Wind Power IPP Development Forum India6-7 September | New Delhi                                                           ...
Key Conference Benefits: WIND ENERGY  update            Overview                                                          ...
WIND              Conference Agenda  ENERGY                                             Policy & Regulatory Issues - an In...
WIND              Conference Agenda                •	 Determine how to minimise the financial risk  ENERGY                ...
WIND              Conference Agenda                Repowering – maximising the returns                    •	 Opportunities...
WINDENERGYupdate              Hand-picked Industry innovators and leaders                                                 ...
WIND     ENERGY     update                     Conference delegate breakdown                                              ...
WINDENERGY               High level networking opportunitiesupdate                     with key wind power companies      ...
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Wind Power Development Forum India Brochure


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Wind Power Development Forum India Brochure

  1. 1. Wind Power IPP Development Forum India6-7 September | New Delhi Home “An excellent conference, a good mix of owners and industry experts; good in depth discussion and panel discussion” Commercial Director, GE Energy OverviewEstablish commercially Expert speakers from:successful wind power projects AgendaMaximise your revenues from existing windpower projects by learning how to optimize your O&MSecure funding amid soaring investor Expertconfidence with an investable project framework SpeakersEstablish an effective O&M strategy and understandhow proactive solutions are less OPEX intensive long term AttendeeFast-track your project planning application breakdownapproaches to ensure your project is in the ground andmaking money as soon as possibleConnect with emerging and established IPPs to Networkingforge business relationships to grow your business in 2013 OPPORTUNITIESGear up for offshore wind by receiving insight fromleading actors to determine where the opportunities lie foryour business in 2013 and beyond REGISTerVisit for the latest speaker additions and updates
  2. 2. Key Conference Benefits: WIND ENERGY update Overview • Maximise the returns on your projects by utilising the knowledge of our 25+ industry Home expertsTake advantage of rapid in wind energy to write off tax liabilities, • Learn how to establish a cost effectiveindustry growth the introduction of the Generation Based O&M strategy, minimising OPEX and Incentive (GBI) Scheme means thatIndia’s renewable energy industry is increasingly larger numbers of investors maximising revenuewidely seen to be one of the most are exploring the developer model, which Overview • Benefit from the insight of leading financialdynamic markets in the world. With is traditionally the default model in thea rapidly growing economy, an and regulatory institutions to establish an wind-rich markets of Europe and the US. investable project frameworkexpanding population and therefore an The emergence of this model means thatunprecedented thirst for power, wind is wind energy is widely seen to be the nextincreasingly being seen as an essential major growth phase for renewable energy Forging the commercial relationshipspart of the domestic energy mix. While in India. for growth AgendaIndian heavy industries have previously Using our extensive history of events in the EU andgenerated power by wind under a captive Overcoming the inhibitions to USA, Wind Energy Update is launching the Windproduction model, recent legislative Power Development Forum, an event aimed at developmentchanges over the last 2 decades coupled helping the domestic wind industry power forward.with generous government subsidies However, there are considerable With representation from major IPPs, OEMs and Expertand tax incentives are stimulating rapid challenges facing the long term manufacturers as well as leading government Speakersdevelopment on a commercial scale. The development of wind energy in India. Grid representatives, this is the go-to event for forgingMinistry of New and Renewable Energy limitations are seen as a significant barrier commercial relationships and building meaningfulestimate there is potential for 48 GW; to development, preventing effective relationships on a long term basis.experts believe there is 100 GW plus power evacuation of many existing and With representatives from the Ministry of Newavailable long term. proposed installations. Secondly, there and Renewable Energy, the Indian Renewable Attendee is considerable work needing to be breakdown Development Agency, the CERC as well as leadingUnprecedented opportunities done with regards to the regulatory and IPPs including Green Infra, GreenShore Energy,for new market entrants governmental policies. A coherent energy Mytrah Energy, Moser Baer Clean Energy, CLP Wind law is required to not only guarantee Farms and Suzlon, this is set to be the premierThe meteoric rise of Indian wind energy revenue for IPPs but also effectively plan commercial networking forum for wind IPP’s anddevelopment has had an impact on a and structure future development. It is turnkey solution providers looking to commission Networkingglobal scale. With international OEMs clear that for the industry to continue commercially successful wind power projects. OPPORTUNITIESgaining a foothold in the Indian market, development and exceed its currentsmaller component manufacturers and rate, there is the requirement for close Will Broadsuppliers are realising that there is a cooperation and collaboration, not just VP Asiawhole new and supply chain required that between leading domestic actors but also Wind Energy Updatecontains boundless opportunities. While experienced, international developers and +44 (0)207 375 7516organisations have traditionally invested manufacturers. REGISTer “The conference presented a good variety of topics and experts in the field of wind energy” Director Supply Chain, Siemens Wind Power
  3. 3. WIND Conference Agenda ENERGY Policy & Regulatory Issues - an Investor’s International investment update Perspective for Industry Growth • Why collapse of accelerated depreciation is Home • Get an insight into the key policy and making Indian windpower financially attractive regulatory challenges the developers IPPs for overseas investorsMARKET UPDATE AND currently face, and use this expertise to plan • Understand how and why Indian wind projectsGOVERNMENT POLICY your growth strategy to maximise revenue are becoming attractive for FDI – take • Utilise the knowledge of an experienced IPP advantage nowMinistry address: to determine how to implement projects for Overview • Grid connected wind power projects can takeDilip Nigam, Director (Wind), MNRE stable future growth advantage of either accelerated depreciation • With significant policy changes and uncertainty or the GBI – determine upon what factors toFuture policy framework - Driving wind surrounding the accelerated depreciation tax rely on when making this decisionpower development incentive, determine how to take advantage Avijit Bhattacharya, CEO,• Insight into the latest policy developments for of new tariff schemes to continue growing Tata Cleantech Capital the wind sector, with central government and exponentially with the industry Agenda state-level representation Representative TBC, Mr P Krishnakumar, Managing Director, State Bank of India• Understand the impact of state-level renewable Orient Green Power Company Limited policy developments – FITs, renewable Participants TBC purchase specifications (RPS) Indian wind market and policy environment Financing clean initiatives• Determining where your portfolio will be most Expert tax-efficient Tata Cleantech Capital Speakers Dr Ishwar Hegde, Chief Economist,• Discuss with the representatives of Gujarat, Suzlon Avijit Bhattacharya, CEO, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra about how to Tata Cleantech Capital Ramesh Kymal, maximise the production and profits in each of Chairman and Managing Director, these states Financing assistance to Wind Energy GamesaMr K Popli, Director (Technical), IREDA projects Attendee Speaker TBC, breakdownSundeep Jain, Chairman and Managing • Understand the assistance available to Siemens Wind PowerDirector, domestic developers through the UN Framework Climate Change ConventionTamil Nadu Energy Development Agency INVESTMENT AND FINANCE Programmatic CDM (PoA) mechanismSB Patil Director, Wind and Solar, • Gain a comprehensive insight into the CDMGujarat Energy Development Agency Secure funding amid soaring investor market post December 2012 and understand NetworkingAnand Limay, Director General, confidence the financial assistance and benefits available OPPORTUNITIESMaharashtra Energy Development Agency • Funding options available to developers under the PoA • Insight from international financiers on GP Aggarwal, Managing Director, investable project framework Mabanaft Carbon • Establish the application criteria you have to fulfil while maximising the attractiveness of REGISTer your proposal Agenda next page >
  4. 4. WIND Conference Agenda • Determine how to minimise the financial risk ENERGY of a project to an IPP, ensuring the lowest rate update of interest in achieved – thus maximising total Home profits OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE Mahesh Makhija, Director – Renewables, PANEL SESSION: Maximising power CLP Wind Farms India generationINFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSMISSION Sunil Jain, • With the expected phase-out of AD,AND DISTRIBUTION Green Infra Limited maximising power generation and minimising Overview SV Kumar, Managing Director, OPEX is keyTransmission and distribution – Neptune Renewable Synegy • Receive advice from a leading O&M serviceintegrating wind power to the grid provider into the strategies that you can• Collaborate with state and private sector actors Wind availability analysis and site implement in the operational stage of your to improve the power evacuation of electricity selection project to maximise power generated and generated, improving MWh produced • With the growth of IPP project development enhance efficiency• Learn how accurate power generation models, capitalise on the unique planning Agenda UB Reddy - Chief Operating Officer, forecasting will enable you to minimise forced application approaches available on a state by Mytrah Energy power outages and maximise profits state basis - work within national regulations to fast-track your project to from planning to• Realise the importance of forecasting power commissioning Asset Management and Performance generation from 2012 to stay in line with the Optimisation requirements of the IEGC • Learn the latest tools and techniques that can Expert be utilised to accurately identify wind rich sites • Understand the figures behind performance – SpeakersDr Pramod Deo, Chairman, and determine generation potential allowing learn where the most OPEX costs are lost andCentral Electricity Regulatory Commission you to predict and plan for future growth create a strategy to address this • Community involvement – address and • Determine how as an operator you canWIND POWER PROJECT overcome siting issues with community optimise the availability of your portfolioMANAGEMENT organisations and communicate strategies and offshore and understand where its possible to lessons from experienced wind developers make the most effective savings Attendee breakdownThe Independent Power Producer (IPP) – • Utilise Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to givenext generation of wind development Turbine and component sourcing you an instant picture of where the highest• Despite captive power plants driving strategies costs are in relation to the power generation growth, the next generation of wind energy • From strategic partnerships with domestic and of your turbine, allowing you to maximise the development in India will come from the IPP international manufacturers production lifetime of each part Networking – get insight into why this developer model is • Create a stable and reliable supply chain OPPORTUNITIES becoming increasingly popular network to develop your wind farm on time• Find out how IPP’s are working with domestic and on budget turnkey-project turbine manufacturers to • International OEMs that are designing turbines create a mutually beneficial relationship – use to be effective specifically in the weather this to accurately plan long term procurement intensive areas of India – secure corporate strategy and take advantage of their partnerships early REGISTer experience< Agenda previous page Agenda next page >
  5. 5. WIND Conference Agenda Repowering – maximising the returns • Opportunities for service providers in offshore ENERGY wind in India • With the high costs of land identification, wind update analysis and extensive time needed to pass Malolan Cadambi, Managing Director, Home local planning applications, get insight into the Greenshore Energy increasingly popular strategy of repoweringImplementing a cost- effective O&M • Calculate the cost reduction available in OPEX Lessons learnt from the offshore oil andstrategy to reduce OPEX and the efficiency increases available gas sector• Plan the initial phase of project construction • Take advantage of existing grid connections • Learning lessons from the offshore oil and gas Overview to allow and effective O&M strategy to be and planning applications to repower a wind sector to reduce offshore wind installation and implemented project operation costs• Hear from a utility both operating and • How can the existing capabilities in offshore oil constructing wind portfolios and get an insight OFFSHORE WIND – THE FUTURE OF & gas can be leveraged to economise offshore into how they structure their construction wind projects in India WIND POWER DEVELOPMENT plans to work in partnership with an effective Avijit Mishra, Chief Manager, Agenda O&M strategy Venturing offshore – taking the first steps L&T Valdel Engineering• Effectively work with contractors to ensure • Gain an overview of the opportunities that they understand your goals and priorities for offshore wind can present in India Technical insight into key constraints reducing on-going OPEX costs and challenges of offshore wind • Examine the feasibility of offshore wind; hear from C-WET on their initial study of potential development ExpertCase Study: Preventive/reactive, offshore wind sites Speakers • Overview and assessment of off-shore specificscheduled/forced maintenance – WTG technology • While offshore wind is up to twice asdetermine the most effective strategy expensive as onshore wind, gain an overview • Insight into the technical challengesfor your portfolio of why economies of scale can make this a surrounding offshore wind development• Resist the pattern of reactive maintenance – feasible development opportunity including wind resource mapping, establish how proactive O&M solutions are less oceanographic constraints, international sea • Understand the complexity of grid connections Attendee OPEX intensive routes and sea bed depths breakdown offshore, and the timescales that can be• Establish a culture of reliable, proactive expected to make offshore wind feasible • Understand offshore sub-station power maintenance throughout your project lifetime; evacuation & other major constraints for Dr Gomathinayagam – Director,• Understand why traditional schedule based offshore wind farm development Centre for Wind Energy Technology and preventive maintenance strategies are • Key financial implications of offshore wind insufficient to ensure the highest level of Case Study: Offshore Wind in India compared to on-shore wind farm development Networking reliability and efficiency – determine the most capex intensive areas of OPPORTUNITIES • Main Challenges for IPP involvement in– Sunil Jain, Offshore Wind in India would include a projectChief Operating Officer, economies of scale, arrangement of finances. Bihag Mehta, Manager –Green Infra Limited India’s vast offshore oil & gas services Indian Operations, Sgurr Energy industries have EPC, offshore service abilities useful for construction of offshore wind projects. Gain insights into possible local REGISTer construction strategies. Don’t miss out CLICK HERE TO JOIN US AT THIS INDUSTRY< Agenda previous page LEADING EVENT
  6. 6. WINDENERGYupdate Hand-picked Industry innovators and leaders Home K Popli, Kumar Selvarajan, Anand Limay, Technical Director, Managing Director, Director General, Indian Renewable Energy Neptune Renewable Maharashtra Energy Overview Development Agency Synergy Development Agency Ramesh Kymal, Dilip Nigam, Director Ajit Gupta, Former Chairman and Managing (Wind), Ministry of New Advisor, Ministry of New Director, Gamesa and Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Dr Pramod Deo, Agenda Sunil Jain, Avjit Bhattacharya, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman, CEO, Green Infra Limited Central Electricity Tata Cleantech Capital Regulatory Commission UB Reddy, Lalit Jain, Glen Recanni, Expert Chief Operating Officer, CEO Wind and Solar, Speakers Managing Director, Mytrah Energy Moser Baer Clean Energy Acciona India Malolan Cadambi, Dr Ishvar Hegde, Representative TBC, Managing Director, Chief Economist, State Bank of India Greenshore Energy Suzlon Attendee breakdown Ajitesh Mishra, P Krishnakumar, Bihag Mehta, Chief Manager, Managing Director, Manager – Indian L&T - Valdel Orient Green Power Operations, Engineering Ltd Company Limited Sgurr Energy Sudeep Jain, Chairman Networking GP Aggarwal, Mahesh Makhija, OPPORTUNITIES and Managing Director, Managing Director, Director - Renewables, Tamil Nadu Energy Mabanaft Carbon CLP Wind Farms India Development Agency SB Patil, Director Wind Sandy Khera, CLICK HERE for and Solar, Gujarat Energy latest speaker list Vice President, REGISTer Development Agency Bharat Light and Power “Great conference – it was a chance to meet industry leaders. They presented many topics which are prevalent and important to the wind industry today and in the future” Manager Service Optimisation, Vestas
  7. 7. WIND ENERGY update Conference delegate breakdown Home Connect and forge business relationships with senior representatives of leading IPPs, key government representatives and international turnkey solution providers Overview Delegates divided by company type: Testimonials for past Wind Energy Update events:5% IPP’s/ Owner-operators 40% “Thank you for facilitating a great conference! it was the best run and most informative wind conference I have ever attended” OEMs 20% Director – Strategic Procurement, Acciona Energy Agenda Investment/Finance 15% “The conference was well organised, well administered and well Tier One Manufacturers 10% attended. It attracted the right level of participation from OEMs, the industry, and covered very relevant topics” Service providers 10% VP Supply Chain Management, Siemens Wind Power Expert Speakers Government/Official 5% “Positive ROI” Key Account Manager, LM Windpower Delegates divided by job responsibility: “It was very well organised and interesting” Attendee breakdown CEO/ Managing Director 35% IPP’s/ Owner-operators 40% Corporate Technical Director, EDP Renovaveis 25% 20% “This provided a very good forum for the discussion VP OEMs of wind O&M issues” COO 20% Investment/Finance 15% EHS Professional, DUKE Energy Networking 10% 10% OPPORTUNITIES Project Director Tier One Manufacturers “Well prepared as usual. The organisation was 10% 10% very good – congratulations!” Finance / Investment Service providers 5% 5% Generation Director, RES Group Government/Regulatory Government/Official REGISTer CLICK HERE to find out who is confirmed and how you can start networking with these leaders NOW
  8. 8. WINDENERGY High level networking opportunitiesupdate with key wind power companies HomeWho has attended in the past? Unique networking opportunities: OverviewJoin these companies which have previouslyattended our windpower conferences: Round-table working group discussionsABB Academy Larsen and ToubroAccenture Danotek Motion Lloyds Register Engage in productive small Technologies group discussions on topics AgendaAcciona Windpower LM GlasfiberAlstom Deloitte Mainstream relevant to your specificAmerican US Department of Renewable PowerSuperconductor Energy Mitsubishi Heavy business needs. Brainstorm,AREVA DNV Industries share best practices, compareBNP Paribas Deutsche Bank Moventas Expert DHL Global Nordex solutions and put questions SpeakersBKW ItaliaBloomberg New Forwarding Nordic Windpower to your peers about criticalEnergy Finance DONG Energy PriceWaterhouse offshore wind risk issues.BOEMERE Doosan Power Coopers Systems Reliance PowerBosch Rexroth Draka REPower SystemsBP Alternative AttendeeEnergy Duke Energy E.ON Climate and RES Offshore Individual online messaging service breakdownBureau Veritas Rolls-Royce RenewablesCapgemini RWE Take advantage of ourConsulting EDF Samsung HeavyCastrol Industrial Forewind Industries unique online messagingCatterpillar Logistics Frost and Sullivan Shell service which allows youServices Gamesa Networking Siemens Wind to personally connect with OPPORTUNITIESCentrica GL Garrad Hassan PowerChevron GE Energy Sinovel all confirmed speakers andClipper Windpower Goldwind Suzlon delegates 6 weeks before theComer Inudstries Iberdrola Tata Power conferenceContinental Ingeteam VestasWindpower KfW WinWind REGISTerConverteam LM Windpower World BankDanish Wind Power CLICK HERE TO register now for the Wind Power IPP Development Forum