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Borton Overseas Saves Hours per Week with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional


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Borton Overseas Saves Hours per Week with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional

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Borton Overseas Saves Hours per Week with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Travel Agency Saves Hours per Week with Notebook PCs and Robust Operating SystemOverview “The ThinkPad SL running Windows 7 ProfessionalCountry or Region: United StatesIndustry: Hospitality—Travel services combines power with intuitive features, and performance with lightning-fast speeds. We are moreCustomer ProfileBorton creates custom travel packages than impressed—we’re blown away.”for individual and corporate clients Jody Schuster, Africa Specialist, Borton Overseasacross North America. The company waslaunched in 1894 and currently has 15dedicated employees. For more than a century, Borton Overseas has been driven by itsBusiness Situation spirit of innovation and commitment to providing qualityBorton needed more responsive systemsthat were easier to use, so employees services that deliver unsurpassed experiences to its customers.could get more done in less time and Part of its offerings includes custom travel packages such asimprove client satisfaction. Viking Line cruises and African Safari adventures. ConsistentlySolution delivering the highest quality services to its growing client baseTogether, Windows 7 Professional andthe ThinkPad SL Series give employees a is always top-of-mind for Borton leaders, who seek outmore powerful, responsive, and easy-to- technologies that can best support its employees’ ability to getuse system that helps them work moreefficiently and effectively. more done in less time. When the company turned to the Lenovo ThinkPad SL running Windows 7 Professional, it foundBenefits Increased productivity the solution it needed to succeed. Faster network connections Enhanced efficiency Improved communication Works the way you want
  2. 2. “Not only does Windows Situation The ThinkPad SL enhances this time- Borton employees noted that waiting for savings with integrated Lenovo7 Professional help us systems to start up and resume impeded ThinkVantage Technologies (TVT), which is productivity. Plus, finding everyday files optimized for use with Windows 7 and usesfind what we need faster, took longer than they would like, and the basic input/output system (BIOS)but the Lenovo ThinkPad connecting to new networks in varying tuning to start up in under 35 seconds and working environments was tedious and shut down in as little as 6 seconds. AsSL includes a fantastic frustrating. Shuster puts it, “Our systems start faster than ever, and are more responsive thantouchpad that makes In addition, employees wanted an easier any we’ve ever used before.”working easier." way to quickly share pertinent travel information with their clients. And company Enhanced Efficiency Kenneth Steinhoven, Scandinavian leaders needed faster, easier ways to help Windows Search helps employees find Department Coordinator, Borton employees learn and master business- folders, files, and even email messages Overseas related software programs and resolve IT almost instantly. As soon as people begin issues. typing a search phrase or term, the search engine automatically populates with Solution relevant suggestions. To overcome these challenges, Borton leaders turned to the Lenovo ThinkPad SL “The Instant Search Suggestions is unlike running the Windows 7 Professional any other solution,” says Schuster. “There’s operating system.* This combination no need to hunt for information because it provided a more powerful, responsive, and generates an immediate response. It’s easy-to-use system that helped employees saving me an hour every week.” work more efficiently and effectively. The ThinkPad SL integrates ergonomic “The ThinkPad SL running Windows 7 design features with powerful technologies, Professional combines power with intuitive such as a finely tuned touchpad and a fast features, and performance with lightning- Intel Core 2 duo CPU and DDR3 memory. fast speeds,” says Jody Schuster, Africa Borton notes that this combination helps Specialist for Borton. “We are more than boost efficiency and productivity. “Not only impressed—we’re blown away.” does Windows 7 Professional help us find what we need faster, but the Lenovo Benefits ThinkPad SL includes a fantastic touchpad Increased Productivity that makes working easier,” Steinhoven The faster startup and resume capabilities remarks. of Windows 7 increases system responsiveness significantly. For Kenneth With Windows 7 Network Connection Steinhoven, Scandinavian Department Wizard, employees can connect to Coordinator at Borton Overseas, this speed networks with ease, as the feature and responsiveness prompted him to automatically detects and connects to the obtain the operating system for his right network in any location. “Switching personal PC. “After seeing the power, between networks is no longer a hassle performance, and speed of Windows 7 with Windows 7 Professional,” Steinhoven Professional, I ran out and bought it for my says. “The Network Connection Wizard home PC,” he says. knows where you are and connects automatically.” Works the way you want
  3. 3. “With Problem Steps Improved Communication Borton employees use the power of theRecorder, it’s so easy to Windows 7 Snipping Tool to improve the way they communicate with clients. Withexplain how to use a this tool, employees can snip a portion of aprogram or resolve document or web page, paste it into an email message or file, and send it to thirdchallenges—you can just parties.record it, watch it, share “I absolutely love the Snipping Tool,”it, and know exactly Schuster says. “To be able to snip out a pertinent section of a document ratherwhat’s happening." than send the whole file to clients improves our communication—and our Kenneth Steinhoven, Scandinavian Department Coordinator, Borton relationships.” Overseas The Problem Steps Recorder feature in Windows 7 Professional has helped Borton employees to improve communication in even more ways. Employees simply launch the tool, click Record to capture their interactions with applications and programs in real time, and send it off to colleagues or IT support teams. As Shuster indicates, “Problem Steps Recorder is wonderful. It helps us communicate not just how to use complex programs with each other, but also helps us resolve IT issues.” Steinhoven is equally enthusiastic about this feature, noting that it will eliminate the frustration of having to walk through IT challenges over the phone. “With Problem Steps Recorder, it’s so easy to explain how to use a program or resolve challenges— you can just record it, watch it, share it, and know exactly what’s happening or what do to.” *As part of the solution deployment through the Windows 7 SMB Evidence Program, the customer received complimentary notebooks and technical support from Microsoft and Lenovo. Works the way you want
  4. 4. For More Information Windows 7For more information about Microsoft Works the way you want: Windows 7 willproducts and services, call the Microsoft help your organization use informationSales Information Center at (800) 426- technology to gain a competitive9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft advantage in today’s new world of work.Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- Your people will be able to be more2495. Customers in the United States and productive anywhere. You will be able toCanada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing support your mobile workforce with bettercan reach Microsoft text telephone access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. tools. And your IT staff will have betterOutside the 50 United States and tools and technologies for enhancedCanada, please contact your local corporate IT security and data protection,Microsoft subsidiary. To access and more efficient deployment andinformation using the World Wide Web, management.go For more information about Windows 7, go to:For more information about Lenovo SL products and services, call (866)96-THINK or visit the website at:www.lenovo.comFor more information about BortonOverseas products and services, call (612)822-4640 or visit the website Software and Services Hardware  Windows 7 Professional  Lenovo ThinkPad SL Series Partner  LenovoThis case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published September 2010 Works the way you want