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Bergen County Camera Focuses on Improved Customer Service with Windows 7


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Bergen County Camera Focuses on Improved Customer Service with Windows 7

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Bergen County Camera Focuses on Improved Customer Service with Windows 7

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Camera Retailer Focuses on Improved Customer Service with Windows 7Overview “Federated Search is much more intuitive—all withoutCountry or Region: Northeast USIndustry: Retail having to configure it. It is really good for our sales people—right out of the box. I don‟t have PC experts; ICustomer ProfileBergen County Camera of New Jersey is an have digital camera experts.”imaging specialist for digital cameras, filmcameras, accessories, printing services, John Tworsky, General Manager, Bergen County Camerabinoculars, telescopes and equipmentrepairs.Business Situation Camera retailer and imaging specialist, Bergen Country CameraBergen County Camera employees hadlimited access to company resources while (BCC), Westwood, New Jersey, is a photography resource for itson the sales floor. It was looking for better customers that range from top-level pros to novice shutterbugs.ways to improve workflow and service itscustomers. However, at Bergen Country Camera, access to online resources,Solution company directories and reports were limited to those personnelPoint-of-Sale terminals were replaced withcomputers running Windows 7, bringing behind the desk. eMazzanti Technologies, a Microsoft® Goldinternet, server access and increased Certified Partner, used the Windows® 7 Professional operatingfunctionality to the sales team. system to design a solution that has brought enhanced functionalityBenefits Consolidated Document View and information access to the sales floor, improving staff Instant Resume Speeds Customer Service productivity and customer service. Action Center Helps Keep Hardware Secure and Maintained Federated Search Brings Quick Results Monitored Web Content Aids Competitive Advantage
  2. 2. Situation Camera employees to quickly manage and Customer service is the top priority of Bergen interact with their wide variety of cameraCountry Camera, and the majority of that equipment.action takes place on the sales floor. “For us,improving the quality of customer service is Librariesall about efficiency and having the right Libraries allow a collection of documents,information at our fingertips. The better we images, videos and other types of files to bedo, the more sales we generate and the more viewed within a single folder regardless ofloyal our customers are,” said John Tworsky, their actual location on a computer orGM - CTO, Bergen County Camera. network. This capability increases productivity of individuals, sales teams and managementBergen had multiple registers at each store at Bergen Cameras by giving them quickthat are used by the sales team. These dumb access to images and files, regardless of theterminals only handled basic point-of-sale drive or server on which it is located.transactions such as barcode scanning andcash register activities. “What we were Power Managementmissing was access to a host of other useful The Power Management feature in Windowsdata, such as the Internet and email— 7 provides increased energy savings andinformation that would help find accessories longer battery life for laptops.and assist us in communicating moreeffectively with our customers,” said Tworsky. Resume“In addition, there was no way to test camera Windows 7 delivers faster boot and resumedownload capability or solve interface times from sleep mode, decreasing user waitproblems except to leave the check-out area time.and experiment with a local computer totroubleshoot issues. If there was any way Action Centertechnology could give us more ability to Action Center keeps a user informed aboutservice our customers at the cash register PC status without interrupting the workflow. Itarea, we were all for it.” also provides direct links to a large variety of security and maintenance solutions.SolutionThe primary goal of Bergen Country Camera is Federated Searchto provide customers with comprehensive This functionality enables users on theaccess to the equipment, resources and network to find information, includingservices for all their imaging needs. With the pictures and videos on local computers, asexpertise of eMazzanti Technologies, Bergen well as the local network and Internet.Country Camera has been able to utilizeWindows 7 to provide that same level of Problem Steps Recorderaccess to all its employees, even on the sales Problem Steps Recorder allows Bergenfloor. Several new features in Windows 7, Country Camera employees to preciselysuch as Device Stage, Libraries, and Web capture and communicate a computerSlices, are a significant improvement to problem. It also enables staff to documentemployee productivity and the customer fixes, create tutorials or knowledge-basedexperience. reference materials for customers.Device Stage Web SlicesDevice Stage will identify and install device Web slices effortlessly keep Bergen Countrydrivers almost instantly; and if Windows 7 Camera up to date on competitor Web sitescan‟t find drivers, it will automatically search by identifying and displaying the changeson Windows Update, enabling Bergen Country automatically. When the content of Web sites
  3. 3. that Bergen Country Camera follows is could be ten different spots or more—andchanged, IE8 delivers updated information they all show up seamlessly in a singledirectly to a Web Slice located in their location.”Favorites Bar. Fast Resume Speeds Customer ServiceXP Mode From a business standpoint, PowerThis capability allows legacy applications to Management has had a huge impact on therun virtually under Windows 7. ability of Bergen Country Camera to service its customers. In the past, BCC would leaveBenefits 25-30 computers on all the time because ofBetter Device Management the two to four minutes that it took to boot upAs a camera store, Bergen Country Camera or come out of hibernate mode—time that lefthas continued to put Windows 7 device the customer waiting. With Windows 7, BCCmanagement through its paces, according to computers start up, resume from sleepCarl Mazzanti, CEO, BBC‟s IT consultant. mode, and just respond faster. There is also a“Customers bring in all makes and models of „green‟ aspect to this smarter powercameras, and so far BCC hasn‟t found one management feature that Tworskythat Device Stage hasn‟t recognized.” appreciates. He has seen the “substantialEmployees are able to connect the cameras financial impact of cutting back on our powerto their computers and Windows 7 brings up consumption.”not just the name and picture of the camera,but provides a menu of camera related items. Action Center Helps Keep Hardware Secure and MaintainedWindows 7 Features Help Win Over Mac The real-time monitoring of BCC computersRecently, Tworsky convinced two of his enabled by Action Center has helped keepinternal Mac users to convert to a PC with the Bergen Country Camera‟s hardware securenew OS features. Said Tworsky, “I am a and tuned-up. This new feature ispassionate pro-PC user that finally convinced appreciated by Tworsky. “You can‟t try astwo of my Mac guys to switch to Windows many things and push your computer as hardVista last year and continue the conversion as I do without causing problems. I‟m aprocess with powerful new Windows 7 tinkerer.” At Bergen, users have found thatfeatures like Device Stage, Snipping Tool, and Action Center is able to suggest options thatXP Mode. actually fix problems and get things working. After an employee installed a 3rd party“Being able to run legacy camera software toolbar, Action Center recognized that thereand drivers is an added customer service were issues with the toolbar causing crashesbonus,” noted Tworsky. and application inconsistencies. Action Center then assisted with its clean removal.Consolidated Document View “Solving problems before they even becomeOne issue that Bergen Country Camera has apparent? Windows 7 Action Center hasstruggled with is the organization of already proven itself a valuable feature fordocuments. There are documents on our company.”individual machines, work related documentson the server, and another set for the Federated Search Brings Quick Resultscompany Web page. Valuable time was spent The Federated Search in Windows 7 getshunting around for specific documents. Bergen Country Camera employees to theirTworsky has found the Library feature in results quicker. In a business where theyWindows 7 to be the solution that ties all of need to find images, documents, andhis files and folders together. “I just drop all consumer data quickly, the 5-10 secondsmy documents into the library—from what that they save with each search is huge.
  4. 4. For More Information According to Tworsky, when multiplied by of different cameras, and often sourcesFor more information about Microsoft several hundred times a month, these equipment from other vendors to meetproducts and services, call the Microsoft seconds represent, “a serious amount of time customers‟ needs. Tworsky remarked, “TheSales Information Center at (800) 426- saving.” Bergen employees have found the Web Slices feature? I call it competitive9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft Windows 7 search feature, which digs much intelligence. With it, we can quickly see whatCanada Information Centre at (877) 568- deeper into local and networked data, has changed on other vendors‟ Web sites and2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- libraries, and even external sites, to be manage our business in response.”hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone indispensable in getting information to their(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in customers. “Federated Search is much morethe United States or (905) 568-9641 in intuitive—all without having to configure it. It Windows 7Canada. Outside the 50 United States and is really good for our sales people--right out of Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will helpCanada, please contact your local the box. I don‟t have PC experts; I have digital your organization use information technologyMicrosoft subsidiary. To access information camera experts.” to gain a competitive advantage in today‟susing the World Wide Web, go to: new world of work. Your people will be able Faster Problem Resolution be more productive anyway. You will be able Problem Steps Recorder has been a time- to support your mobile work force with betterFor more information about Bergen County saver for Tworsky. He had a problem with the access to shared data and collaborationCamera products and services, call 201- functionality of their Web page, but the site tools. And your IT staff will have better tools664-6734 or visit the Web site at: provider kept insisting there was no way the and technologies to enhance corporate issue could be occurring. In the past, he security, data protection, and more efficient would have had to use specialty software to deployment and management.For more information about eMazzanti record all of the steps leading to the error,Technologies products and services, call convert the movie to a lower resolution file, For more information about Windows 7, go to:201-360-4400 or visit the Web site at: and then upload it to the web provider. This could take over an hour to convey one small point. “But with Problem Steps Recorder, you‟re talking click, record and „bing‟; you‟re done. Pop it in an email and it‟s off to the web designer having crisply communicated the problem.” Monitored Web Content Aids Competitive Advantage Bergen Country Camera takes camera equipment trade-ins and lists them on their website. This equipment list is updated regularly, and the Web Slices feature in IE8 allows the sales team to quickly see what has Software and Services Hardware  Products  Lenovo − Microsoft Windows 7 Professional  HP − Microsoft Windows Vista Professional − Microsoft Office 2007 Professional − Windows Small Business Server 2008 changed in availability. Bergen also sells a lotThis case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFTMAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published July 2009