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Andre Strauss - GraphicMail

  1. 1. Andre Strauss Email Marketing Andre Strauss
  2. 2. Internet Statistics - SA ne t StatisticsSouth Af rican - Inter se rs Dec/00.2,400,00 0 internet u 12 0% growth se rs Dec/10, 0 Internet ution. 6,800,00 e popula 13.8% of th o ok users ontration 3,452,260 Faceb , 7.0% pene Dece mber 31/10 mil 4 rate . Now over x Twi tter – appro
  3. 3. Online Retail Statistics - SA• R2-billion for 2010• 30% growth from 2009• Expected 2011 growth 40%Why?More experienced internet users – 3.6mil on internet for 5 yearsBy 2015, that figure will be 6.8-million “Recession - This shows us that online retail growth represents not a rise in shopping activity, but rather a shift in shopping activity, from the physical space to the online space”
  4. 4. EMAIL MARKETING not just anafterthoughtCarefully Consider•Plan•Platforms•Technology•List Management
  5. 5. The basic principle to maintainrelationships!!Opt inRead BlogFollow on TwitterFirst PurchaseFull subscriptionBackend apps
  6. 6. What to do• Goal - Measurable• Target – Segment Smaller• Plan – timing message offer• Convert – landing pages• Analyse – reporting & analytics• Experiment – a/b testing• Adapt – always adapt
  7. 7. LIST MANAGEMENTApply the Electronic Communications andTransactions Act 2002 to your campaign o Make sure you have “opt out” & “unsubscribe options” o Be able to identify source of every contact
  8. 8. Source contacts without negative legal implications  Email current customers & ask for opt in  Add “forward to friend” links  Ask prospects by phone to subscribe  Research potential customers online & send carefully written personalized emails, explaining where info found & reason for approach  Ensure you have a clear call to action on your website for visitors to sign up  Add line to your signature informing that you send out regular correspondence
  9. 9. Tips for achieving success Set up separate email addresses for sending email campaigns Monitor new subscribers Verify subscribers Always test a newsletter before sending it Check your content and spam scores Plan how you want to segment your mailing list for future emails Plan, plan, plan Track, track, track A/B testing - Subject line, Imagery, Product selection, Headline, Promotional offer
  10. 10. Email spam• Make sure emails are professionally checked so they don’t end up in a recipient’s spam folder
  11. 11. Email - SPAMHeres a sample of criteria from SpamAssassin, one of the most popular spam filtersout there:•Talks about lots of money (.193 points)•Describes some sort of breakthrough (.232points)•Looks like mortgage pitch (.297 points)•Contains urgent matter (.288 points)•Money back guarantee (2.051 points)•Why Pay More? (1.249 points)
  12. 12. Email Best Practices & Standardso Social Media – Cross-syndication across networks is a MUST to make real-time conversations, provide feedback & build relationshipso Segmentation – Personalize to your subscribers, follow guidelines – information dialogue, colourful text, easily readable contento Testing – Test newsletters to ensure it’s being delivered properly, accurately & images & HTML are rendering properly – don’t forget tracking codes!o Crossing Technologies – Friendly to email client, but also readable through other devices (e.g. phones, tablets)
  13. 13. Tips for recognition & trusto Use defining graphic elementso Include your logoo Echo the key colours, fonts, image style & layoutso Update designs according to graphic standards & brand creativeo Design different templates for different types of email messages• Consistency goes a long way to creating trust & is critical to ongoing engagement!
  14. 14. Thank