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EMEA WindowsITPRO Media Kit

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EMEA WIN Media Kit2009

  1. 1. EMEA | Media Kit Marketing and Media Communications Events and Conferences
  2. 2. WELCOME | bienvenu | willkommen | benvenuto ... If you need to reach the IT community, look no further than the Windows IT Pro and SQL Server community. We are the heartbeat of the Windows IT world, engaging more than 2.5 million community members each month with independent analysis, candid appraisals, real-world troubleshooting, trustworthy content and candid, behind-the-scenes insight - online, in print and in person - that IT pros need to keep their systems running. We are the unparalleled leader in the Windows technology business-to-business industry - our depth and breadth of Windows properties offers you integrated advertising opportunities unsurpassed in the industry. We offer unique solutions that tap deep into the soul of our community - IT managers, network and systems administrators, developers, systems analysts, and CTOs. As the only paid publications in the business, with 64% of subscribers reading all four of the last four issues, you won’t find an audience more passionate and involved. And when it comes to purchasing, our audience is influential - 94% of our readers are involved with purchasing, with 74% specifying or recommending brands and suppliers, and an average annual budget of €2 million. As THE recognisable brands in Windows IT publications, Windows IT Pro and SQL Server take to heart advertisers’ and agencies’ need to optimise budget, measure results, build an extensive funnel of high-quality, targeted leads, and generate awareness and preference for products. Our powerful, measurable media programs, coupled with our unmatched editorial staff and authors, make us the unequivocal leader when you want to reach out with your message to the IT audience. SQL Server Magazine’s unique focus on the dynamic SQL Server community means that your company can reach and influence your target buying audience through a single media vehicle or by using an integrated strategy that incorporates multiple media formats. Our readership community has grown steadily since the magazine’s inception in 1999 and includes a robust mix of traditional database administrators, developers and BI architects, as well as IT generalists and IT managers. If you want to position your message at the heart of the Windows audience, go to Windows IT Pro and SQL Server. There’s no better place to keep your finger on the pulse of the IT world. WINDOWS IT PRO / EMEA / Contact details: Irene Clapham Managing Director e: irene.clapham@penton.com t: +44 (0)161 929 2800 m: +44 (0)7980 767 720 Craig Watson Business Manager e: craig.watson@penton.com t: +44 (0)161 929 2800 m: +44 (0)7976 714 278 fax: +44 (0)161 929 1344 WindowsITPro and SQL Server Magazine | EMEA Media Kit
  3. 3. AUDIENCE PROFILE | demographics DIVERSE INDUSTRIES Windows IT Pro and SQL Server reach a growing, divergent cross-section of customers, with 14% government, 12% 94% of our readers are manufacturing, 10% information technology, 10% involved with purchasing education, and 7% in both finance/ banking/investments and healthcare/pharmaceutical industries. EXPERIENCED, INFLUENTIAL AUDIENCE REACH ALL BUSINESS SIZES Reach IT management at the heart of the decision-making Windows IT Pro and SQL Server put you in touch with a cycle - 69% of Windows IT Pro readers hold an IT broad cross-section of business sizes, from the small to Management title, including 36% who work in network large - 40% with 1,000 or more employees and 28% with and systems administration. fewer than 100 employees. Average organisation size: 8,030 people. Other IT Manager IT Staff IT Administrator Developer Technical (non-IT) User (Source: Readex Reader Survey, June 2008)
  4. 4. AUDIENCE PROFILE | purchasing plans Enterprise software and services Hardware Networking and Internet products and technologies (Source: Readex Reader Survey, June 2008) Invest in Windows IT Pro and SQL Server to maximise your advertising reach and attract highly-qualified prospects. 90% of our influential, empowered audience, plans to purchase technology products or services over the next year. 94% of our readers are involved with purchasing, with 74% who specify or recommend brands and suppliers. (Source: Readex Reader Survey, June 2008). PLANS FOR IMPLEMENTATION SQL Server Magazine readers have growing budget euros to spend in 2009, with a combined 78% spending some budgets on server and client systems. Server Systems Client Systems Collaboration/Software Products Security/Access Control Products Business Intelligence Products Communications Products Call your sales representative on +44(0)161 929 2800 Almost 97% of our audience is either using SharePoint, or planning to deploy a SharePoint solution in 2008/2009 or later (Source: Readex Reader Survey, June 2008) WindowsITPro and SQL Server Magazine | EMEA Media Kit
  5. 5. EDITORIAL | authors “ EDITORIAL MISSION STATEMENT “Windows IT Pro and SQL Server tackle technology and career through the eyes of the people who make business computing work. This community of Windows networking users now has a voice to tell the industry and Microsoft what products and functionality they need, what doesn’t help them, and what products and product directions will make their life easier. The power of this community will ignite new excitement and create opportunities for innovative products, services, and initiatives. Windows IT Pro and SQL Server’s content centres on the people who keep small, medium, and large Irene Clapham, businesses running every day. We start with a real person who has experienced a real-world situation MD EMEA and tell readers how that person handled it - mistakes and all. Then we take readers through the process of how to work through situations; to identify, evaluate and buy a cost-effective solution; to fix the problem; and to turn the experience into a way to help others in similar situations while ” growing a career.” 66% of our readers spend 1hr “ “I think it’s great that Windows IT Pro is bringing the or more reading each issue, virtues of Microsoft’s PowerShell to light. At a time when ensuring that your ad is seen it seems Microsoft gets a lot of flack over administration issues, I for one feel they really nailed the scripting environment with PowerShell. While I am pretty proficient with PowerShell, I am looking forward to the subsequent articles Windows IT Pro intends to release PAUL THURROTT ” about it. Frankly, I don’t think I can learn enough.” (thurrott@windowsitpro.com) is the news editor for Windows IT Pro. He writes a weekly editorial for Windows IT Stephen Morgan Pro UPDATE (www.windowsitpro.com /email) and a daily Windows news and Senior Oracle Database Administrator information newsletter called WinInfo Summa Health System Daily UPDATE (www.wininformant.com) PAUL ROBICHAUX MARK MINASI (troubleshooter@robichaux.net) is a (www.minasi.com/gethelp) is a senior senior contributing editor for Windows contributing editor for Windows IT Pro, IT Pro, a founding partner at 3Sharp, and an MCSE, and the author of 25 books, a Microsoft Exchange MVP and MCSE. including Administering Windows Vista Paul is the author of Exchange Server Security: The Big Surprises (Sybex). He Cookbook (O’Reilly and Associates) and writes and speaks around the world blogs at www.robichaux.net/blog about Windows networking. DAN HOLME MICHAEL OTEY (danh@intelliem.com) is director of (mikeo@windowsitpro.com) is consulting at Intelliem, which delivers technical director for Windows IT Pro solutions-focused training and and SQL Server Magazine and author consulting services supporting of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 New enterprise SharePoint, Office, Windows, Features (Osborne/McGraw-Hill). and Active Directory implementations.
  6. 6. EDITORIAL | SQL Server MVP editorial staff SQL Server Magazine features many SQL Server Most Valuable Professionals as either contributing editors or regular authors. KIMBERLY TRIPP BRIAN MORAN Kimberly works as a speaker, writer, Brian is president of the Northern trainer, and consultant for her own Virginia SQL Server User’s Group and a company, SYSolutions, Inc. She writes for principle mentor and COO with Solid SQL Server Magazine, is a technical Quality Learning. He is an MCDBA, a SQL contributor for the SQL Server 2000 Server MVP, and contributing editor for Resource Kit, and is co-author of SQL SQL Server Magazine. He also writes the Server 2000 High Availability (Microsoft weekly a monthly commentary in the Press). She is a SQL Server MVP and a SQL Server Magazine UPDATE email Microsoft Regional Director. newsletter. KALEN DELANEY ITZIK BEN-GAN (kalen@insidesqlserver.com) has been Itzik is a mentor at Solid Quality Learning, working with SQL Server for 20 years teaches, lectures, and consults and provides SQL Server training and internationally. He manages the Israeli consulting to clients around the world. SQL Server Users Group, is a SQL Server Her most recent book is Inside Microsoft MVP, and is the author of the Inside SQL Server 2005: Query Tuning and Microsoft SQL Server 2005: T-SQL series Optimization (Microsoft Press). Kalen also (Microsoft Press, 2006). Itzik writes SQL writes the commentary for SQL Server Server Magazine’s advanced T-SQL Black Magazine UPDATE email newsletter. Belt column. RICHARD WAYMIRE Principal Group Program Manager, responsible for the program 64% of our readers have management team for SQL Server Management Services. Our team designs read the last four issues of and builds the core setup experience, as well as SQL Server Agent, Database Mail, Windows IT Pro and Data Collector/Management Data Warehouse. MICHELLE POOLET KEVIN KLINE Michelle is cofounder of Mount Vernon (kevin.kline@quest.com) is the director Data Systems and teaches database of technology for SQL Server Solutions design and programming. She has a at Quest Software and a founding board Master’s degree in Computer member of the international Information Systems and is an MCP. Professional Association for SQL Server. He is the author of SQL in a Nutshell, 2nd edition (O’Reilly). MATT NUNN ANDREW SISSON Matt is a senior product manager with (asisson@scalabilityexperts.com) is the Microsoft Visual Studio. Previously, he was director of business intelligence for responsible for driving technical Scalability Experts in Dallas and has many readiness for developers working with years of experience with data management SQL Server 2005. Before joining Microsoft, and database technologies. He has he was a technical manager and coauthored several advanced training consultant using various platforms to courses covering SQL Server and Oracle. develop applications that use SQL Server. WindowsITPro and SQL Server Magazine | EMEA Media Kit
  7. 7. PRINT | advertising VALUE OF PAID SUBSCRIBERS Windows IT Pro prides itself on its ability to stand alone against the competition. We are not only the leader in the Windows technology publication industry; we are the only paid publication in the business. Our readers understand the unparalleled value that Windows IT Pro and SQL Server provide them, and that is why they subscribe year after year - even passing on issues to their peers. Each month our readers are anxious to dive into our magazine so they can read the latest about technology, the industry and other IT pros. Our strong presence in the Windows IT buyer community, coupled with our focus on purchase activity, solidifies that Windows IT Pro is your best choice to reach your target audience and ultimately drive advertising objectives to reach your return on investment goals. Call your sales representative; +44(0)161929 2800 WINDOWS IT PRO DISPLAY ADS PULL-OUT GUIDE, TIPS & TRICKS, TOP 10 CARD Reach your target audience, build market awareness and The pull-out guide is inserted into the Windows IT Pro stay at the forefront of customers’ minds by advertising or SQL Server magazine and posted/promoted online. with a display ad in Windows IT Pro and SQL Server The customer works with our Custom Editorial team to magazine. Advertising with a display ad ensures that your come up with a topic that will reach, and resonate with, ad is reaching an active, highly-targeted readership. our global audience. Full-page and fractional advertisements are available. REQUIRED READING INDUSTRY BYTES SECTION Sponsor this popular editorial section to integrate your Industry Bytes is ideal to advertise new products or message with relevant topics and position your company releases, maintain your print presence with a smaller as a thought leader. By sponsoring a Required Reading budget, or enhance existing campaigns. A popular section you get exclusive logo recognition on the first segment of Windows IT Pro and SQL Server, solely page of content, a 1/3 ad unit within the Required dedicated to reader-recommended products. Reading pages and a full page ad in the beginning or at Your message is featured alongside unbiased reader the end of the Required Reading article. reviews that are a favourite in every issue. TIP-ON COVERS AND PRINTED POLYBAGS ESSENTIAL GUIDES These featured offerings help you achieve high visibility A critical education tool for IT professionals, Essential for your top-line product messaging. Reach as many as Guides are a quick reference for crucial information IT 100,000 readers each month. professionals need in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow design. Essential Guides feature a 6-page barrel-fold PRODUCT SHOWCASE format and are included in full-run editions of Windows Feature your product solution in our monthly Product IT Pro or SQL Server, as well as on our Web site. Showcase section. Windows IT Pro is marked by its depth of editorial content and an inclusive structure that allows IT professionals to interact with colleagues, technical experts, analysts, and other thought leaders. It provides objective, ’direct from the trenches‘ information regarding Microsoft’s latest Windows-based solutions and offers essential insight for keeping business-critical Microsoft applications up and running.
  8. 8. WEB | advertising REACH 2.5 MILLION ENGAGED COMMUNITY MEMBERS ONLINE The Windows IT Pro community is the heartbeat of the Windows IT world - a gathering of people, content and resources focused on Microsoft Windows technologies and applications. With more than 2.5 million community members each month, Windows IT Pro is the definitive online source for Windows IT professionals and developers. Our integrated programs offer maximum reach and flexibility. T Web Advertising* T Microsites T Podcasts T Videocasts Our readers take action: T Screencasts T Web Seminars After seeing an advertiser’s ad on windowsitpro.com; T eBooks T 46% went to an advertiser’s Web site T Technical Advisor T 43% downloaded information or demos T White Papers T UPDATE Extra T 32% referred or shared information with a colleague T Custom email newsletters After seeing an advertiser’s ad on sqlmag.com; T Email and postal list rentals T 64% took some action as a result of an ad T Forums T Blogs - up 10% from 2008 T Videos T 54% of subscribers visit the Web site on a T Pop Quiz monthly basis T Treasure Hunt T Directory T Jobs T Store *Web advertising positions include the following: half pages, rectangles, leaderboards, roadblocks, sponsored text links, peelbacks. Be seen on our business-to-business video community by our influential and eager Windows IT Pro and SQL Server audience who crave technical information from their peers, industry experts, and the technologists developing the cutting-edge products and services. Premier video sponsorships give you ongoing exposure throughout the site and drive traffic to your site. www.ittv.net
  9. 9. EVENTS | in person and online IN PERSON EMEA EVENTS Penton Communications Europe specialises in designing and delivering IT-specific events that are tailored to meet the expectations of audiences and vendors' local personnel in every EMEA country. We are able to deliver a unique IT event management experience which cohesively includes budgets, timelines, logistics, speakers, content, post-event evaluation, sponsorship and delegate marketing.The Penton EMEA Events Team can market the conferences by utilising an extensive in-house IT end-user database and also have a well-established network of publishing licensees in Europe offering additional marketing exposure in the Windows IT Pro and SQL Server native-language media. VIRTUAL CONFERENCE EVENTS ROADSHOWS Virtual conferences are multiple Web seminars hosted in a Roadshows are a series of one day events that allow virtual environment where attendees are able to interact live partners the flexibility of working with a single, with the sponsors and other attendees during a 1-day event. experienced, events management team throughout Virtual conference events provide partners and sponsors with EMEA. The Penton EMEA Events Team are able to utilise the ability to demonstrate, showcase and exhibit to an their expertise and local knowledge to customise events audience who never need leave their desks. Those delegates country to country. This helps organisations and specifically interested in ‘hot topics’ can access bespoke subsidiaries to construct a pan-European roadshow series webcasts and access ‘virtual’ exhibition booths. which adapts to local cultures, language and logistic requirements, whilst maintaining the integrity and This interactive format offers an inviting, easily-accessible synergy of the brand. forum for attendee and sponsor engagements and is available in multiple languages. As the event runs live and in real time, CONFERENCES the video production team is also able to present a live Q&A Conferences are specialised one or multi-day events together with other content from remote contributors using a which are customised for industry partners anywhere in web cam. EMEA. The Penton Events Team have established Virtual events are highly trackable and a very successful lead relationships with many industry partners in EMEA which generator allowing you to: view total number of attendees gives you the option to extend your event sponsorship currently logged in, see attendee breakdown by location, track opportunities to other community vendors. the number of booth reps per booths and send real-time announcements to all conference areas or to a specific location.
  10. 10. EVENTS | in person and online A SELECTION OF PENTON IN-PERSON EVENTS: T “SharePoint Solutions Summit 2009” FACT: Returned an above average attendee rate for a free event of - one day UK conference 61% with 3,500 delegates FACT: 100% of delegates believed this summit satisfied their T “Get Ready for SQL Server 2005 Roadshows” reasons for attending - one day events in 11 EMEA countries. T “iFidelity Conference 09 - Go Further, Go Leaner, Go FACT: Over 5,000 delegates attended these events with Portugal Green” – one day UK event returning the highest number representing 28% FACT: Delegate comment: “Venue, organisation, food, Partner N.B. FACTs are extracts from the official Event Evaluation Reports, Pavillion and speakers were all excellent!” which represent the delegate feedback data collected from each event T “Scoring with SharePoint 08 Conference” - one day UK event A SELECTION OF RECENT ONLINE EVENTS: FACT: Delegates scored their Overall Satisfaction for this event as an impressive 8.9 out of a possible score of 9 T SQL Server Unleashed Virtual event T “Scoring with Power 2008 Conference” - one day UK event T Hyper-V Unleashed Online event FACT: When asked whether the conference had addressed their T SharePoint from Chaos to Success Online event main issues, 100% of the delegates agreed T Oracle Fusion Middleware 11G Online Product Launch T “Oracle Enterprise 2.0 ECM Roadshows 2008” - delivered in five languages - one day event in 7 European countries T Oracle Developer Day Online - delivered in 4 languages FACT: 97.4% of the delegates are interested in attending a future Oracle Event T Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Virtual Conference - delivered in five languages T “IT Pro Connections & Microsoft TechNet Conference” - three day event in the Netherlands. T Virtualisation - Get the Facts! FACT: Over 1,500 delegates attended over 3 days representing a T SharePoint Collaboration Essentials Virtual event high attendance rate of 81% T Virtual Exchange & Office 2007 Deployment Workshop T “Get Ready for Exchange & Office 2007 Roadshow” - over 650 online attendees - one day roadshows in 9 EMEA countries. T Windows Server 2008 Virtual Roadshow TESTIMONIALS “The Roadshow attracted a good crowd. We were very happy to sponsor this event.” “Excellent event - looking forward to the next one! Thank you.” SPONSOR TESTIMONIALS “Excellent event to meet IT Professionals and potential “I’d like to thank everyone at Penton and System iNews for customers to share technical knowledge with. Very good their hard work. It was another great success. The people I marketing opportunity to get visibility with Exchange spoke to were impressed with the location, the organisation, Professionals.” the presentations and the day as a whole!” Alexander Fuchs, CEO, SF Solution Factory AG Colin Spoffard, Northern iSeries User Group (NiSUG) Get Ready for Exchange and Office 2007 Roadshows iFidelity Conference 2009: Go Further, Go Leaner, Go Green “The event was very well planned and executed.” “Good event, excellent venue.” Mike Ryan, Omikron Data Kallia Mansour, Content and Code Ltd Scoring with Power 08: SharePoint Solutions Summit 2009: Adapt, Survive & Thrive with System i Administration, Governance & Solutions “Very open audience and interested in Microsoft subjects “Just a quick note to say well done on a great show. presented.” Willem Boelman, Commvault It was excellent to see the large number of attendees that Get Ready for Exchange and Office 2007 Roadshows were attracted to the event and their interest in both SQL and Dell!” Stephen Daborn, Dell “This has been a great event - very educational - giving us Get Ready for Exchange and Office 2007 Roadshows the opportunity to show our current developed application using SQL Server 2005.” Itqan ”Thanks for the well arranged event!” Get Ready for SQL Server 2005 EMEA Roadshows (2007) Marcus Hasselblad, MD, Sapient Sweden AB The Oracle Enterprise Content Management Roadshows 2008 WindowsITPro and SQL Server Magazine | EMEA Media Kit
  11. 11. EMAIL | advertising More than 550,000 IT professionals and buyers look forward to each issue of Windows IT Pro and SQL Server’s exclusive email newsletters, with 54% taking some action as a result of seeing an ad. Don’t miss out on your chance to reach these targeted market segments. asp.net NOW This twice monthly enewsletter delivers essential tips, techniques, reviews and opinions that will help IT Pros with their ASP.NET development efforts. Delivery: Twice a month - 1st and 3rd Thursday. Exchange & Outlook UPDATE Exchange administrators trust Exchange & Outlook UPDATE for the in-depth practical information for getting the most out of Exchange and the latest happenings with Windows IT Pro UPDATE the Microsoft messaging group. IT professionals look forward to this weekly digest Delivery: Weekly - Thursday. packed with insiders’ analysis of industry news and key information they need to evaluate, deploy and manage Office & SharePoint UPDATE their enterprise. Our most popular newsletter with 52% Newsletter offers our highly-engaged SharePoint audience of our audience subscribing each week to this weekly industry news, products, tips, and resources. newsletter. The only email newsletter given BtoB Delivery: Weekly - Monday. Magazine’s Media Power 50 designation. Delivery: Weekly - Tuesday. Scripting Central IT professionals will stay on top of the latest scripting news WinDevPro UPDATE and events, learn how to solve technical problems, and Target Windows developers in this bi-monthly find useful code, tools and other resources. enewsletter that covers ASP.NET, SQL Database Delivery: Weekly - Friday. development, IIS development and .NET Framework. Delivery: Twice a month - 2nd and 4th Thursday. Security Alerts Alerts are sent immediately when a new threat is WinInfo Daily UPDATE discovered, so no organisation is caught by surprise. A daily dose of industry news and analysis written by Delivery: Scheduled on demand. Top position only. industry expert Paul Thurrott. Loyal following! Exclusive. Delivery: Daily - Monday to Friday. Top position only. Exclusive. Security UPDATE Helps IT security professionals stay on top of the latest UPDATE Extra security vulnerabilities and solutions and analyses current Delivered through an exclusive and targeted email security events and issues. newsletter, an UPDATE Extra provides valuable Delivery: Weekly - Wednesday. problem/solution content and successful case study examples to help walk IT professionals through a real- SQL Server Magazine UPDATE world problem and how to solve it. As the sole sponsor SQL Server Magazine UPDATE provides SQL Server DBAs of a special UPDATE Extra, you gain the opportunity to and developers with an inside look at SQL Server industry provide editorial content directly to our audience of IT news via commentaries by SQL Server experts Kalen professionals, right into their inboxes. Delaney and Brian Moran, as well as SQL Server resources Delivery: Scheduled on demand. and tips. Delivery: Weekly - Wednesday. Product Spotlight Highlight your product offerings through our regularly- Windows Tips and Tricks UPDATE scheduled Product Spotlight program. This targeted A reader favourite! Keeps IT professionals educated about email showcases your featured product, in conjunction the latest tips and techniques for managing their Windows with editorial content provided by Windows IT Pro, to a enterprise. receptive subscriber audience. Delivery: Weekly - Monday. Numerous spots available each month on various topics.
  12. 12. EMAIL | EMEA news Our email newsletters help you reach an active IT Windows IT Pro News EMEA The Windows IT Pro News EMEA email newsletter was community that responds launched in January, 2006. This monthly title is edited by to your messages: veteran British IT journalist Seamus Quinn and now serves over 62,000 subscribers across the region. T Each month, over a third spend 1hr or more The newsletter contains a monthly round-up of news reading and looking through email newsletters stories of particular interest to European readers from our U.K. and U.S. correspondents. The news section also T 77% of readers subscribe to one or more highlights the various in-person and online conferences we Windows IT Po email newsletters hold across EMEA with partners who, in the last 12 months, have included Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Dell, Oracle and IBM. T 38% have downloaded information or demos In the feature article section of Windows IT Pro News T 37% have visited advertiser’s Web site EMEA, we present a selection of brand new technical feature articles from both Windows IT Pro magazine and T 23% have referred or shared information SQL Server Magazine. Normally, these articles can only be with a colleague accessed by our paid subscribers, but Windows IT Pro News EMEA readers can access these articles for free. (Source: Readex Reader Survey, June 2008) Delivery: Monthly - last Thursday of each month. LEAD GENERATION | opportunities Make sure prospects find you when they are searching for solutions, by capitalising on our highly-successful lead generation offerings. Reach highly-qualified consumers using a mix of media and tactics - whatever meets your needs and budget - to get your lead generation messages to prospective customers effectively and efficiently. From Web Seminars to eBooks to White Papers, we can help you identify top candidates for your products, while also helping build brand, generate awareness, and engage prospects in a dialogue. Web Seminars Reach global audiences easily and quickly with your sponsored eBooks are published with your logo and visually rich message, through a Web seminar hosted by branding, with chapters released monthly, or all at once, Windows IT Pro’s expert facilitators and presenters. to generate leads over an extended period of time. This powerful channel puts you in touch directly with a captive audience of qualified buyers, whilst utilising the White Papers third-party credibility of Windows IT Pro. Educate your target customer about your product with Real-time presentations take the online audience educational, solutions-based content with ongoing through interactive presentations, software application exposure to our engaged Web site audience. demonstrations, Web site tours, and more. Our focused marketing campaigns, coupled with a growing online community, can help you drive traffic and Podcasts downloads to your White Paper, giving it the Put a personal touch and voice to your company and acknowledgement and visibility it deserves. product by sponsoring a podcast. Podcasts are a great way to position your company as a leading provider of IT Technical Advisor - NEW! solutions, and allow you to take advantage of highly Expand your lead capabilities with this in-depth technical personal social media marketing. By sponsoring a guide, equivalent to 3-4 articles of customised content. podcast, you have a unique opportunity to target your Developed by Windows IT Pro experts, and sponsored by message to a highly engaged audience of IT pro’s. you, the Technical Advisor gives you third-party credibility by bringing relevant, original information to IT eBooks professionals interested in learning more about key Position yourself as an industry expert by sponsoring an technologies. in-depth eBook. eBooks bring high-quality editorial content to your customers and help generate quality leads. Hosted on our Web site or yours - or both - WindowsITPro and SQL Server Magazine | EMEA Media Kit
  13. 13. CUSTOM CONTENT DEVELOPMENT | your choice Whether you are driving a go-to-market campaign, determining how to better educate customers, or providing support materials for sales, our expert authors, editors, designers, and producers can deliver the right mix of materials to meet your needs. Our custom content development solutions can vary widely - from virtual events, technical papers and web seminars to videos, and more. Choose from a variety of programs or let us turnkey your entire project - our experienced project managers keep the project on schedule and on budget. Ask today how our custom content development program can meet your needs. ABOUT | Penton www.penton.com Penton Media, Inc. is the largest independent business-to-business media company in the U.S., serving more than six million business professionals every month. Penton’s objective is to connect and enhance business communities, helping the customers we serve to grow through our market-leading media products and services. The company’s market-leading brands are focused on 30 industries and include 113 trade magazines, 145 Web sites, 96 industry trade shows and conferences, and more than 500 information data products. Penton has 30 office locations and employs more than 1,600 editors, publishers, sales representatives, marketers, and other professionals. Whatever your media needs – whether it be in print, online or in person – Penton Communications Europe holds your local solution! Penton Communications Europe offers Partners the opportunity to work closely with a UK-based Windows IT Pro and SQL Server office whose dedicated staff comprehend the needs of an EMEA based business, and deliver. With over 50 years collective experience in the EMEA IT market, Penton Communications Europe represents a skilled marketing and media team that understands European culture, business, legal and fiscal process. Contactable in a compatible time zone and with the benefit of dealing in multi-currencies, Penton Communications Europe makes business communications simple. Ready to engage your target audience? To learn more about advertising opportunities with Windows IT Pro and SQL Server, call your sales representative on +44 (0)161 929 2800. www.windowsitpro.com
  14. 14. WindowsITPro and SQL Server Magazine | EMEA Media Kit
  15. 15. www.windowsitpro.com Penton Communications Europe Ltd Di-An House 2 Aegean Road Altrincham Cheshire United Kingdom WA14 5UW