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Mediterranean trade


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Mediterranean trade

  1. 1. Mediterranean Trade PrehistoryIntroduction to Wine Business Leyla Gilbert
  2. 2. Introduction• Wines importance with the spread and growth of civilisation around the Mediterranean• Viticulture and exploration of new lands across the Mediterranean• Societies and their commerce with population development, agricultural needs and regional trade
  3. 3. Wine’s Voyage • The emergence from barbarism to sophisticated people • Where ever new societies rose so did producing wine • The vine added prosperity to a culture through trading a valuable commodity
  4. 4. The Importance of Wine • Building trade relationships with other societies • Trading of metals, grain, dyes and other commodities • Spiritual ceremonies • Medicinal uses • Non perishable drink
  5. 5. Trade• Mesopotamians introduced wine to Egypt, Babylon and the Persian Kings of Syria• Phoenicians became the next powerhouse for wine trading, setting up trade posts along Sicily’s coast and other Mediterranean Islands.• The Greeks came into power around 1300 BC and dominated the industry for hundreds of years, before the Romans
  6. 6. • 3600 BC Mesopotamia • 3200 BC Egypt • 1000 BC Greece and Rome
  7. 7. Greek Trade Routes
  8. 8. The Spread of Viticulture • The use of propagation • Cultivating wild vines • Expanding empires
  9. 9. Empire
  10. 10. Change in Societies with Commerce Growth • Obtainable goods • Creation of urban environments • Structure and laws
  11. 11. Influences from Ancient Trade • Trade routes established • Wine regions, viticulture and winemaking developed • Laws, philosophy, medicine and other forms of society founded
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