen.
  6. 6. User Roles and Responsibilities Roles: - Users are classified on the basis of region and responsibilities. - Additional set of user that is admin and host. Responsibilities: - Regional manager : manages regional work plan, project work plan and creates funds. - Officers : Assign officers for activities , request and alerts for budgets and generate reports. - Super officer: View and manage activities ,obligate funds, track expenses and generate reports.
  7. 7. Work planning Basics of Work Plan. Create Work Plans. Assign Activities to Officers. Request and Assign Funds. Assign Measurable Indicators. Global Regional/ Section Project/ Unit Work planning structure
  8. 8. Work planning Includes functionalities like work plan manage , assignment, and summary.
  9. 9. Activity planning  Officer specific Activity Planning  Budget Requests for Activity  Mission, MoU (Memorandum of understanding) and Contract.
  10. 10. Activity planning Includes functionalities like budget request , sub-activity report, budget request report.
  11. 11. Financial administration Complie Budget Request Receive Funds in Cable Budget Revision Obligations Expenses
  12. 12. Financial administration  Financial tracking: -Rate of implementation - Received vs. obligated -Fund use by SO, Outcomes, Outputs, Activities . Work Plan Section Budget Request FlowManager Work Plan Budget Requests Super Officer Compile and RequestOfficer Activities Budget Cable Super Officer Receive Funds fromOfficer Sub Activities Super Officer Geneva HQ Obligate Funds toOfficer Budget Requests Super Officer Budget Requests Input Expenses Incurred against Obligations Super Officer
  13. 13. Budget Request Compilation Includes functionalities like budget request , compile request, manage cable and view available funds.
  14. 14. Activity Reporting Create Reporting Schedules Activity Reporting Output and Outcome Reporting Report Tracking View Submitted Reports Output Reporting • Done by regional managers for their work plans Activity Reporting • Don against all Output and Output Indicators • Done by individual officers • Done against activities assigned to Officers Outcome Report Output Reporting Output • Done by regional managers for their work plans Report • Done against all Output and Output Indicators Outcome Reporting Activity • Done by regional managers for their work plans Report • Done against all Outcomes and Outcome Indicators
  15. 15. Activity Reporting Work Plan Section Activity Reporting (AR) FlowManager Configure & Administrator Work Plan Schedule AROfficer Activities (MA) Assignment of MA AR will be done on all the MAOfficer to Officers assigned to the officer Submit AR for a Officer Schedule View and Export All Activity Reports
  16. 16. Configure Reports The functionality of configuring the reports and proper assignment of user involved is included.
  17. 17. Activity Report Includes functionalities to view and edit activity reports and keep it updated.