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Pre prep-prospectus


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Pre-Prep welcomes day children aged from 4 to 7 and is the gateway to ‘The Windlesham Experience’. We believe our department exudes a friendly, family atmosphere and offers its children exciting opportunities that make it very special.

Our strong child-centred ethos ensures that the learning environment we provide gives your child a secure foundation for life. We believe all children need a positive and caring environment in which they feel secure. Through this they can flourish and develop the self-confidence and self-esteem which will help carry them through the challenges of life. We achieve this by fostering a developmental approach to learning where the children are happy to ‘have a go’ and are not afraid of making mistakes.

Pre-Prep is also a place for exploring creativity. It is important that we encourage creative thought in the younger generation in order that they develop vital problem solving skills to enable them to embrace the challenges of the future.

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Pre prep-prospectus

  1. 1. Wiïnd. e s 1am Pre-Prep Independent Day School for Boys and Girls I 4 - 7 years Vflndkskïxx; , É 1 N ‘n; í . l‘ ' ¡l « - ' t"
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  3. 3. Freedom to achieve. . e ‘Vfldhumuw ‘im Vifiindlhullnlnnw Proahnqyi, m ¿hy xdhmil im ‘buque ¡mil ¿[lille «¡gentil ¿LI/ WI: ‘home mu plinqpxallill: ; Ia: ‘pm m ulngpnlhoxi m’ ¡He ni nllr HIIÏuxoÍL "¡le Lxdhuvu unter-y «¡Mill 1:4 ‘Iulïqpu until {hai ñndlhïíhnlkhv eiixoxlïkíl brwdhulïláiruil ¡Mi ‘illa ffiroaffinqy» ‘wa uíïur un ¡‘(uqpünmll unlúimmnunlí mr 7mm ¿Mid han "¡ha iuaarüolnh. iowdlflswa ‘WI; angry nur ¡mw madura, «¡Ílïauonlhllnlail ¡ww n)? Wlhxïlïaefinlnw sutil oxïhr u Jïlflnldlky ¡linmqpikurs null 1x ‘¡reunir m’ warning cippmeiunïiïw ‘xuindh cambian “n: cuento un tikutll píhum in: ¡mw diflkél “ns konnm Blunt, difllünnn {han im unnñn : uunn¡_ndhq¿p« «mil üavábjp m «nnfiiïanni cua] llqgpxy uppnnulh wflh aníhuwmwnnx by ‘¡Ibábng ÏHnIIIJIg "nur dïdïihuflnliuail typjpnmdh, uolqpikflíl wïiiu enmill Ühhïüfleg, Hlfillllflnï ‘Ibllli ‘¡ha Ïmumig anúnnunanli ¿(un ymnr «¡HIM i} «¡una bnuldjnïkonu Im ‘¡hs Íllillll (nur aqpxaiïanxuaél akii? ’ una «nnunïiïadl “(m ‘nurluniïngy illa- ‘prolimlïhil 1m aviar} ¡IMM WI: ‘tam: Jiamákv mi“: pnuanlia “(m eiufliïa Jidïihflm ‘(or Ikmlúlh lnio» eriiÍï-«mïunuail rlïhflïiïlhïk, «anulfiiïflni 1m ¡hair aíbíllïílfl; ¡mil ‘¡muy ¡mil ¡{His "n, ‘nike ‘¡ha ¡(ani maps um iban: uilurmmoimll ¡‘tomarlas , A. ‘¡mima ‘¡Iii-anna mimi: pm ni ‘¡ha ¡"rwïfixqp ¡util ‘wa ‘wonüïl ha ¿Ïáfighïaïl io» ‘mami ¡mm ¡mil 35mm ymm ¡Innmfl m» ¡mm num «a: Im ymnnfililïham‘ Ïnwwz ¡mil uonllani nur difllijíauw una ifiúflkqy jtVAlH-ufl, {tamil oir’ ‘¡Vfinlifiusllnlinl hnuffirqp Windlesham Independent Pre-Prep School www. windleshamcom
  4. 4. r i, _ r a 5,1,1. ¡»fl ¡‘Í : ;—. __'A Í / ; J , — , = . "«r'——_ . .1 . , ‘ ' f7’; - * v; . ’ y! ’ ‘ Q3 / 1;‘ ' "í . y ' ", —. .L. ——‘
  5. 5. Our curriculum includes all the relevant elements from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to National Curriculum Key Stage 1. However, as we are not bound by the constraints of the National Curriculum, our children have the freedom to study a broader curriculum. We offer diversity and depth of learning and have developed detailed cross-curricular schemes of work designed to interest and challenge young minds, to foster curiosity and harness talent. Literacy and numeracy, the essential foundations for further learning, are taught daily. We encourage a love of reading by immersing the children in an environment rich in books, both in the classroom and our beautiful library. The children enjoy regular story times and read to us daily from our extensive stock of reading books. The investigation of different topics throughout the curriculum is designed to íntegrate and reinforce the core study skills using themes relating to each subject. Trips to local places of interest and visits by Specialists bring subjects to life and allow children to experience learning in the wider world. We are very aware that getting the basics right will enable children to have a greater understanding of more challenging concepts as they get older. Children are encouraged to try their very best and are praised for effort, progress and achievement. Each child’s development is carefully monitored and evaluated using our own assessment system for learning procedures. We recognise and encourage important intangible strengths such as memory, imagination and persistence. v v iii ‘ «l lniiqpxanlíiannli Hiro-Jana’ «iïdiumi auaunvnvflnlíjlfidinn n; 4mm
  6. 6. . d l ¡Ii T . . . 4 M. 4 h . o. .l! a “ — x «J . v. I J¡ . m. . . . X f. a . q . ‘ 1 r r r. ..1.. l . x ln4 l ; . x H y . ,_ . L. r . . Í. .. _ a - «y
  7. 7. Í í 45x ¿t Ï/ r ' y u __, .- ¡a Fostering creativity in all areas of the curriculum is a vital aspect of our philosophy, as we believe this helps to nurture the skills needed to be successful in the changing world. We encourage the children to be creative in their regular art lessons and think creatively at all times to develop problem-solving skills. Each classroom has a variety of accessible materials that the children can use to produce their own creations in addition to learning artistic skills during lessons. Music at Windlesham is strong at every level. The children are taught by music Specialists and achieve very high standards. Class lessons are used to explore and promote the children’s singing ability, rehearse for performances and learn basic music notation. Individual weekly music lessons are offered within school; piano, violin and recorder are all popular first choice instruments to learn. Music and drama performances are essential tools in building children’s confidence and providing an entertaining way for them to show their many talents. In our performances and concerts, every child is involved and we welcome parents and families to come along and delight in their child’s achievements. Every Wednesday, the children attend Junior Chapel, held in Windleshams lovely All Saints Chapel, where they learn to sing and listen quietly to others. Each year group takes a turn at leading the service and parents are invited to come and watch. l‘ « —fi<illy, l_b‘lfyll, l p —< —vr. — hdlqpundluoli Hnwiflqpfidïnxoíl uuwavnnnfllfldinioit mmm
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  9. 9. While the school day starts at 8.30am, the children are welcome to come and play from 8.15am. They are supervised in the playground or inside if wet. This gives the children time to socialise with friends and allows a little flexibility for parents. ICT skills are important for future learning. Our children have one timetabled lesson each week in the Prep School’s computer room, as well as daily use of class interactive whiteboards and computers to research projects. The children are introduced to French by exploring French culture with the aid of familiar objects, food, clothing and through our daily routine. Vocabulary is extended through songs, actions and the use of numbers. At morning break, the children are offered fresh and dried fruit with a drink. They then have the freedom to learn in different ways in the playground. They may choose to run around making use of the excellent outdoor facilities or devise their own games for which stimulating settings such as riding stables, a garage, a recycling centre and a dental surgery are regularly introduced by transforming existing equipment. Mini challenges around the playground provide children with an opportunity to ponder a puzzle and arrive at a solution. All our Playground activities promote social skills and interaction between children. The new Sensory Garden offers an opportunity for children to relax and learn in a quiet environment. At lunchtime, the children are offered a wide variety of home- cooked, healthy foods which are essential to their development. Y Y/ f J ¿ Fl al l ‘_. _. ""1 ‘tleLcLl l l lorilqpxundluoli Hrwhrqpüdixoxoil 1-v-núllillfliihhllltalollli
  10. 10. .. . . s. 2 . .r . . u . .- . .u. . «.1 . . xo 5 . , .. _. . . . .au. ... , kvol . . 33.; . si». , , . Stones: . . . O-¡ol . «I! n v a . , u v . 4 . . a. . nos o _. | i. r r0.. . -». :.< r x41. . e. oo . . .15»; .Í . o 0.3. Goo ¡l! r: f¡vHA, |C . a K1 . 11.! o! .. .-. .. u. . Jl . Jlrfr; . 1 -. u N. l. .. . ¡{H ¡o E! ‘ 11510.4”. vt. ., 17o; o vio Jvro«¡. v;¿. .¡ q. no . llt. lnfl. (.ib u l. . o llolwll ¡»lo ‘¡fl o! ¿Vo 1.a ‘.90 ¡VI vb o vil il a aiii. .1 l’. .. . . lv 1160.. yr I ¡Í! .21.’ 1 1 o. z . . 4 : .r If l. ,IÍ. . . a o x/ Í 2. .4-. . 27V. -. fu? h». ¡Int . . l). I 1 Jiu. n ¡o 112-74’. .0!‘ fu. CJ . Jïr. 21.. Mi). t i152, . . .15». .. . -.. _f. , . _. , . , ,¡Ñzf. .>. !.. E’. WI; SH Wu 1 ¡W Milá! u i
  11. 11. Freedom to play. . , [wing ¡"B ¡mal Clausuran; HllfllQllIIi aire ollnlllargeill alhyatanllh anal lannm ¡ha lalala‘ 331M io» Ólawáloxp» ‘(ardhaflqllranx ‘¡la ¡lhma amlplnlam nm plwítajpmilant, aafloynuaali null llewelloxpflag l» henliíly ¡llamar ‘Avlnlldkl avnalaamag laminar: Im anar loillomr pxaull nro ‘¡haraiilhlull 1m ¡[Ílíhñilli “rm P‘! laiaexonw ‘¡william flardludle gflïllllfilfilïlfi ¡mal lnlll alílllux [llnflag ¡ha ammlrair ‘reunir, ¡ha dlfllllrairu lmllm ¡ha Ïuarllmnanlhllc‘ a1? animalitos‘; amlldrg hill naa om’ nur amoielllaaalt onaralomr ahowi: Examinar Tha aalhaxoll llw anilla eli = l., :‘. )’)"l hni ¡ha allfllílraax ara ¡[lila to‘ ahy ¡mill ¿Ampliar ilÍ mar var‘! plilpllllilf Lauro “llull; "Fina 1a ‘vara anualla ¡ha ollfllllraaorï ¡hare amd ¡hay are able “ra ‘¡mike ax annual anuïl amm dharaxta ‘(oi play ‘¡simile oir nui wïílx ¡i milla Manel}! a)? arqpflpmanï, "lle allen‘ raw um aazaielanflve ¡ni-linux puqgnaaolanre slïiaar aalhoxall wïíh 1x Inïmiura o)? mu} ‘(mill ¡awhamae anpiïmm Pïiïil ilflflüïïlfig, hughi hy utfiilag qpnlhharll plrolïanïaïaianllzg, muy ïuallulla ‘lalalafleg, ¿alli learning iarailn, vaga; alhaiexg, foxoxílnlll sutil lnlllut Hrara ¡(mamaria allnrrurlih hrallllala EIVÍIIIIIIIÏI%, araraudlllli ¡mal lnlll SMN. Windlesham Independent Pre-Prep School www. windleshamcom
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  13. 13. Freedom to explore. . , Tha allfllilram ilÍ ‘Amarallmilnlw v'*rau_u'*rag, o ¡amarme m ‘vralll lnllïlnaiaril arillllnlïïllli ¡‘rana dlaldhcnlialdl ¡mil proiïaimflairnll aitlll They lannm 1m un anvnrmamauai o)? ¿alumna aautouamgelaaxaolí null durar gaming ¡he aranlhllalarata axeralilaril ia‘ aorarateieldl 1m nllr «¡mill! allmagïagg vnmilil ‘AVA plane s» gram ailanll m’ olaalpílnlefla ¡lll prqpnafllgg ‘lha allfililrum lbn ¡hem illiure “¡lil lwfllgg’ ¡ha ïannkfihlfianaw im ¡ha pxamplle ¡hay mfll haramrna 71m ¿Huila mril nvallamnflrgg impronralh atalagpllaill vflíh omr ¡hai alli»): eraíluanliïaianll ïuoïlhïlïa, aan-alfiler nur aliflldlrann ‘rar hall nlluarll null giran ¡llillii ¡ha ¡‘raiaralnaax iox amplnra íhanr iillailia null liliilfibïii‘ rulflla aanllaJlgg iho ¡‘omat ofihúr lalíhuïaïllnll skill»; ¡‘alien 7am Z1, aun alldlalranx monta Íllill‘ ¡ha human [lalpariaireant m’ ‘Whirlllazllnaaax ¡"rap ¡lalhoxolL vlheare ihqv aranliialare ¡hem eniluanlïloxax u: al“! pum“: Oir heramnre honurllair: whflm ‘¡ha ¡lana 1: fight. "la final ami ‘Illllilr anal ia‘ arraigo i! pxalleillllill w111i «¡mision anar Árllaalïuïüïanw ‘F lll ateo E! ‘J 910w: zm: 710 Él e. ual; ¡nafta1ua@nu], a¡aIala. -l, heart mcmi Windlesham Independent Pre-Prep School www. windleshamcom
  14. 14. t ca, . , . ‘ht _ E . . le. .. . , o , f. . n . .. .:J . i . l . _ ‘J, . T i. . L , /. . 2:, f v. 1.; .«. . a. L. .. . . . _ . ( a a7: i. ,. . o , . ‘l. . . . . . , ,. r . a. a LI 3 f, w. « 4 T l ¡ . . . / u ‘ . .1. T I‘ . J , . IW , Ín. i/ u _ _ I ¡AHI . Hflm/ f/ir/ ÜÜÍÜ V. y . .¡J ras sv. «¿TJ Wim u t 4 a x a 7x3, II. , ti. x. . , , . _ i . , x , . Jfi ffi? L. . 1.. .4 . .. . . . r , . . '_ %—4d 7 , _ 1 «uf. x V, s / l f‘ i Q . i luli- ‘ px
  15. 15. Í f r _ Freedom to ‘ ‘y ' FÏV"), ‘ ‘. «n. » , - K . , SUCCÜCd . . o ' . l ' ¿l'x I lx‘. Y i’ K T ñ 71hs Lina, «mn mal ¡"(ya xululnuíi ‘¡hai pm till ¡mamás 11v Juncal "ur “num qual ¡n ¡mdH/ ‘fiasïi Más’ ‘m ¡html xml mr much Cim clhflíhar: l han arqpyrml ¡ha nmíiyfilfizalfcnln Jimi 1h: ‘¡hem . ,l¡m1 i ‘ilmrauí r ú i A l) . ‘ y , [alumna mal 2m‘ han xalfibal m» midi, ¡hgr 1m huggy mal aqfiqfiaq/ i , , xthmll ¡mil ‘¡hem ‘nmnííüïuarih mr nur-th "' Panini H‘ - y , ¡y . _ _ _ T; IM han avyqymil laratlíiug/ íhmugfi: fihqpfïx hnolkw’ ¡mil ha‘ m» m» l _ S)‘ haran until panal ‘n alhanv un hlw ¡mii ÏÍhtnIÉ‘ ymujhr [hnthïhq/ qfïar ‘ l-‘v him mi ¡vn/ Il ¿hn ¡Infiniti ¡num í '*—“ E Panini x. i Ne l r _ i‘ *, km _ h‘ IM fimi ¡numril ¡or ¡html umgyrmwfoa: ¡ha ¡num ¡rallrmm ‘¡han y ‘P’ l. i l‘. ¡{huulhal/ han‘ ¡(«maruti tn Ihuïlïuïhuur: Ïíálváhïgpi ‘ i IÏ-huraui ‘w l i? f‘ “ Í)‘ lÁ ¡ i L Í glam‘ lmllínfiülflllu/ 4 - _ l Ï ' ' Puípfll l 2 L . ., l Windlesham Independent Pre-Prep School www. windlesham. com
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