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Windows 7 Professional Helps Heal Efficiency and Security Ailments for Global HealthNurse Training Center


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Windows 7 Professional Helps Heal Efficiency and Security Ailments for Global HealthNurse Training Center

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Windows 7 Professional Helps Heal Efficiency and Security Ailments for Global HealthNurse Training Center

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study New OS Helps Heal Efficiency and Security Ailments for Nurse Training CenterOverview ―Creating a training document the old way meantCountry or Region: United States each screen shot had to be captured and annotatedIndustry: Medical separately taking up to an hour. With Problem StepsCustomer Profile Recorder it takes 5 or 6 minutes—10 times faster.‖Global Health Nurse Training Services, Dr. Ernest Tako, Program Director, General EducationAlexandria, VA, provides certification for Global Health Nurse Training Servicesnurses assistants, licensed practical nursesand registered nurses. The firm has 50 PCsand 23 staff. Seeking a spoonful of IT medicine itself, Global Health Training Program Director, General Education Services (GHNTS), a nursing educational facility in Alexandria, VA,Business Situation Global Health Nurse Training ServicesEfficiency and security are the two main looked to the computer expertise of District Computers, abusiness challenges. With more than 250 Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, for help. GHNTS was experiencingenrolled students, GHNTS is seeking ways tobe more productive while maintaining a high business pains--the need to handle documents and informationlevel of data security. more efficiently and safely. These were partially cured bySolution administering two trial versions of Windows® 7, Microsoft’s newWindows 7 is helping to speed workflow with operating system. The recovery was impressive. Using features likefeatures such as the Aero desktopexperience, Taskbar personalization, and the Aero® desktop experience, Taskbar customization, LocationReadyBoost technology. Security has been Aware Printing, ReadyBoost™ technology, and Action Center, theenhanced with Action Center and ProblemSteps Recorder. institution saw rapid gains in productivity and data protection. An initial diagnosis indicates that operating system and nursing centerBenefits A Boost for Older Computers are doing very well. Improved Navigation, More Productivity Enhanced Security and Maintenance Tracking Better, More Efficient Connections Precise Problem Capture, Powerful Training Tool Web Slices Improve Competitiveness
  2. 2. Situation the State Council of Higher Education and theThe mission of Global Health Nurse Training National Board of Nursing. We have to beServices (GHNTS) is to prepare nurses as found meeting or exceeding securitycritical thinkers and life–long learners who standards with every unannounced audit.‖are able to function effectively within thechanging healthcare environment. GHNTStrains students in the fundamental concepts Solutionof nursing which include patient care, A number of features in Windows 7 areenvironment, health and nursing practices. helping GHNTS navigate documents moreThe training center offers three levels of efficiently and protect confidentialcertification: nurses assistant, licensed information.practical nurse and registered nurse. Begunin 2004, Global has eight fulltime and 15 ReadyBoostpart time employees along with 50 PCs for This feature uses a USB flash drive to createthe staff and training purposes. additional temporary RAM to boost computer performance for GHNTS’s older computers.In an industry that deals with pain, thecompany is not immune. It is challenged by Internet Explorer 8its own everyday business pains such as The new Web Slices feature allows GHNTSspeed and security. The school deals with users to automatically track changes andvery sensitive applicant information that must keep current with business and industry-be protected in the face of ever-shifting specific Web sites.spyware and virus attacks. There is also anincreasing need for speed. As new students Network Connection Wizardenroll and existing students make their way This feature provides easier desktopthrough the course work over several months connection to wireless, VPN and LANor years, processing and managing volumes networks. For GHNTS, this means users canof paperwork are an additional concern. more quickly identify all network connection options within a single window.According to Dr. Ernest Tako, programdirector for general education, there were Location Aware Printingcomputer performance problems, document Location Aware Printing automaticallyhandling efficiencies and a need to utilize the recognizes and remembers each new defaultlatest technology to protect confidential printer as GHNTS staff move from oneinformation. ―We use Grad Pro software to network to another.manage our entire student enrollment,‖ saidDr. Ernest Tako, program director for general Problem Steps Recordereducation, Global Health Nurse Training Problem Steps Recorder allows GHNTS staffServices. ―It includes background, to precisely capture and communicate ademographics, finances and class schedules. computer problem. It also enables staff toHowever, the program runs very slow on document fixes, create tutorials orWindows Vista® and our 1GB machines. We knowledge-based reference materials.needed a faster solution that wouldn’t breakthe budget. Action Center Action Center keeps CSPC users informed―Protecting confidential information is also about PC status without interruptingcritical. CSPC is under constant scrutiny from workflow. It also provides direct links to a
  3. 3. large variety of security and maintenance News Custom Slicedsolutions. The new Web Slices feature in IE 8 looks to be a boon in keeping up with business andAero desktop experience medical news for Dr. Tako. ―The IE8 WebThe Windows 7 Aero Snap feature allows Slices are very clever. We’re experimenting inGHNTS users side-by-side window viewing by tracking industry-related news on the Newdragging windows to borders, left and right. York Times site. We may eventually be able toGrab and shake the foremost screen to make keep automatic tabs on the latest additionsall other screens disappear. The Peek feature to other specific Web sites like the Board ofis invoked by clicking the lower right hand Nursing.‖Show Desktop rectangle. The desktop isimmediately visible to view gadgets and other Enhanced Security and Maintenancedesktop icons. Tracking The average computer user at Global wouldTaskbar have a difficult time managing security andFeatures like Pinning and Jump Lists, maintenance activities were it not foraccessed conveniently from the taskbar, Windows 7 features like Action Center.streamline document navigation. CSPC users According to Dr. Tako, ―Action Center is ahave their files more readily available. great place to quickly view the status of our computer’s maintenance and security. We can be more confident that our company andBenefits student information is secure. Simple alertA Boost for Older Computers flags remind us when there’s actionThe line of business software used daily by required.‖Global is Grad Pro. On Windows Vistamachines the program was slow and Better, More Efficient Connectionslethargic, primarily because of the lack and ―Network Connection Wizard and Locationcost of additional RAM. ReadyBoost is helping Aware Printing are all about makingto solve that problem. ―We just discovered connections easier and faster. We’re justWindows 7 ReadyBoost. It looks like it’s just more efficient than before.‖what we needed to speed up our Grad Prosoftware that was running so slow on older, Precise Problem Capture, PowerfulRAM-deficient machines,‖ noted Dr. Tako. Training Tool Dr. Tako understands that, in medicine, clearImproved Navigation, More Productivity communication between practitioner andThe volume of documents associated with a patient is critical. The same is true of ITtraining institution and its students can be problems. Clarity between user and IToverwhelming. However, new navigation tools consultant speeds problem resolution. ―Wein Windows 7 are helping users manipulate see Problem Steps Recorder being a big hitdocuments more efficiently. ―The ability to with our company. We can precisely capturepersonalize the Taskbar and have access to a IT problems which accelerate the solution. Itnumber of new document navigation tools in also holds great potential as a training toolthe Aero desktop experience is accelerating for our students who must have reasonablethe handling of documents, essentially computer skills in the field of nursing.helping us to be more productive,‖commented Tako. ―Creating a training document the old way meant that each screen shot had to be
  4. 4. For More Information captured and annotated separately taking upFor more information about Microsoft to an hour each time. With Problem Stepsproducts and services, call the Microsoft Recorder it takes 5 or 6 minutes—10 timesSales Information Center at (800) 426- faster.‖9400. In Canada, call the MicrosoftCanada Information Centre at (877) 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- Windows 7hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will help(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in your organization use information technologythe United States or (905) 568-9641 in to gain a competitive advantage in today’sCanada. Outside the 50 United States and new world of work. Your people will be able toCanada, please contact your local be more productive. You will be able toMicrosoft subsidiary. To access information support your mobile work force with betterusing the World Wide Web, go to: access to shared data and tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies to enhance corporate ITFor more information Global Health Nurse security, data protection, and more efficientTraining Services products and services, deployment and (703) 212-7410 or visit the Web siteat: For more information about Windows 7, go to: more information about DistrictComputers, LLC products and services, call202-558-5483 or visit the Web site Software and Services Hardware  Products  Lenovo − Windows 7 Professional  HP − Windows Vista® Business − Microsoft Office® 2007 Professional − Windows Small Business Server 2003This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFTMAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published July 2009