Pokémon your journey


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Pokémon your journey

  1. 1. n
  2. 2. Welcome to the world of Pokémon, where a world offascinating creatures fill this fantastic paradise.Choices are primarily the root of your journey and thesewill determine your strengths and weaknesses as aPokémon trainer.You begin your journey by awaking in a quaint littlecottage in Ortown in the region of Blue-hollow.Continue
  3. 3. “Quick! The news!”, your mother shouts earnestly as you rush downthe stairs, eager to find out the source of the noise. You leap over theback of the leather suite and lie in a sloth-like position, and stareintently at the television screen.“The once wild race of animal-like species has recently been deemedsafe for children to come into contact with over the age of five”, thereporter announced. “The government has passed a law within thepast twenty-four hours which states: ‘Person(s) over the age of tenyears, will be permitted to own their own Pokémon granted theirparents are earning a wage with a disposable income for $5,000 peranum, and have no criminal record’.”Continue
  4. 4. “Wow!” you exclaim in awe, realising you can finally ownone of their fascinating discoveries.“The government has also implemented a scheme whichallows the aforementioned children to get one Pokémoncompletely free of charge from their local professorwhich has a degree in Pokézoology. The funding will costapproximately $2 billion which critics have argued couldbe put towards “more important causes” but the leadingmember of the government party have retorted thatthese provide a “revolutionary look into the lives ofthose we still know little about and the research couldlead to fantastic discoveries regarding healthcare”.”Continue
  5. 5. “You better get down to the laboratory straight away, otherwise theother children in the village will take the ones currently in stock andyou’ll be left having to wait for months!”How will you respond:“Of course, I’ll go straight away.”“Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of Pokémon,surely.”
  6. 6. Quickly, you get some clothes on, whilst simultaneously scoffingdown a slightly singed piece of toast and sprint out of the door andonto the cobbled road. You turn down the tight alleyway which is ashortcut to the building and continue down when you go into theseemingly never-ending darkness. After a few minutes of walking,the light returns, and shielding your eyes, you follow the light, andyou enter paradise – a Pokémon filled paradise. The lab is covered inmoss and other plant-like substances, presumably to accommodatefor the varying habitats which the Pokémon are accustomed to. Thedoors of the laboratory are activated by voice command into thespeaker which only opened when the frequency of a human voicereached it.Walking into the impressive reception filled with massive computersand televisions which broadcasted the latest Poké news. Gazingaround, you don’t notice a receptionist to your right who coughsloudly. You turn to see a sullen expression on her face.Continue
  7. 7. “Hello, I’m here to receive my very first Pokémon.”“Ugh… I guess you’re the first of a long line. All the government’s done hasmade my job a lot harder – and I bet I don’t even get a pay rise”, she sighshuffily.You shuffle uncomfortably on your feet and awaits a further response.“Come with me then, I suppose”, the receptionist says and rises to herfeet and walks briskly along the long corridor, her hips swinging side toside frivolously and her high heels clanging on the tiled floor.You proceed to follow her until you come past a room filled with a lavapool, Torkoal standing at the front, erupting lava into the steamy habitat.You arrive at a small room, with Poké balls scattered around the room, inseemingly, no particular order. A quaint woman sits at a wooden desk,which had a laptop on it which she was typing so rapidly it seemed almostimpossible!Continue
  8. 8. The receptionist leaves you in the room and slams the door, andthe woman turns round with a beaming smile on her face.“Ah, a young adventurer! Looking to have some challenges to bragto everyone you come into contact with? Then a Pokémon is thething for you! I’m Professor Lacey and I’m here to present you toyour first free Pokémon! We have a choice of three Pokémon at themoment, as these have a broad range of moves and abilities. Feelfree to pick one!”Do you pick:• Charmander• Bulbasaur• Squirtle
  9. 9. Lazily, you flick through the TV channels until about noon, when you finallydecide to go and get your Pokémon. Slowly, you proceed to getting changed,brushing your teeth and having your breakfast and you eventually leave thehouse. Along the way you talk with your friends about school and videogamesand about half an hour later, you arrive at the Poké laboratory.There is a massive queue just inside in a massive, modern reception with adeep-cherry red receptionist who is multitasking until she can’t multitaskanymore. The shouting reaches a level of decibels to one which any saneperson would have turned insane at. You patiently wait for the queue to diedown as they one by one head down a long corridor filled with trinkets andPokémon related items. The realisation hits you and you realise people musthave travelled from all around the country just to get their own Pokémon – youonly recognise a few faces!Continue
  10. 10. You reach the front of the queue and the receptionist rolls hereyes as she sees even more people enter through the automatic,voice-activated doors.“I assume that you’re here to receive a Pokémon, right? Well, youwon’t be able to get a good one since the best will be taken bythe passionate few who showed up before dawn.”Your smile depletes and the receptionist gestures for you tofollow the rest of the unpunctual down the corridor. Once again,the wait was very long but quicker than the wait for thereceptionist since time passed whilst talking to her. You walk intothe room whilst beckoned by a Professor with a name-tag whichstates: Prof. LaceyContinue
  11. 11. “Nice to meet you!,” Professor Lacey exclaims cheerily,shaking your hand firmly, and beaming happily. “Thank youso much for taking an interest in Pokémon – I understand itmust be nerve-wracking for a child of your age to come to abig laboratory like this… you’re very brave. Now, I’m afraidwhat would be considered statistically the best Pokémonhave… well… gone. However, we do have two Pokémonwhich we have on offer!Pidgey and Starly, two bird type Pokémon! So… what will itbe?Do you choose:• Pidgey• Starly