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Dermatology Associates Improves Service with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional


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Dermatology Associates Improves Service with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional

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Dermatology Associates Improves Service with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Dermatology Firm Improves Service with Notebook PCs and Robust Operating System ProBook 5310m Notebook PCOverview ―The HP ProBook 5310m running Windows 7Country or Region: United StatesIndustry: Clinical and cosmetic Professional is a cost-efficient, effective way to gaindermatology services flexibility and boost productivity. It gives us more timeCustomer Profile to invest in our research—and our clients.‖Dermatology Associates strives to give Dr. Peter Jenkin, Medical Director, Dermatology Associatespatients unsurpassed care and qualityservice to help improve their quality of Improving a patient’s quality of life is both the core philosophylife. The company currently employs 25dedicated professionals. and driving mission of Seattle, Washington–based Dermatology Associates. Since 2004, the company has provided exceptionalBusiness SituationThe company needed faster, easier ways clinical and cosmetic dermatology services, such as laser skinto access and share information, treatment and facial rejuvenation services, and continues tocommunicate technical and trainingissues, and keep systems safe from perform leading clinical research to help patients overcomeintrusion. chronic or reoccurring skin conditions. This spirit of innovationSolution and commitment to quality has spurred ongoing success for theWindows 7 Professional and the HP company, which currently averages 120 patient visits per day.ProBook 5310m improve performance,enhance productivity, and give users a But to continue to provide unsurpassed customer experiences,more intuitive and secure system that the company needed new ways to improve productivity so thatenhances their ability to get more donein less time. its staff could accomplish more in less time. By deploying the HP ProBook 5310m running Windows 7 Professional, the companyBenefitsDermatology Associates expects to: found the fast, powerful, efficient system it was looking for. Save 25 minutes daily with sleep and resume Gain major time savings with Location Aware Printing and Problem Steps Recorder Works the way you want
  2. 2. ―With Windows 7 Situation working when they need to, rather than Employees at Seattle, Washington–based waiting up to a minute for their systems toProfessional running on Dermatology Associates found that lengthy start. ―With Windows 7 Professional system start and resume times inhibited running on my HP ProBook 5310mmy HP ProBook 5310m their ability to get to work as soon as they Notebook PC, my system is much fasterNotebook PC, my system would like—and waiting for systems to than any I’ve used before,‖ says Dr. Jenkin. respond added up to hundreds of hours of ―I save at least a minute each time I startis much faster than any lost productivity over the course of the my notebook.‖ year. Simply connecting to the rightI’ve used before. I save at network printer was tedious, time- With the Location Aware Printing feature inleast a minute each time consuming, and frustrating for users. Windows 7, users can quickly connect to the right printer, regardless of whichI start my notebook.‖ In addition, employees needed more network they’re using, without having to intuitive and efficient ways to work with manually select it. Once a user defines the Dr. Peter Jenkin, Medical Director, Dermatology Associates and present documents, especially when default printer in each network showing before and after results to their environment, the feature will automatically patients. select and print to the right printer, even when a user moves from one network to Managers needed faster, easier ways to the next. communicate IT issues and help employees learn new processes. And the company was ―Before, you’d have to scroll through a always seeking ways to increase system network printer map every time you security without compromising changed networks,‖ says Dr. Jenkin. performance. ―Location Aware Printing eliminates that process, saving time and energy.‖ Solution When Dermatology Associates tested the Enhancing the Way Users Work HP ProBook 5310m running the Windows 7 Aero desktop personalization, a feature of Professional operating system, the Windows 7, includes tools such as Snap, company found a way to overcome these which enables users to snap windows side- challenges.* As Dr. Peter Jenkin, Medical by-side and view them simultaneously. For Director of Dermatology Associates points Dermatology Associates, this has provided out, ―The HP ProBook 5310m running a substantial benefit in terms of better Windows 7 Professional is a cost-efficient, serving its clients. effective way to gain flexibility and boost productivity. It gives us more time to invest ―The Snap feature is huge for us,‖ says in our research—and our clients.‖ Rebekah Allison, Administrator for Dermatology Associates. ―This is the best Benefits and easiest way to show before-and-after Using the HP ProBook 5310m with photos to our patients—they can Windows 7 Professional, Dermatology immediately see the difference in their Associates expects to gain the following appearance.‖ benefits: The HP ProBook 5310m has also made an Faster Access to Critical Information impact on Dermatology Associates Windows 7 features faster sleep and employees. The HP built-to-last design resume,** which enables employees to start provides users with a sturdy, yet Works the way you want
  3. 3. ―With Problem Steps lightweight, system that, according to Dr. Employees have discovered a new security Jenkin, enhances employees’ ability to get option for their PCs with HP CredentialRecorder, we can re- work done. ―The HP ProBook 5310m is a Manager, which includes features such as solid, durable and easy-to-use machine,‖ he the biometric fingerprint reader that helpscreate IT issues and says. ―But what we love most is the bright add a critical layer of system protection.share them with screen, which brings images to life with vivid colors and crisp lines—it makes a big ―The biometric fingerprint scan is a greattechnicians, rather than impact.‖ feature,‖ says Allison. ―It’s clear that HP has our security in mind. It has made us feeltry to explain them. It Turning Challenges into Opportunities more confident that sensitive informationsaves so much time— Windows 7 Professional includes Problem will not be compromised.‖ Steps Recorder, which is a feature thatand frustration.‖ enables users to record their interactions with programs and applications and quickly *As part of the solution deployment Rebekah Allison, Administrator, Dermatology Associates send this information off to a technician. through the Windows 7 SMB Evidence ―With Problem Steps Recorder, we can re- program, the customer received create IT issues and share them with complimentary notebooks and technical technicians, rather than try to explain support from Microsoft and HP. them,‖ says Allison. ―It saves so much time—and frustration.‖ **New HP Business laptops with Windows 7 can start up to 41 percent faster and have Dr. Jenkin adds, ―We’re also thinking of shut-down times that are up to 30 percent using Problem Steps Recorder as a training faster than an older laptop. Test results tool, which will reduce the time needed to compare HP 5310 systems with identical create manuals and increase information configurations with one system running retention on the user side.‖ Windows XP Professional SP3 (Genuine) and the second system running Windows 7 Professional (Genuine). Actual results may vary based on system configuration, and performance will vary over time depending on software installed. Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware and/or a DVD drive to install the Windows 7 software and take full advantage of Windows 7 functionality. See for details. Works the way you want
  4. 4. For More Information Windows 7For more information about Microsoft Works the way you want: Windows 7 willproducts and services, call the Microsoft help your organization use informationSales Information Center at (800) 426- technology to gain a competitive9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft advantage in today’s new world of work.Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- Your people will be able to be more2495. Customers in the United States and productive anywhere. You will be able toCanada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing support your mobile workforce with bettercan reach Microsoft text telephone access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. tools. And your IT staff will have betterOutside the 50 United States and tools and technologies for enhancedCanada, please contact your local corporate IT security and data protection,Microsoft subsidiary. To access and more efficient deployment andinformation using the World Wide Web, management.go For more information about Windows 7, go to:For more information about HP ProBook products and services, call (800)888-9909 or visit the website more information aboutDermatology Associates products andservices, call (206) 267-2100 or visit thewebsite Software and Services Hardware  Windows 7 Professional  HP ProBook 5310m Partner  Hewlett-PackardThis case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published September 2010 Works the way you want