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Windows 7 Professional Helps eMazzanti to Operate Lean and Green


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Windows 7 Professional Helps eMazzanti to Operate Lean and Green

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Windows 7 Professional Helps eMazzanti to Operate Lean and Green

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study New OS Helps IT Consultant Operate Lean and GreenOverview “Trigger Start Services is a new Windows 7 featureCountry or Region: United StatesIndustry: IT Consulting, Professional that fires-up services only when needed. It enablesServices faster startup and shut down as well as reducingCustomer Profile power consumption.”eMazzanti Technologies provides IT Jennifer Mazzanti, President, eMazzanti Technologiesconsulting services for businesses rangingfrom home offices to multinationalcorporations throughout the New Yorkmetropolitan area and in three countries. It might seem contradictory that an IT consultant whose staff averages two or more monitors per desktop would be concernedBusiness SituationeMazzanti seeks technology that helps it about greener computing, but eMazzanti Technologies —arun more efficiently and green. Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner —has actually found commonSolution ground. Through its involvement in a new Windows® 7 ProfessionalNew features in Windows 7 such as TriggerStart Services and Problem Steps Recorder operating system program called Ignite, the firm is discovering waysare speeding workflow and helpingconserve electricity. to work more efficiently while reducing its carbon footprint on the environment. Features in the new operating system, includingBenefits Faster Trouble Ticket Closure Saves Trigger Start Services, Power Management, Problem Steps $75,000 Recorder and a host of enhanced navigation tools such as Jump Extended Productivity, Greener Computing Lists, Shake, and Federated Search are speeding up workflow and More Efficient Navigation helping to slow down power consumption. Faster Customer Tutorial Creation Deeper, More Powerful Searches
  2. 2. Situation Trigger Start ServiceseMazzanti Technologies is all about delivering Trigger Start Services fires up an application‟spowerful solutions in the most efficient service, such as a webcam software updatemanner possible to its more than 400 small or the availability of an IP address, in a moreand mid-size customers. The Hoboken, N.J. efficient manner. Windows 7 consolidates orfirm is located in one of the most densely batches service requests to more efficientlypopulated—and competitive—regions in the use computer resources.U.S. Increasing productivity through bettertechnology solutions is a philosophy Problem Steps RecordereMazzanti first internalizes, then evangelizes This feature enables eMazzanti customers toto its customers and prospects. For example, record their interactions with an applicationits technology adoption must meet one or or computer operation and provide a detailedmore criteria: (1) enhance the ability to serve screen-by-screen view with accompanyingits customers, (2) increase productivity in keystroke annotation. Problems can be moresignificant, incremental ways, (3) help create clearly communicated to eMazzanti staffa competitive advantage, (4) promote which in turn reduces help desk resolutionconservation and green alternatives. time.“Since our customers pay a flat monthly rate, Power Managementwe have to be efficient in order to keep them Laptop batteries last longer with power-happy and maintain profitability,” said Carl saving features like Battery PowerMazzanti, vice president, eMazzanti Management. For example, adaptive displayTechnologies. “We look to best practices and brightness dims the display if an engineertechnology to help us be more competitive, has not used the PC for a period of time.productive and profitable. Snap, Shake, Peek“We‟re also looking for greener IT solutions Snap windows to a side-by-side view byfor our customers that save paper or power,” dragging windows to borders, left and right.noted Jennifer Mazzanti, president, Grab and shake the foremost window toeMazzanti Technologies. “PC users often turn make all other windows disappear. Shakeoff or change power saving features that again to make all open windows up electricity costs or have negative The Peek feature is invoked by clicking on theproductivity effects because laptop battery lower right hand Show Desktop is not what it ought to be. To make PC The desktop is immediately visible to viewenergy consumption more personal, gadgets and other desktop calculated the average CPU andmonitor wasted approximately $90 per year Taskbar Customizationin electricity. There‟s both an economic and Jump Lists allow users to see the most recentan environmental incentive to pay attention files by right-clicking on the greener computing.” Federated SearchSolution Windows 7 has enhanced search featureseMazzanti Technologies is discovering a that deepen search capabilities, essentiallynumber of features in Windows 7 that are making Windows 7 a giant search enginehelping it get work done faster with less scouring local PCs, HomeGroup, network,impact on the environment. external drives, and the Internet.
  3. 3. Benefits “Windows 7 is so operationally „lean‟ that itFaster Trouble Ticket Closure, Estimated can run on older hardware,” shared Save Over $75,000 “That means our customers can extend the“Problem Steps Recorder is our number one life of their hardware investment which oftenmost valued feature in Windows 7,” said Carl is a mix of new and older machines.”Mazzanti. “It precisely captures the problemevent and gets trouble tickets closed. Our “Windows 7 has another „green‟ side,” notedcustomers are happier and we‟ve been more Mazzanti. “Group policy enabled powerefficient in solving the problem. Problem management is a great new tool to help aSteps Recorder helps us to solve customer company be more environmental friendly.problems up to 50 percent faster. Since we Power savings can be particularly significanthandle as many as 14,000 tickets a year, the across an entire school district ortime savings could be worth as much as organization.”$75,000.” More Efficient NavigationMore Efficient Computing “Snap, Peek, Shake and Jump Lists make“Trigger Start Services is a new Windows 7 document navigation more efficient.feature that fires-up only when needed. This Engineers routinely work on 3-4 support callsenables faster start-up and shut down of your at their multi-monitor workstations. Windowscomputer as well as reducing power 7 streamlines the complexity.”consumption,” said Jennifer Mazzanti. Mazzanti continued, “Jump Lists are very“It takes time for a computer processor to get powerful productivity features, especiallyto a true idle state. Think of it as the deep since they can be used with non-MicrosoftREM sleep we finally get to at night,” applications like graphics programs that arecontinued Mazzanti. “In previous operating used to create marketing style guides andsystems and over time, a long list of logo libraries.”automatic service requests associated withwebcams, IM clients, MP3 players and photo Deeper, More Powerful Searchesediting applications keeps consuming “Federated Search examines hard disks,resources -memory, I/O and CPU. These all network and Internet sources, even down tobog the computer down. Fortunately, command lines and control panel content,”Windows 7 has the answer and „batches‟ the said Mazzanti. “We save time findingwork or engages just as the resources are customer support information and customersneeded.” save time with more accurate searching. Federated Search is so powerful that we‟veExtended Productivity, Greener found custom scripting files, something highlyComputing unlikely with previous search options.”“The Power Management feature in Windows7 doubles the battery life of our laptops,” More Built-in Securitycommented Jennifer Mazzanti, “effectively “The security features and capabilities nowdoubling our engineer‟s productivity when built into Windows 7 can many timesthey‟re working on the run without a plug-in eliminate the need to buy extra third-partypower source.” software,” said Mazzanti. “The customer saves money and they have confidence that everything works together well.”
  4. 4. For More Information Windows 7For more information about Microsoft Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will helpproducts and services, call the Microsoft your organization use information technologySales Information Center at (800) 426- to gain a competitive advantage in today‟s9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft new world of work. Your people will be able toCanada Information Centre at (877) 568- be more productive anyway. You will be able2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- to support your mobile work force with betterhearing can reach Microsoft text telephone access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in tools. And your IT staff will have better toolsthe United States or (905) 568-9641 in and technologies to enhance corporate ITCanada. Outside the 50 United States and security, data protection, and more efficientCanada, please contact your local deployment and management.Microsoft subsidiary. To access informationusing the World Wide Web, go to: For more information about Windows 7, go more information about eMazzantiTechnologies products and services, call201-360-4400 or visit the Web site Software and Services Hardware  Products  Lenovo − Microsoft Windows 7 Professional  HP − Microsoft Windows Vista Professional − Microsoft Office 2007 Professional − Windows Small Business Server 2008This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFTMAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published May 2009