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WinGreen Success Story -- Comverge, Inc.


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A one-page overview of how WinGreen Marketing Systems helped Comverge jump-start commercial sales with a focused blitz of content marketing and effective lead generation. Want to see more success stories? for more!

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WinGreen Success Story -- Comverge, Inc.

  1. 1. Information Technology Solutions Success Story: Comverge, Inc.WinGreen MarketingSystems  120-day content marketing blitzWinGreen Marketing Systems  Six white papers, two webinars, one live seminarprovides B2B lead generation for  Over 500,000 emails delivered into inboxes oftechnology, services, and target decision makers and influencersconsulting companies in the  Average sales-ready leads generated perUnited States and Canada. campaign: 75WinGreens lead generation  Revenue increase of 90% year over year afterservices include content lead generation blitzmarketing campaigns, whitepaper and article authoring,webcast and webinar hosting,email marketing, target databasecreation and management, Webanalytics, Web visitor tracking,sales force automation, andcustomer relationshipmanagement software -- alldelivered for one simple monthlyfee. WinGreen provides all The Client The Resultsrequired marketing automationsoftware in its pre-integrated, With more than 500 utility and 2,100 commercial  Over 500,000 Comverge branded emailscommercial grade WinGreen customers, as well as five million residential deployments, delivered into the inboxes of over 20,000Systems Architecture. Comverge brings unparalleled industry knowledge and decision makers and influencers in Comverge’s experience to offer the most reliable, easy-to-use, and designated target marketSilicon Valley cost-effective intelligent energy management programs.  A steady stream of leads delivered directly to(650) LEAD GEN The Situation Comverge C&I sales for immediate follow-up(650) 532-3436 Comverge had been built primarily through merger and  90% increase in revenues for second quarter ofPhiladelphia acquisition from 1997 to the present from its corporate 2011 versus second quarter of 2010(610) 810-1707 roots in Scientific Atlanta, Powercom, and Lucent. In a heavily regulated, hotly competitive market, Comverge Services Provided by WinGreenBoston need to improve organic growth and decided to add new  Setup and customization of WinGreen Systems(978) 212-9467 content marketing “air cover” to its Commercial & Architecture with client portals for Comverge Industrial (C&I) line of business in order to rapidly buildNaples, Florida new sales pipeline in the first half of 2011.  Created email database of 20,000+ contacts in(610) 505-6887 Comverge’s designated target segment The SolutionChicago  WinGreen authored and created six new original Comverge engaged WinGreen to put together a 120-day white papers over the 120-day period(312) GROWTH-4 white paper “blitz” into one of their chosen geographic(312) 476-9844 markets. Targeting over 20,000 individuals in industries  WinGreen hosted, promoted, and managed likely to benefit from intelligent energy management and logistics for two webinars demand response programs, the blitz consisted of nineFollow us:  WinGreen created HTML emails, tested for spam campaigns – six original white papers, two webinars, and one live seminar -- over the first four months of 2011. filter scoring, and conducted mass emailOn the Web: marketing to the target WinGreen created new white papers, attributed to a third party research firm for credibility, along with outbound  WinGreen created optimized landing pages withOn Facebook: emailers and landing pages. WinGreen also hosted and registration forms on Comverge’s promoted two webinars and one live seminar, with their  Inbound leads were de-duplicated and resolved respective email blasts and landing pages. against existing contacts. WinGreen managedOn Twitter: Inbound leads were de-duplicated and delivered to C&I opt-outs and email bounces to comply 100% sales for immediate follow-up. Comverge was provided with U.S. CAN-SPAM ActOn LinkedIn: management and sales custom reporting, web tracking, prospect intelligence, and sales enablementwingreen-marketing-systems-llc tools to make qualification and close more efficient.