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Good behaviors


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Good behaviors

  1. 1. Good Behaviors for Developers Rawin Viruchpintu
  2. 2. Who I am ? Rawin Viruchpintu Creative Technology Manager Palomar Systems / Spriiing BlackBerry Developer Vervata Research Assistant NECTEC
  3. 3. Outline• Whats developer ?• Developer Levels• Skills• Around Dev• With … ?• Conclusion
  4. 4. Whats developer?• A person who is involved in writing software. It is mostly used as another term for programmer. - -
  5. 5. Level of DevsJunior developer Senior developer
  6. 6. Level of Devs Junior developer Performance Vision Teamwork Communication skillSelf learning Responsibility Experience Problem solvingTime estimation Domain knowledge Senior developer
  7. 7. SkillsWebservices HTML5 noSQL jQuery C++ Web technology Java database HTML5 REST Ruby Python Wide Deep
  8. 8. Around dev QA/Testers Manager sudoDevelopers $ Customers Marketing
  9. 9. Customers
  10. 10. With … [ Customers ]• Listen to a user who complains your products.• Any product was designed for customers, Not for developers• Dont make them think ! – Intuitive – Easy to learn/use/remember/ and forget! – Fast response• Open mind for negative feed back and smile 
  11. 11. With … [ Marketing ]
  12. 12. With … [ Marketing ] $• Translate your binary logic to simple words• Marketing can tell what is the product value• Tell them about alternative solutions with restrictions/conditions.• Summarize overall concept into a (good) picture• Deliver on time!
  13. 13. With … [ QA / testers ] ?
  14. 14. With … [ QA / testers ]• Clear communication (check list will be useful)• Defensive coding (check exception, logging)• Good error messages• Everything must be failed, know it early• Failed early is cheap, Failed lately is expensive• More code -> More tests• Mistakes are normal, correct it clever is a point• Tester is a best friend, not your enemy !
  15. 15. sudo With … [ Developers ] Programmer produces codehe believes is bug-free.
  16. 16. With … [ Developers ] sudo• Find solutions first, Dont start with creating something (Dont reinvent the wheel)• Avoid labor-intensive techniques• Learn good designs• Every element needs to be (unit) tested• Write code for reusing• Comments• Share your ideas, solutions, mistakes
  17. 17. With … [ Manager ]
  18. 18. With … [ Manager ]• Analyze problem first• Talk only what you know the real facts, Not what you think you know• Alarm first -> no Surprise!• Always manage your time with top priority.• Tell the facts, root cause and good solutions
  19. 19. sudo What else ? $
  20. 20. With … [ Yourself ]• Keep Learning• Read, read, read and try to do• Focus, Focus and Focus• Summarize often Write a sentence to describe your work every day on a calendar• Dont believe until you can prove by yourself• TODO list with priority
  21. 21. Conclusion
  22. 22. THANK YOU @windygallery