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The Benefits of having a Storm Door


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From saving time and money to increased security, here are 5 ways that your home can benefit from a new storm door.

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The Benefits of having a Storm Door

  1. 1. Protects your entry door A storm door will protect your (likely more expensive) entry door from the harsh Halifax elements, as well as debris. This will reduce the cost and time associated with maintenance.
  2. 2. Helps keep the bugs out Storm doors usually have screen insert options which will allow you to enjoy the summer breeze without inviting in any unwanted pests.
  3. 3. Increases energy efficiency A storm door can add an extra barrier between your home and the climate change outside, reducing heating and cooling costs. However if your door get lots of sunlight a storm door may not be a great investment.
  4. 4. Enables air flow A screen insert in your storm door will enable air flow through your home.
  5. 5. Provides extra security An extra locked barrier is an added deterrent to potential burglars. It will also help to keep those who should be in the house in!
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