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  2. 2. INDEXMain Meals Recipes ………….. 3 - 7Tapas Recipes …………………. 8 - 12Cocktails ………….………………. 13
  3. 3. Sopa de Pescado DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM Fish Soup INGREDIENTS PREPARATION First, cook the head of the haddock in salted water. In oil, fry the vegetables cutted in pieces except for the tomato, then add the shrimp heads and shells. Sprinkle with the brandy and flambé. Add the white wine, cook for five minutes then add the chopped tomato800 gr Haddock and the pimentón. After 20 minutes,2 tbsp olive oil blend and set aside. Strain the stock2 carrots2 onions left from cooking the haddock head2 leeks into a large pan, add the bread cut into4 tbsp sherry brandy small pieces and a chili pepper. Boil for300 gr tomato225 ml white wine one hour. Pour the vegetable and1 tsp pimentón shellfish sauce into this pan, add the100 gr bread haddock cut into bite-sized pieces, the1 chili pepper150 gr clams peeled shrimp and the clams. Season100 gr shrimp with a little salt and pepper and boilSalt & pepper for 10 minutes. 3
  4. 4. Fideuá DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM INGREDIENTS PREPARATION Place the paella (that is, the round metal pan in which this dish is cooked) over the heat, add the oil and gently fry the prawns and crayfish. Remove and set aside. Add the monkfish, garlic, tomato200 gr fresh shrimp and pimentón. Quickly add the4 crayfish stock to prevent the pimentón150 ml olive oil from burning and, when it begins400 gr monkfish2 cloves garlic to boil, add the saffron and2 ripe tomatoes, peeled and noodles. Spread out evenly in thechopped1 tbsp hot pimentón pan. Season with salt and add the1.5 l fish stock shrimp and baby clams. Place thesaffron threads paella in the oven at 180ºC /400 gr noodles8 baby clams 356ºF for 5 minutes so that theSalt noodles brown and dry out a little. 4
  5. 5. Caldereta de langosta DIFFICULTY: MEDIUMLobster Stew INGREDIENTS PREPARATION In an earthenware dish, gently fry the finely-chopped onions with 3 of the garlic cloves, also finely chopped, and the peeled and chopped tomato. Cut the lobster into thick slices. Set aside the coral and roe, if any. Add the lobster flesh2 tbsp Olive oil to the vegetable mixture, brown and2 onions add most of the stock. Bring to the4 garlic cloves boil and season with salt and pepper.1 large, ripe tomato In a mortar (or blender), crush the2 lobsters remaining garlic clove, the coral and1 l fish stock roe from the lobster and the pinewhite pepper nuts. Dilute with a little stock andsalt add to the lobster and vegetables.30 gr pine nuts Cook for a further 10 minutes. 5
  6. 6. Lubina con tomate y DIFFICULTY: MEDIUMaceitunasBraised sea bass with tomato andolives INGREDIENTS PREPARATION Peel the onions and cut into strips. Wash and chop up the peppers. Heat three or four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan and fry the onion, peppers and unpeeled garlic cloves. Peel and dice the tomato and add to the pan 1 sea bass of approximately with the olives and the sprigs of thyme. 15 black olives 1 onion Add the tomato sauce. 1 green pepper 1 red pepper Place the filleted sea bass on top of the vegetables. Pour over the wine and cook for 1 ripe tomato another seven minutes, covered, until the 2 garlic cloves fish takes on a glossy, white colour and 1 thyme sprigs flakes easily. 1 sprig of summer savoury 1 glass of white wine Serve the sea bass on the vegetables. 3 tbsp tomato sauce Salt & pepper 6
  7. 7. Vieiras con almendra, berenjena DIFFICULTY: DIFFICULTy aire ahumado de azafránScallops with almonds, eggplant andsmoked saffron air INGREDIENTS PREPARATION Roast the scallops in a non-stick frying pan. Eggplant cream Roast the whole eggplant in a Josper charcoal oven at 400ºC / 752ºF for 5 minutes. Peel and put the juice they give off to one side. 4 scallops Mix the aubergine pulp with the almond oil, 15 gr toasted almonds turrón (a sweet paste made with almonds 20 gr roast eggplant skins and honey), lemon juice and saffron water. For the eggplant cream: 400 gr eggplant Smoked saffron air 20 gr soft Jijona turrón (a Mix the smoked juice of the roast eggplants sweet paste made with with soy lecithin and saffron water. Emulsify almonds and honey) with a hand blender. 10 ml almond oil 5 ml lemon juice 4 ml saffron water (disolved) For the smoked saffron air: 100 ml roast eggplant juice 5 gr soy lecithin 4 ml saffron water (disolved 7
  8. 8. Ensalada de bacalao y DIFFICULTY: MEDIUMnaranjaCod and orange salad INGREDIENTS PREPARATION Cook the salt cod under the grill until it is lightly browned and softened. Place it in a bowl of water and leave on one side to soak. Peel and cut the potatoes into small cubes and place in a pan with enough water to cover them. Bring the water to the boil and cook the potatoes for 12 minutes or until tender. (The potatoes can be steamed if preferred.) Drain the potatoes and reserve. 150 gr dry salt cod Peel, seed and slice the oranges and place 2 medium potatoes them in a salad bowl. Slice the red onion and 2 oranges add it to the bowl along with the oranges. 1 small red onion Whisk the crushed garlic with the olive oil 1 garlic clove, crushed and vinegar. Drain the cod, remove all skin and bones, shred into pieces and finally add 60 ml extra virgin olive oil it to the salad. Add the boiled potatoes as 50 gr black olives well. Sprinkle the dressing over the salad and garnish with the black olives. 8
  9. 9. Merluza rebozada con DIFFICULTY: MEDIUMazafránSalted cod fritters in saffronbatter INGREDIENTS PREPARATION Soak some saffron in a little water. Prepare the batter in a bowl by mixing the chopped parsley, flour, beer and enough of the saffron water to make a thin paste. Dip the fish strips in the paste and fry at a very high heat in the olive oil and sunflower oil mixed together until the fish is crisp on the outside and puffed up inside. Serve immediately. 300 gr salt cod, soaked to desalt and cut into strips 300 gr flour for coating A splash of beer A bunch of parsley, finely chopped Saffron Olive oil for frying 9
  10. 10. Mejillones a la vinagreta DIFFICULTY: MEDIUMMussels with vinaigrette INGREDIENTS PREPARATION Wash the mussels under plenty of cold water. Discard any that are open and wont close-up when lightly squeezed. Pull out the tough fibrous beards. Then knock off any barnacles with a knife and give the mussels another rinse. Pour about 200 ml of water into a large pan, add the mussels, cover the pan and allow the mussels to open. Rinse and pull back the top shell of each mussel 1 kg mussels, cleaned and then arrange them on a wide dish. Next, 1/2 chopped onion prepare the vinaigrette by chopping all the 1 green pepper vegetables into very small pieces and 2 tomatoes dressing them with the olive oil and vinegar. 80 ml olive oil Season the mussels with salt and cover each one with the vinaigrette. 15 ml white wine vinegar pinch of salt 10
  11. 11. Gambas a la plancha DIFFICULTY: MEDIUMGrilled shrimps INGREDIENTS PREPARATION Wash the whole shrimp and then drain them. Heat some of the oil in a grill pan. When the oil is hot, place a few shrimp in the pan and cook until they look firm. Turn the shrimp once and cook again briefly. Repeat with the rest of the shrimp. Once they are all cooked, place them on a dish and sprinkle with sea-salt flakes.400 gr fresh shrimps30 ml olive oilsea-salt flakes 11
  12. 12. Gambas al ajillo DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM Shrimp fried with garlic INGREDIENTS PREPARATION Heat the olive oil in a clay pan or frying pan. Next, add the garlic and the chillies. When the garlic starts turning a golden colour, add the shrimp tails and season with salt. Serve at once.600 gr fresh shrimps tails,raw, peeled and ready tocook2 dry red seedless chillies,chopped very small6 garlic cloves, finely sliced200 ml olive oilsalt to taste 12
  13. 13. COCKTAILS Golden Autumn Ghost Black VelvetINGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS1/10 of bourbon, 2/10 of 1/10 of vodka , 4/10 of orange 1/2 of Guinness and 1/2 of Cavahazelnut liquor and 7/10 of Cava juice and 5/10 of CavaPREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATIONMix the hazelnut liquor and Combine the 2 first two Pour the beer carefully into a flutebourbon in a mixing glass with ice. ingredients in a mixing glass with glass and slowly add the chilledPour the mixture into a cocktail ice, pour into a flute glass and and add the Cava. slowly add the chilled cava. Mango Sparkling Margarita PoetryINGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS ½ part of triple sec, 1 part o 1 part of triple sec, 2 parts of4/10 of mango juice and 6/10 of lemon or lime juice and 4 parts of cramberry juice and 4 parts ofCava Cava CavaPREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATIONPut he mango juice into a flute Coat the rim of the glass with Mix the triple sec and the juice inglass and refill with chilled Cava. lemon or lime and dip in salt. a mixer with ice. Stir while you Combine the ingredients in a pour the cava. shaker. Add crushed ice. Shake and strain in the glass. Decorate the rim of the glass with a slice of lime. Bubbly Mojito Love Cocktail Arctik Kiss INGREDIENTSINGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS2/10 of lemon juice, 1/10 of 3/10 of strawberry liquor and 2/10 of vodka and 8/10 of Cavawhite rum , 7/10 of Cava and 7/10 of Cavamint leaves.PREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATIONPut the mint leaves in the glass Pour the strawberry liquor into a Chill the vodka over ice if it is notand add ice, the lemon juice and flute glass and fill with the chilled in your freezer. Pour into a chilledthe rum. Finaly add the Cava. cava. cava flute glass and fill with Cava.Source: Importer: Finelader Wine & Spirit Group 13