Mobility as the New Innovation Driver in the Enterprises


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Ashu Goel, CEO, WinWire Technologies shared his valuable insights on “Mobility as the new Innovation Driver in the Enterprises” at AppsWorld North America 2014. WinWire was Silver Sponsor at the event during Feb 5-6, 2014. Apps World North America 2014 showcased 11 niche workshop tracks, covering areas including Mobile Marketing & Advertising, HTML 5, Mobile Payments NFC and TV & Multiscreen Apps.

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Mobility as the New Innovation Driver in the Enterprises

  1. 1. Mobility as the new Innovation Driver in the Enterprise Ashu Goel CEO Feb 6th, 2014 WinWire Technologies, Inc. Confidential © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  2. 2. AppsWorld North America 2014 February 5-6, 2014 Moscone Center West, San Francisco WinWire at Stand #209
  3. 3. Innovation is a Business Priority Why businesses need to innovate 61% 21% 51% of CEOs worldwide say that Innovation is a priority within their organization Say Innovation gives them a Competitive Advantage Are experiencing reduced time-tomarket for products & services Top 3 Challenges to Business Innovation Lack of Structured Innovation Process Source: PWC, Accenture, Bain, Deloitte, Forrester. Resource Constraints – People and Time Budget Constraints
  4. 4. A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers asked CEOs which elements are some of the most important ingredients to successful innovation The Right Culture to Foster & Support Innovation 57% Willingness to challenge norms and take risks 37% Ability to capture Ideas throughout the organization 31% Innovation : A Powerful driver for growth Source: PWC, Accenture, Bain, Deloitte, Forrester.
  5. 5. Accessibility to remote patient assessments and lab reports immediately More efficient workflow and collaboration among caregivers – High Quality of Care Improved clinical outcomes and cost-effective operations Facilitate deployment of in-home medical devices – Monitor Patient Data & transmit it to practitioners
  6. 6. Target customers with promotions and expedite customer service Manage inventory and transactions – the latter eliminating the need for cash registers Offer consumers better access to product information Reaching consumer anywhere they encounter advertising
  7. 7. Available to even the most remote places A “bank in the palm of the hand” can help spur economic activity through microloans and small business consultation Making payments via a mobile device is a major asset to the “unbanked” or “underbanked” Enable coordination with global partners to develop platforms & channel startegies
  8. 8. Mobile devices to gather meter numbers, meter reads, GPS coordinates, and customer premises details Ability to electronically gather important data in the field Improved productivity and service delivery in the field Drive engagement, efficiency, responsiveness and service quality
  9. 9. Winnovate
  10. 10. WinWire Innovation Management System • Idea-to-Cash solution • Captures an idea, insight and information needed to rate and develop ideas, ultimately driving innovation. • Provides rich mobile-experience for idea capture, collaboration, review, evaluation, approval & execution
  11. 11. Winnovate - Features
  12. 12. Winnovate - Benefits Engage GenX and Millennia's with social and mobile tools Mobile-First approach to innovation to capture ideas “anytime anywhere” Backend is SharePoint based, reduces user training needs Ready-to-use portal Drives Business Growth Engage your employees – leverage their creativity and ideas
  13. 13. Who We Are IT solutions company making information actionable for the enterprises in the mobile-cloud world Collaborative and Analytics solutions leveraging pre-built solution accelerators Mobility, Cloud, Collaboration & Analytics Technologies
  14. 14. WinWire Difference
  15. 15. WinWire Customers Multiple Fortune – 500 clients from various Industry Verticals HealthCare HighTechnology Manufacturing & Construction Retail & Hospitality Financial Institutions Professional Services
  16. 16. Thank You!