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UK Local Government Office Improves Productivity with Windows 7 Professional


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UK Local Government Office Improves Productivity with Windows 7 Professional

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UK Local Government Office Improves Productivity with Windows 7 Professional

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study UK Local Government Office Improves Productivity with Windows® 7Overview “Now that I’ve been using Windows 7, there’s no wayCountry or Region: UKIndustry: Local Government I’d ever go back!” Catherine Rawas, Technology and Communications Manager, Community Development Officer,Customer Profile Matlock Town CouncilMatlock Town Council manages a variety ofpublic programs on behalf of the citizenry.Business Situation Matlock is a town located in the county of Derbyshire, in England’sThe Council needed to cost-effectivelyspeed up business processes, and make it East-Midlands. It has a population of around 11,000. The Matlockeasier for staff to access the tools they Town Council was formed in 1983. As the Council’s responsibilitiesneeded to get their jobs done. grew, so did its dependence on technology. According to Town ClerkSolution Sue Smith, “If our technology fails us, the Council’s business simplyMatlock Town Council deployed Windows7, which delivers ease of use, speed, and comes to a standstill.”efficiency, with features like faster boot-uptimes and easier search functions. With an ever-growing list of projects, the Council’s staff needed toBenefits get more done in less time. The organization knew it needed to find Faster execution of everyday tasks Increase in user productivity a solid technology solution that would support its efforts. By deploying the Windows® 7 Professional operating system, Matlock Town Council has achieved a more solid, intuitive PC experience for its users, and the gains in system speed and responsiveness have resulted in a significant overall productivity boost.
  2. 2. “We were experiencing Situation Benefits As a small organization at the bottom tier ofso much downtime with the local government, Matlock Town Council A More Solid PC Experienceour PCs that many of is required to manage a great number of Windows 7 provides a more solid PC diverse projects with very limited resources. experience for Matlock Town Council’s users,our projects were Smith and her small staff rely heavily on making the performance of existing hardwarebecoming delayed. We technology to help them juggle all the and software more robust, and improving projects with which they are tasked on a daily overall system uptime. “Essentially, Windowsknew we had to make a basis. 7 just really works,” says Rawas.change quickly.” As the Council staff became busier however, System responsiveness has also improvedCatherine Rawas, Technology and the technology they were dependent upon dramatically, thanks to the new Windows 7Communications Manager, Community began to struggle with the increased ReadyBoost™ feature. Now users have toDevelopment Officer, Matlock Town Council workload. Productivity was plummeting due wait less when starting up, shutting down, or to PC performance that had become resuming their PCs from standby mode. “The unreliable and unstable. days of making a pot of tea while waiting for my PC to boot up are over,” laughs Smith. Even locating the data, applications, and other resources that were used every day was Since Matlock Town Council is a grassroots growing more and more time-consuming. organization working with a limited budget, Catherine Rawas, Community Development the fact that Windows 7 offers full Officer for Matlock Town Council, says that compatibility with Windows XP hardware and the situation had become critical. “We were applications was a significant point. “I was experiencing so much downtime with our PCs pleased to hear that we would not have to that many of our projects were becoming scramble to come up with additional budget delayed. We knew we had to make a change for hardware and software upgrades in order quickly.” to deploy Windows 7,” says Smith. Working with Microsoft® Gold Certified Increasing Productivity Partner Peak Support Services, Smith and Matlock Town Council staff has found that Rawas set out to find a solution that would the new Windows 7 Federated Search feature cost-effectively speed up the Council’s enables them to spend less time searching business processes, and make it easier for for information and more time serving their the staff to access the everyday tools they constituents. Now they can easily find the needed to get their jobs done. They found record, email, or application they need almost what they were looking for in Windows 7 instantly with Windows Desktop Search. It’s Professional. easy to browse through current files, media clips, and even Web sites quickly and easily. The Windows 7 Solution Says Rawas, “It’s so handy to just mouse over“[Windows 7] is in every Windows 7 delivers ease of use, speed, and my task bar or an application icon and get away a major effort in efficiency, with features like faster boot-up times, easier search functions, and better list of my most recently used files.”design, engineering, and problem resolution. According to Mike Nash, Another Windows 7 feature that has helpedinnovation.” Vice President of Windows Product Management at Microsoft, Windows 7 “…is in increase staff productivity is Libraries, which enables users to access all files andMike Nash, Vice President, Windows Product every way a major effort in design, applications related to a specific project orManagement, Microsoft Corporation engineering, and innovation.” business project from a single desktop
  3. 3. For More Information window. Aero® Enhancements, which enable Windows 7For more information about Microsoft users to “Snap” windows into place, “Shake” Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will helpproducts and services, call the Microsoft to make them appear or disappear, and your organization use information technologySales Information Center at (800) 426- “Peek” behind translucent windows, have to gain a competitive advantage in today’s9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft helped to reduce the amount of time it new world of work. Your people will be able toCanada Information Centre at (877) 568- previously took to configure and click be more productive anyway. You will be able2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- between multiple desktop windows. to support your mobile work force with betterhearing can reach Microsoft text telephone access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in Delivering the Promise tools. And your IT staff will have better toolsthe United States or (905) 568-9641 in Overall, the new, more solid PC experience and technologies to enhance corporate ITCanada. Outside the 50 United States and and increased productivity delivered by security, data protection, and more efficientCanada, please contact your local Windows 7 have made a big impact on the deployment and management.Microsoft subsidiary. To access information operations of the Matlock Town Council.using the World Wide Web, go to: “Now that I’ve been using Windows 7, there’s For more information about Windows 7, go no way I’d ever go back,” states Rawas emphatically.For more information about Peak SupportServices products and services, call 01629582128 or visit the Web site more information about Matlock TownCouncil products and services, call or visitthe Web site at: Software and Services  Products − Windows 7 Professional© 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This casestudy is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NOWARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Microsoft®, Windows® ReadyBoost™ and Aero® are eitherregistered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation inthe United States and/or other countries. All other trademarksare property of their respective owners.Document published July 2009