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Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. OUR STORY 14 Year Old Visual Merchandising Company Store Graphics Fixtures & Merchandisers The UnusualThe Bernard Group is a visual merchandisingcompany serving retailers for the past 14 years.We can print any type of store graphic. Weconcept, design & fabricate fixture solutionsfor our clients merchandising needs. Wesolve complex problems exceptionally well.WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?• Speed and Quality• Domestic and International Production• Appetite for Difficult ChallengesHOW DO WE DO IT?• Talent• Creative Staffing• Technology
  2. 2. STORE GRAPHICS 6 FT. TALL, 10 FT. DIAMETER BACKLIT FIXTURE ON A 2 FT. BASE WITH A 4 FT. GRAPHIC 2” THICK PAINTED MDF DIMENSIONAL LETTERS STORE GRAPHICS We turn complicated projects exceptionally fast with amazing print quality. That has been paramount to our success. If you polled our client base and asked what makes The Bernard Group different, we believe you’d hear 40”x18”x18” the same thing repeated...that we’re exceptional PAINTED MDF DISPLAY at managing complex details and are amazingly WITH CUT VINYL LETTERS & TEAR fast in our turn times.DROP CUTOUT FOR BACKLIT EFFECT. GOLD METALLIC PAINTED TOP
  4. 4. CASE STUDY STORE GRAPHICS CHALLENGE Produce nationwide rollout of window displays and graphics to promote the Sony Style Make-Believe campaign. All printing required critical color management over multiple substrates and materials. All elements to be produced, delivered and installed within 10 days of receipt of art files. SOLUTION The Bernard Group graphic/display package included multiple sized acrylic pedestals, window clings & wraps, cut vinyl and all in-store signage. UV Hexachrome color presses were used to achieve perfect color consistency over multiple substrates. Pedestals were produced using 1/4” white acrylic, mitered corners, LED lighting and clear 1” acrylic tops printed to match colors of campaign. 0% shipping damage. PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • BRAND MESSAGING • MARKETING
  5. 5. CASE STUDY STORE GRAPHICS CHALLENGE Clinique was looking to gain retail floor space for a new product launch within Macy’s. The design needed to accommodate multiple versions of their existing fixtures. SOLUTION The Bernard Group designed a sign kit consisting of direct print graphics on expanded PVC with custom metal attachment clips. White acrylic risers were designed to hold clear acrylic product testers and sign holders. All parts were designed to be easily installed at store level. PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • MERCHANDISING • BRAND MESSAGING • MARKETING
  6. 6. CASE STUDY STORE GRAPHICS CHALLENGE Design a cost effective solution to display featured products for “Back To School” promotional window display. The elements needed to be modular, ship flat and be easy to assemble at store level. Complete sign kit needed to ship to 400 stores within 10 days. SOLUTION The Bernard Group designed a modular system to hang from an 8 ft. vinyl window banner. The featured product boards not only provided the message but also served as merchandising displays. All component parts were designed to be double-sided. Printed corrugated boxes completed the window display. PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • MERCHANDISING • BRAND MESSAGING • MARKETING
  7. 7. CASE STUDY STORE GRAPHICS CHALLENGE Create a dramatic window display feature to draw customers into the stores to test and purchase new products. SOLUTION To achieve the requested dramatic effect, The Bernard Group creative team designed and developed a 2-sided window graphic printed on 48”x96” sheets of acrylic mirror, double sided. The mirrors were cut into 12” strips with angled ends, and hung at different depths to add interesting dimension to the beautiful and engaging image. PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • BRAND MESSAGING • MARKETING
  8. 8. CASE STUDY STORE GRAPHICS CHALLENGE Create large, colorful outdoor signage for garden department to enhance the space and identify the categories. Materials used must be able to with- stand the elements. Look and feel must represent the upscale, retro brand. SOLUTION The Bernard Group produced large scale, weather resistant banners using original, retro artwork created by an OSH executive. Fabric banners“ Are you looking for a truepartner? Then look no further than The that hung from posts were created from a lightweight material thatBernard Group. I have had the pleasureto work with The Bernard Groupover the last 2 years. Their quality, moved gently in the wind. Largeattention to detail, great pricing and vegetable identification signs wereproblem solving abilities are a benefitto any company. They came highly printed on corrugated plastic and dierecommended to me and have neverlet me down. I recently had a project cut, staked directly in the plants forwhere I had a vision in my head, butno idea how to bring it to life in durability and ease of TBG dove in, collaborated withme to develop the creative concept,prototype and value engineering todeliver exactly what I was expecting.I look forward to a continued partnership PROJECT ATTRIBUTESwith them in the future!Stacy Sutter ” • BRAND MESSAGINGDirector, Visual MarketingOrchard Supply Hardware • MARKETING
  9. 9. FIXTURES & MERCHANDISERS FIXTURES & MERCHANDISERS Fixtures & Merchandisers are a very big part of the benefit that we offer our clients. 19”x17”x3’ DIMENSIONAL LOGO What makes us different than many other MADE FROM MDF fabricators is our ability to concept, PAINTED GLOSS BLACK design, engineer and fabricate fixtures both domestically and overseas. VINYL WINDOW GRAPHIC 44”x24”x22” TRUNK WITH PAINTED MDF SHELF INSERTSTRUNK WAS ORIGINALLY DESIGNED FOR STYLIST 24”x24” TRUNK WITH DEMONSTRATIONS AND B&b VINYL GRAPHIC IS NOW BEING USED AND CASTERS IN SALONS AS A KEY VISUAL STATEMENT AND MERCHANDISER
  10. 10. FIXTURES & MERCHANDISERS“ The Bernard Group has been my mainprint and fixture resource for well over tenyears, during my time as Visual Director atSaks Fifth Avenue, NYC and currently atBumble & bumble (an Estee LauderCompany). The Bernard Group has alwaysoffered me the highest quality product,whether it is printed material or fabricateddisplay solutions. I have nothing but thehighest respect for this company, their team,and their approach to serving their clients.They truly are the BEST in the business.Ron Roberts ”Director, Visual MerchandisingBumble & bumble
  11. 11. CASE STUDYFIXTURES & MERCHANDISERS CHALLENGE Bring new life to an existing selling space by modifying the existing fixtures. SOLUTION The Bernard Group repurposed existing fixtures by adding matte black acrylic shelf covers, back panels, headers, drawer fronts and top covers. We also developed acrylic vitrines , dimensional lettering and branded the drawer fronts to create additional interest. The success of the launch allows us to continue to modify existing selling spaces for this client. PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • MERCHANDISING • SPACE MANAGEMENT • BRAND MESSAGING • MARKETING • PRODUCT LIFECYCLE
  12. 12. CASE STUDY FIXTURES & MERCHANDISERS CHALLENGE Advance Auto was looking for a fixture to highlight products without the display being overpowering and intrusive. The graphics needed to be independently interchangeable, with overall easy set up. Budget was very rigid and limited. 0.25 0.75 39 2.00 ° SOLUTION 0.58 The Bernard Group designed a fixture SECTION B-B with sleek, curved lines and minimized Weld inside the framework to keep the attention on the product. Magnetic graphics provided 19.50 quick and easy flexibility for messaging. The graphics were rolled into small packages to reduce shipping costs. 4.00 0.13 The Bernard Group’s overseas supplier 25.76 was able to manufacture and air freight the displays, beating their budget BB expectations by saving $100 per unit over the competition. A A PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • MERCHANDISING 2.00 0.06 .25 • SPACE MANAGEMENT R0 20.00 • BRAND MESSAGING 0.28 • MARKETINGOvalized tube • PRODUCT LIFECYCLE 1.50 12.00 SECTION A-A 0.50
  13. 13. CASE STUDY FIXTURES & MERCHANDISERS CHALLENGE Create a display that captures the essence of this unique brand. Display needed to stand out in the crowd, while meeting low budget requirements of a young company. SOLUTION The Bernard Group designed a display that emulated fruit crates used to package and ship coconuts (a primary ingredient in the Vita CoCo product). 4 color printed header on 1mm styrene Natural wood was used, which is0" backed up with 1/4” thick luan authentic and environmentally friendly. Using a simple design and efficient Logo and text screened construction methods, all budgets were dark brown PMS 4625 met. Rough sawn wood slats PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • MERCHANDISING .5” Plywood Shelf • SPACE MANAGEMENT 49.89" • BRAND MESSAGING 1.5” x .75” shelf support • MARKETING • PRODUCT LIFECYCLE 8.187" 2.25" 2.25" 0.50" 2.25" 1.5” x 1.5”3.5" Adjustable Levelers (4) 19.0"
  14. 14. THE UNUSUAL THE UNUSUAL The unusual is something that has become part of our make up here. It’s sort of what we call our “MacGyver” department. The unusual essentially means that we’re willing to problem solve through unique projects that most aren’t willing to tackle. 6 FT. DIMENSIONAL HANGING STARS DIE CUT FROMFOILED CARD STOCK
  15. 15. THE UNUSUAL
  16. 16. CASE STUDY THE UNUSUAL CHALLENGE As a Valentines promotion, Sephora wanted to feature their products in a giant candy box, in the window. The display needed to be produced in several sizes to accommodate multiple sized store widows. A practical and creative solution for knock down shipping was also needed. Most importantly, the display needed to have easy, user friendly installation, to be assembled by store employees. SOLUTION The Bernard Group developed and built a full structure that broke down into shippable pieces. Ribbed corrugated material was die cut to create paper cups. Product icons were printed on styrene and mounted on stand-offs inside the cups to create a 3D effect. Full color instructions were provided for easy assembly. PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • MERCHANDISING • BRAND MESSAGING • MARKETING
  17. 17. CASE STUDY THE UNUSUAL CHALLENGE Develop a versatile graphic element using sequined paper that Macy’s thought would be perfect for the image they wished to portray. The sign needed to be both single and double sided so it could be used in the Junior Department, aisles, as well a window display. SOLUTION Using expanded PVC, Styrene, acrylic, along with the sequined paper, we designed the image to be both single and double sided. PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • MERCHANDISING • BRAND MESSAGING • MARKETING
  18. 18. CASE STUDY THE UNUSUAL CHALLENGE To stop traffic and entice customers to test product with an enaging merchandising display. The merchandiser needed to accommodate five different linear systems and to be easily installed by in-store personnel. It was critial for these units to attached securely to the existing linears. SOLUTION The Bernard Group designed a lightweight expanded PVC body, digitally printed to match the FLOWERBOMB color palette. The sides were configured to adapt to all five linear systems. Magnets and clips“ The Bernard Group never ceases toamaze me with their high level of integrity, were used to securely attach the unit toinnovation and customer attention. Their the linears. An ornamental frame wasproblem solving mind-set, combined withincredible creativity and attention to detail, designed, then machined to create ahas provided me with extraordinary solutions vacuum form tool. To keep the unit lightto a variety of projects. Working with them weight, white .060” styrene was used tois truly an enjoyable experience. ” vacuum form the part. The graphics wereAngelica DelPriore digitally printed on .030” white styreneAssistant V.P - CreativeEUROPEAN DESIGNER FRAGRANCES/ for a consistent look. The tester box wasRALPH LAUREN FRAGRANCES designed with an acrylic body wrapped with custom tinted .020” aluminum. The metal box and testers were packaged separately and installed at store level. FLOWERBOMB is the #1 selling fragrance for this retailer. PROJECT ATTRIBUTES • BRAND MESSAGING • MARKETING
  19. 19. 102 JONATHAN BLVD. N.CHASKA, MN 55318P 952 . 934 .1 900 F 952. 227.1 009www.thebernardgroup.comJohn Pihalyjohn.pihaly@thebernardgroup.comW 952. 227.1 07 1 C 612.701.3581