Flint Hills Final Campaign Presentation


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  • Main problems: Elective course so students don’t really have to take it. There is not tangible gain from taking the course. The prime target audience has to be a student who is invested in their education beyond simply just getting their degree, which is a hard to find.
  • Ultimately we’re working to create a desire through brand awareness.
  • Duration Fall – Summer because it aligns with the school year.Won’t have time to cover all points but will cover the main components of each season
  • Aim of the print ads is to whimsically contrast the regular boring old classroom environment to the Flint Hills more unique setting.
  • Fall print adEach ad contains the logo, tagline and directs to the website.
  • Holiday print ad
  • SpringLittle more direct than the other ads because this is the prime time for recruitment.
  • SummerSince the class is going on, continue to push awareness.
  • 11x17Uses the boiler plate but still directs to the website.
  • Continue with the recognizable brand imagerySimplify the layout. Make it visually more appealing.Connect all social media to the site.
  • Inside page.
  • Each individually addressed to a student.Mailed out to juniors and up.Purpose is college students don’t usually receive mail. So it initially grabs their attention but also is conversational enough that it would motivate them to visit the website.
  • Goal of social media is to directly engage students.Twitter: follow studentsStrategy will focus on providing bits of information about the classContinuously passively broadcast information in their feeds in hopes to catch their attention. Everything will direct to the website.
  • Overall theyoutube series is supposed to give students a sort of behind the scenes of the class. Goal is to short and quick information to students who have maybe already seen the print ads and other components. More parts into the digital strategy.
  • Mini symphony: Quartet in front of a backdrop of the flint hills.Catch students attention
  • Flint Hills Final Campaign Presentation

    1. 1. Overview:• Summer course offered by the ESC that allows for students to receive hands on reporting experience covering the Flint Hills Symphony.
    2. 2. Challenge:• How do we get ESC students to be interested enough in this class to take it?
    3. 3. Strategy:• Leverage the class as a unique learning experience unlike any other at ESC and by taking the class you gain skills and products appealing to job seekers.
    4. 4. Campaign Components:• Duration: Fall - Summer • Guerilla tactic• Seasonal print ads • Direct mailer• Point of sale ad • Digital strategy:• Billboard ad – Website redesign• TV spot – Youtube series• Search engine marketing – Social media
    5. 5. Print Ads
    6. 6. Point of Sale
    7. 7. Website Design
    8. 8. Direct Mailer
    9. 9. Front
    10. 10. Back
    11. 11. Digital Strategy
    12. 12. Social Media:• Twitter & Facebook – Engage students directly – Provide information about the class – Highlight accomplishments – Passively provide info directly to students
    13. 13. Youtube Series:• Short 60 second promo videos• Highlight the different aspects of the class• Interviews with former students• Behind the scenes footage
    14. 14. Borderless Concept:• Mini symphony• Have ESC students “covering” the event• As students walk by given small card providing info and website.
    15. 15. End ResultIncreased awareness about the class enough To motivate students to take it.