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Political Pollster & Communications Firm sees More Security, Speed in Windows® 7 Professional - Case Study


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Political Pollster & Communications Firm sees More Security, Speed in Windows® 7 Professional - Case Study

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Political Pollster & Communications Firm sees More Security, Speed in Windows® 7 Professional - Case Study

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Political Pollster & Communications Firm Sees More Security, Speed in New OSOverview “The Windows 7 sweet spots for us are increasedCountry or Region: United StatesIndustry: Professional Services security and speed.” Harrison Hickman, President, Global Strategy GroupCustomer ProfileGlobal Strategy Group, Chevy Chase,Maryland, is a political consultant andcommunications firm with four offices, 50employees and approximately 60 PCs. Whether it’s the votes needed to win an election or the stakeholderBusiness Situation relationships required to navigate a public crisis, the Washington,Data security and speed are the two top DC, office of Global Strategy Group helps its clients identify andpriorities for Global as it handles highlyconfidential and time-sensitive information. manage opinions. Efficient information management for its clients is a constant challenge. The firm demands the highest levels ofSolutionGlobal is discovering Windows 7 features confidentiality for its client’s data and must deliver time-sensitive,like Action Center, the Aero® desktop decision-critical polling results in the heat of battle. Tapping the ITexperience, Taskbar Customization, andFederated Search that are having a expertise of District Computers, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner,positive impact on efficiency and security. the firm is discovering features in the new Windows ® 7 operatingBenefits system that are speeding up its business and increasing its More Layers of Security computing security. Faster File Navigation Faster, Quality Searching Faster IT Problem Resolution 60 Percent Better Battery Life
  2. 2. Situation life along with the amount of work that getsGlobal Strategy Group is a political consultant done.and communications firm with four offices,50 employees and approximately 60 PCs. The Federated Searchcompany’s roots are in public opinion Deeper, more relevant searches are nowresearch; however, over the years it has possible with this enhanced search feature.added PR, communications and a For example, Global users can even search atgovernment affairs practice as well. Global’s the command and control panel challenges center around threeareas. The first two are confidentiality and Action Centerspeed. Its mainstream business deals with This feature enables Global users to monitorcurrent public opinions, which are particularly the status of over ten different security andcritical to political organizations in which maintenance areas. An unobtrusive alert flagsecrecy and immediacy are important shows up in the taskbar when action iscomponents. The third area of focus is its needed.evergreen need to build a uniform brandimage across its entire organization. Better Internet Explorer 8collaboration is a need as well. Global users are automatically warned of cross-scripting attacks—when malicious code has been inserted into legitimate Web sites.Solution Web Slices track changes in selected WebGlobal Strategy Group is finding features in sites to keep users informed, and SuggestedWindows 7 that are increasing security and Sites is an IE8 feature that makesspeeding up workflow. recommendations for alternative search criteria.Aero desktop experienceAero® Interface features like Snap, Shake, Location Aware PrintingPeek and Hover speed up the document Global users of Windows 7 can now morenavigation process for Global users. easily find and connect to any network’s default printer.Taskbar CustomizationPowerful taskbar features allow Global users Network Connection Wizardto pin applications and individual files to the As Global users move from one network totaskbar for quick access. Jump Lists provide another, Windows 7 identifies the availablequick access to frequently used files. options and facilitates a faster connection.Problem Steps RecorderThis feature allows Global users to capture Benefitscomputer problems using integrated screen More Layers of Securityshots and keystrokes. IT problems are Out-of-the-box Windows 7 security featuresresolved faster and training tutorials are like cross-scripting, smart screens, firewalleasier to create. and malware settings and customer User Account Control provide additional layers ofBattery Power Management security at the desktop level,” noted SteveWith Battery Power Management, Global Hall, chief executive officer, DistrictWindows 7 users are extending laptop battery Computers.
  3. 3. “The Windows 7 sweet spots for us are IE 8 Web Slices helps me to automaticallyincreased security and speed,” commented track news I care about on the New YorkHarrison Hickman, president, Global Strategy Times Web site. Information now comes toGroup. me rather than waste time chasing it.” Faster File Navigation Faster IT Problem ResolutionAccording to Hickman, decisions are made “I was trying to resolve a compatibilityvery quickly in Global’s business, so being problem between two files. I simply turned onable to navigate documents faster is a bonus. Problem Steps Recorder, captured the“Taskbar Customization features like Jump precise issue and fired the file off to DistrictLists and Pinning mean my critical files are Computers,” said Hickman. “The issue wasimmediately available when I start my solved in less than an hour.”computer. Faster Client Communications“Getting to the exact documents I need takes Hickman has noticed that many times it’sone-tenth the time in Windows 7 when distracting and time-consuming to send acompared to the two older OS’s. Information whole web page to a client. “That’s whereis right there waiting for you rather than you Snipping Tool works its magic. A couple ofwaiting for the information. clicks, an annotation to clarify, and it’s off to a client. Pretty incredible.”“I’m often comparing spreadsheet pollingdata while writing a report. Windows 7 Faster Connectionsfeatures like Snap, Peek, Shake and Hover New features in Windows 7 make printer andmake it easier and faster to get the job network connections happen faster accordingdone.” to Hickman. “Network and printer connections are now simple and fast withFaster, Quality Searching Windows 7. Not so with Windows XP® andHickman is discovering that files are easier to Windows Vista®. I’m able to get back to workfind regardless of where they are located on faster than ever before.”local or network drives. “I no longer have toworry about losing files because they have 60 Percent Better Battery Lifebeen saved in the wrong place. I typed a “Initial results show a 60 percent increase inphrase into Federated Search that I knew laptop battery life because of Windows 7was in a proposal I’d lost. I found it fast. Wow! features like Trigger Start Services,” noted Hickman. “Its miserly use of power means I“Federated Search is also providing instant IT can be more generous with my time to mysupport. Because it can search deeper-- clients.”command and control panel level--I can findfeatures and functionality on my own.”Said Hickman, “IE 8 Suggested Sites isanother feature I found helpful. It gave mesearch ideas that lead to Web sites I didn’tknow existed. It’s like my browser was anidea factory delivering new directions.”
  4. 4. For More Information Windows 7For more information about Microsoft Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will helpproducts and services, call the Microsoft your organization use information technologySales Information Center at (800) 426- to gain a competitive advantage in today’s9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft new world of work. Your people will be able toCanada Information Centre at (877) 568- be more productive. You will be able to2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- support your mobile work force with betterhearing can reach Microsoft text telephone access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in tools. And your IT staff will have better toolsthe United States or (905) 568-9641 in and technologies to enhance corporate ITCanada. Outside the 50 United States and security, data protection, and more efficientCanada, please contact your local deployment and management.Microsoft subsidiary. To access informationusing the World Wide Web, go to: For more information about Windows 7, go more information Global StrategyGroup products and services, call301.951.5200 or visit theWeb site at:www.globalstrategygroup.comFor more information about DistrictComputers, LLC products and services, call202-558-5483 or visit the Web site Software and Services Hardware  Products  Lenovo − Windows 7 Professional  HP − Windows XP Professional − Windows Vista® Professional − Office® 2007 Professional Windows Server® 2003This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFTMAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published July 2009