Mobilizing SharePoint - August 1 2013


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Mobile Cloud, and SharePoint especially has become a lot more than just data storage spectacle; it has become an important productivity enabler. Nearly 80% of enterprises use Microsoft’s SharePoint to store, manage and act upon corporate information.

But many employees wonder: Why can’t I get the same access from my mobile device? Learn how companies are putting the power of SharePoint into the hands of their employees, wherever they may be.

This webinar investigates:

Why mobile is changing traditional approaches to back-end integration
Popular mobile use cases for SharePoint
How to anticipate and resolve common SharePoint-to-mobile technical challenges

Sanjiva Singh, Chief Sales Officer for WinWire Technolgies, and Simon Berman, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Appcelerator, look at where effective strategies for mobile integration begin, and how leading companies are fostering collaboration in the mobile world.

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Mobilizing SharePoint - August 1 2013

  1. 1. Mobilizing SharePoint: Your Enterprise Data on the Go Simon Berman Sr. Director, Product Marketing Appcelerator 1 Sanjiva Singh Chief Sales Officer WinWire Technologies
  2. 2. Mobilizing Enterprise Data • Accessing data from multiple enterprise backends and public systems – Use case: Access inventory, take orders, approve requests 2 Custom Apps
  3. 3. 3 Development Approaches • Client-side • Server-side • Mobile cloud 3
  4. 4. Approach #1: Client-side 4 Custom Apps • Quick, low cost…but: • High network chattiness • Low device performance – Responsiveness – Battery life • Low reuse across apps • Bottom line Only practical for 1-2 apps with 1-2 backends
  5. 5. 1 Buy/provision H/W infrastructure Develop app services in PHP, Ruby, Java3 2 Select, install, configure app &web servers 4 Develop and expose server-side APIs then deploy 5 Develop mobile client, integrate server-side APIs Approach #2: Server-side • Scalable, reusable…but • Time consuming – ~50% of dev effort • Costly – $100K-$1M per app • Requires server-side skills/resources • Bottom line Standard approach Custom Apps Custom-built Server Infrastructure
  6. 6. Approach #3: Mobile Cloud • Immediately ready to use • Lower client network traffic • Elastic • Scalable, reusable Custom Apps Mobile Cloud
  7. 7. Helping Enterprises “make information actionable” leveraging Mobile and Cloud HQ in Santa Clara, CA with offices in Chicago, NY, Atlanta, Bangalore & Hyderabad, India Our Services Advisory Services • Application Portfolio Analysis • Mobility Roadmap Creation (MDM/MAM/MEAP/MBaaS etc.) Implementation Services Design, PoC, Development, Testing & Analytics Lifecycle Services • Ongoing support and maintenance • Migration and Upgradation Our Products WinRM WinPMP Mobilize your SharePoint Appcelerator SharePoint Connector Module Innovation Management System Disaster Recovery Tracking Solution Executive Project Portfolio Dashboard
  8. 8. B2B and B2E Apps Adoption Appcelerator/IDC Q2 2013 Mobile Developer Report Customers & growing Information workers use it daily Enterprise customers rolled SharePoint of Enterprises leverage SharePoint today
  9. 9. Benefits – B2E and B2B apps B2E • Improve Employee Satisfaction • Empower employees to be more productive • Reduce Labour cost via automated and speedier processes • Leaner & simpler apps on-the-go B2B • Inventory visibility • Increase order fulfilment & asset tracking accuracy • Improved Direct Store Delivery through mobile enablement • Improved PO/ASN receiving • Field force enablement
  10. 10. SharePoint Mobility Challenges
  11. 11. Key considerations in Mobilizing SharePoint Identify key features & use cases to be implemented for user delight and adoption: Check-out feature vs. offline access Plan for a dynamic and rich user interface that leverages full capability of touch enabled navigation and interaction As most of the SP solutions are confidential, access from mobile devices needs to meet organizational security policies. SharePoint does not provide easy way to access data that is “mobile app ready”. Conversion, filtering etc. is required Selection of content from SharePoint portal that should be delivered to mobile devices. All content is not possible and should not be delivered
  12. 12. How to Mobilize SharePoint
  13. 13. Use Case 1 – mobilizing SharePoint Touch Touch Touch
  14. 14. Use Case 1 – mobilizing SharePoint Touch Touch Touch
  15. 15. Use Case 2 – enabling knowledge sharing - Case Study - A professional services firm needed access to critical information about individual consultant expertise while on the go - Back end data resided in multiple enterprise systems and needed to be accessed by multiple devices - Leveraging Appcelerator, we were able to reduce time to market by 50% on the first device platform and 70% on subsequent platforms
  16. 16. Use Case 3 – enabling innovation - A large consumer goods manufacturer needed to supercharge ideation and provide Execs visibility to the innovation pipeline - Multiple back-end systems needed to be integrated (PLM, CRM, ERP and SharePoint) and new mobile apps needed to be created - Appcelerator platform with enterprise connectors and WinWire’s WinIMS kicked off the 1st phase of the solution - Needs to be continuously enhanced, tested and analyzed to add new capabilities but also to serve global markets with varied devices - Enterprise was able to focus on solving core business issue without building an army of software developers - Results - Seeing significant increase in new ideas submitted - Better visibility into the innovation pipeline - Able to determine impact on revenue from these new ideas
  17. 17. Questions? Simon Berman Sr. Director, Product Marketing Sanjiva Singh Chief Sales Officer