Overview Of WinGreen Marketing Systems (Scripted)


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Scripted PDF overview presentation of WinGreen Marketing Systems and their services and lead generation solutions.

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Overview Of WinGreen Marketing Systems (Scripted)

  1. 1. Improving Sales ` Results
  2. 2. WinGreen is a digital marketing agency that provides fixed-price, online lead generation services. For a simple monthly retainer, WinGreen becomes your outsourced lead generation organization, providing hundreds or even thousands of new leads directly into your salespeople„s lead queues every month. WinGreen Marketing Systems delivers high quality leads to keep your sales pipelines full and your salespeople selling effectively. The WinGreen System of Marketing™ includes: •Online lead generation •Creation and promotion of marketing assets •White papers •Webcasts •E-newsletters •Web-to-lead automation •Web visitor tracking •Lead scoring and nurturing 1
  3. 3. WinGreen delivers a number of benefits to your sales organization: 1. More leads – WinGreen‟s lead generation services will multiply your monthly volume of sales leads by 2X, 3X, even 10X over conventional lead generation. 2. Better quality leads – Leads delivered to the sales pipeline from The WinGreen System of Marketing™ are of higher quality than conventional leads from trade shows, web page inquiries, or direct marketing. WinGreen‟s lead generation campaigns are delivered only to your well- defined target market segments. Our methods ensure that quality control is applied to leads at the beginning of the process rather than at the end where sales people‟s time can be wasted. Higher quality, interested leads have better conversion rates, leading to more closed business per sales person. 3. Lower cost per lead – WinGreen‟s scale and refined systems and methods mean lower cost per lead for you. Typical reduction in cost-per- lead is 50% to 80%. WinGreen delivers more leads of higher quality at lower cost per lead, which helps you improve your top line, your bottom line, and your sales productivity. 2
  4. 4. Traditional, or conventional lead generation techniques are far more expensive and considerably less effective than the new online lead gen techniques. In conventional lead generation, activities are all “interrupt based”, that is, they require interrupting the target to promote something. A cold call interrupts the work day. A TV ad interrupts the TV show, etc. There is generally a very high degree of activity for a fairly low response. For example, placing circulars in two million Sunday newspapers, or dropping direct mail to 200,000 people are examples of very high volumes of activity that deliver less than 1% positive response of any kind, and considerably less from qualified people with interest in the product or service. The quality of leads is unknown up front, since conventional methods like direct mail and trade shows are aimed at non-segmented groups. The high activity, low response nature of conventional lead gen, coupled with the unknown quality of respondents leads to a high cost per lead. High cost, mass activities also lead to “spiky” results, as the graph shows. 3
  5. 5. Modern, 21st century lead generation methods utilize the game-changing scale and scope of the World Wide Web to completely overhaul the way new business leads are identified. The basic principles of 21st century lead generation are: 1. Opt-in leads are significantly higher quality than cold-call or direct-marketing leads. 2. The vast majority of purchase decisions begin with a Google search. 3. The World Wide Web and e-mail present a new model of outreach with economics that are orders of magnitude more compelling than traditional direct- marketing or telemarketing. 4. The seller-buyer power relationship has been upended completely. The traditional marketing assumption that the seller must find buyers has been replaced by a new model where the buyer has all the power, all the information at his fingertips, and will find the seller before the seller finds him. 5. The willingness to be sold to has decreased to almost zero, while the desire and ability to actively research sellers and choose who may sell has become the norm. Online marketing, lead nurturing, search engine marketing, and web tracking creates a lead generation method that delivers “interested” leads who actually self-identify. Costs are dramatically reduced, and monthly results are smooth and predictable. [See our white paper, 21st Century Marketing for Effective Lead Generation, at http://wingreenmarketing.com/2009DECHomeWP.aspx for more information on methods and economics.] 4
  6. 6. The WinGreen System of Marketing™ takes 21st century marketing to a new level by pre-integrating all of the software, content, and methods into a turnkey service. Instead of procuring, installing, and managing costly software and hardware for bulk emailing, sales force automation, customer relationship management, data integrity, web visitor tracking, and webcast hosting, WinGreen‟s clients outsource the function, avoid the cost and hassle, and enjoy the benefits of a massive in-the-cloud software infrastructure, run by experts with years of online lead gen experience. WinGreen‟s clients also avoid the time, expense, and inevitable delays and schedule slippages in creating white papers, podcasts, web seminars, video, and other marketing content, since WinGreen provides all marketing assets. The WinGreen System of Marketing is made up of four stages, backed up by the WinGreen Systems Architecture™ and WinGreen‟s experienced Client Account Managers. In the next four pages, we‟ll discuss how The WinGreen System of Marketing creates marketing assets, promotes content with campaigns, captures interested, self-identifying leads, and enables the sales organization to more efficiently and productively convert leads to sales. 5
  7. 7. The system starts with the creation of great marketing content. WinGreen creates marketing assets as the “fuel” for the system. • Webcasts • White Papers • E-newsletters and articles • Podcasts • Rich media • Pay-per-click ads (optional) WinGreen promotes marketing assets into your target segments in order to attract potential prospects and incent them to identify themselves. A typical campaign would utilize a white paper or a webcast that discusses pain points and benefits that your products address. For example, a computer security firm might have a webcast entitled “Protect Your Data Center with Predictive Security”. All marketing assets and content are provided by WinGreen, based upon close collaboration between you and the WinGreen Client Account Manager. Your CAM will work with you to understand what topics are timely and relevant to your desired segment, and will create effective assets to promote into your market. 6
  8. 8. Once the marketing assets are created, WinGreen promotes them into your target market segments. The WinGreen CAM works with you to carefully define the “perfect lead” and identify the attributes of your targets. Once your target segment is defined, WinGreen is responsible for all target lists, sponsorships, and other online methods needed to promote into your target. WinGreen works with a number of strategic partners to ensure that your marketing assets reach as many people in your target market as possible. Each promotion is called a “campaign”. WinGreen plans, creates, and executes anywhere from two to six (or more) campaigns per month (depending, of course, on your purchased level of service). Each campaign contains three to five “waves” per campaign. (A “wave” is a scheduled email blast or sponsored online promotion. ) Since campaigns are generally executed into targets containing tens or hundreds of thousands of designated target contacts, and are comprised of three to five waves each, WinGreen utilizes a massive, commercial-grade bulk email marketing system to execute all campaigns. The typical WinGreen client represents over a million emails per month in volume. WinGreen Marketing Systems complies with the CAN-SPAM act. (See our policy at http://wingreenmarketing.com/PrivacyPolicy.aspx and an overview of CAN-SPAM at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/business/ecommerce/bus61.shtm) 7
  9. 9. As targeted contacts receive offers for interesting content – papers, webcasts, podcasts, etc. – those who are interested enough in the topics will click through to a registration page. All registration pages – or “landing pages” – are customized and optimized to support individual campaigns (and in some cases, even individual waves) by WinGreen. Landing pages are set up by WinGreen on your website, and contain a number of lines of invisible tracking code. (WinGreen provides landing page HTML, complete with necessary tracking codes, to your webmaster for posting on your website.) An interested prospect self identifies by completing registration with name and email. Landing page code provides automated response (e.g. emailing the requested white paper, confirming registration for the web seminar, directing the recipient to a secure page for podcast download, etc.), automated lead scoring (based on the prospect‟s web and email activities), and automatic, real-time distribution of leads directly to sales people‟s queues and/or email inboxes. With WinGreen‟s automated infrastructure, all pieces of the prospect‟s self-identification are automated to ensure timely delivery of content and capture of lead information on a 7 x 24 basis. The WinGreen System Architecture™ also provides automatic de-duplication of data. As interested leads fill out registrations on landing pages, their information is compared to existing records. Those with no existing contact info in the database get a new record (lead) created. Those who are return visitors simply get an update appended to their existing records. 8
  10. 10. In addition to creating content and running lead generation campaigns, WinGreen also provides the tools to enable your salesforce to effectively nurture and close the leads that are delivered. WinGreen provides a WinGreen Client Portal, with a customized version of Salesforce.com CRM as the delivery mechanism for our lead gen services. Just as one can purchase an iPod already loaded with albums and songs, one can now purchase Salesforce.com pre-loaded with high-quality, interested leads! With the WinGreen client portal, your sales folks receive and manage leads from WinGreen campaigns, report and forecast to management, and effectively manage their territories. In addition, they have full SFDC functionality for contact and calendar management, and a WinGreen feature that allows them to nurture leads with our unique Target Account Program (TAP), which delivers short, unobtrusive emails on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to whomever your salespeople wish (typically long-term prospects that need to be “kept warm” for weeks or even months). The WinGreen Client Portal also provides web visitor tracking (like “caller ID for the website”). You can track your prospects‟ “footprints” – by individual! -- through your website! See which pages they visit, when they visit them, and in what order. Information is power, and your sales people will have extraordinarily powerful information about their prospects‟ interest in your products. 9
  11. 11. The entire system is managed by a designated Client Account Manager according to the WinPlan Campaign Organizer™, which is our exclusive planning system for your campaigns. The WinPlan Campaign Organizer utilizes our own “3-6-12” method for keeping your campaigns and deliverables on schedule 100% of the time. We‟ve all experienced the inevitable fire drills and distractions that cause our plans to go awry. The monthly newsletter becomes an “every six week” newsletter because no one created content, then eventually a “do we still do a newsletter?”. The people responsible for creating white papers get pulled off to do “highest priority” materials for the executives. The speakers you had lined up for your next webcast suddenly get called away. The schedule you so carefully planned turns to uncertainty at best and inaction at worst. This is where outsourced lead generation delivers extra value. WinGreen doesn‟t get distracted. This is all we do. Run campaigns. On time, every time. When we say the white paper series goes out on the second Tuesday of the month, that‟s when it goes out. Every month. We know how important a repeatable, predictable schedule is to lead generation, and we‟ve created a planning device to ensure it. The WinPlan Campaign Organizer shows you the WinGreen campaign schedule for a rolling 12 month period. The first three months are completely detailed, e.g. white paper titles, webcast abstracts, etc. Months four through six are less detailed, but show dates, themes, and potential titles and content. Months seven through twelve are placeholders. We always look ahead a full 12 months, account for holidays, note important editorial calendars and trade conferences, and manage a tight schedule. 10
  12. 12. Running a large-scale lead generation function requires experienced people, proven methods, and a rock-solid technology infrastructure. Delivering over a million emails per month requires a bit more than your Microsoft Exchange Server can deliver, and managing the integration and interaction between a bulk email system, a CRM system, a de-duplication system, a webcast hosting system, a web visitor tracking system, and all of the reporting, analytics, and workflow requirements for capturing and managing leads presents an extremely difficult IT challenge. So WinGreen takes it all off your hands. Outsourcing lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead management to WinGreen lets you avoid all of the IT investment described above. The WinGreen Systems Architecture™ allows us to deliver millions of emails per month, manage hundreds of marketing assets at any given time, and provide our clients with a steady stream of high quality leads directly into the WinGreen Client Portal and Salesforce.com. 11
  13. 13. The WinGreen Client Portal is your starting point for every day‟s new leads. As you can see in the graphic above, the standard view for new leads shows you the name and company name for the new lead, the WinGreen lead score accumulated by the lead (by visiting more web pages, registering for multiple marketing assets, etc.), the lead owner, and the last-modified date. Data can be sorted by any column header, and security can be customized to show individual salespeople only their own leads, or everyone‟s leads. From the portal, it‟s a simple matter of point and click for any lead, any account, or any opportunity. Sales people manage their ticklers and tasks, and can easily track past activities for all prospects. Sales and marketing management can access an exceptional number of standard and customized reports on leads, prospects, sales activity, campaign activity and results. WinGreen provides training on the use of the portal and of all underlying software during the setup phase of our client engagements. 12
  14. 14. Also available through the portal is web visitor tracking, or “caller ID for the website”. By clicking through to the “Who Visited” page, you can see all of the leads and prospects who are visiting your website, by both company and individual names. Imagine the power of monitoring your website visitors for prospects you really care about! You‟ll know when they visited, and by clicking the “View Campaign Member” button, you can drill down to exactly which pages that person visited and in which order (See next page). 13
  15. 15. Clicking through to the campaign member screens allows you to see exactly which web pages your prospect has visited, in what order, and when. With web visitor tracking, you‟ll know a lot more about the interest level of your prospects before you get on the phone with them! 14
  16. 16. WinGreen‟s services are offered in three standard levels of service, WinGreen Silver, WinGreen Gold, and WinGreen Platinum. Each level of service is also customizable. For example, a client might be interested in adding a fourth campaign and five more licenses to the Gold level, and we would be happy to accommodate. All levels of service include: • Designated client account manager who is responsible for managing the entire system and delivering new leads • The WinGreen System of Marketing™ • The WinGreen Systems Architecture™ • Client portal licenses providing access to the WinGreen Systems Architecture™ • Salesforce.com customer relationship management (CRM) • Web visitor tracking • WinPlan™ - the 3-6-12 online campaign organizer • All campaign marketing assets created by WinGreen • 12 to 48 client-branded white papers per year • 12 to 48 client-branded webcasts per year • Client-branded e-newsletter; 36 to 120 original articles per year (not included in Silver) • Podcasts, video, and rich media • All necessary contact lists, online sponsorships, provisioning of target contacts • Provisioning, administration, and optimization of Google AdWords to a pre- defined spending limit (OPTIONAL add-on to all service levels) • No IT investment required 15
  17. 17. Signing up with WinGreen is easy to do. Choose your level of service – Silver, Gold, Platinum, or customized – then let WinGreen lead the way through a two to four week setup of software, marketing assets, landing pages, and workflow. Once setup is complete, the first month of service is full speed ahead… You’ll see immediate results in the first week and you’ll see those results sustained for as long as you remain a WinGreen client. The typical WinGreen Silver service, with 20,000 to 40,000 targets, will yield 400 to 800 leads per month, starting in Month 1. WinGreen Gold provides more campaigns per month and more target contacts, and delivers around 1,500 to 3,000 leads per month. WinGreen Platinum, with even more campaigns and target contacts, will yield 4,000 to 8,000 new, interested leads per month. Our services are designed to deliver around 100 to 200 new, interested leads per month per salesperson – enough to make them successful. Additionally, there are a number of other benefits of being a WinGreen client. The WinGreen System of Marketing also improves brand awareness for your company and your products by delivering your brand, your logo, and your value proposition to hundreds of thousands of inboxes every month. Your public relations results will also improve, as your PR people will have something new and fresh to talk about every single month. They’ll also benefit from the improvements in brand awareness, web traffic, search engine scores, and subject matter expert reputation. Your web traffic will increase dramatically as click-throughs from WinGreen’s email marketing will increase page views throughout your website. Search engine scores will improve as customized landing pages are added to your website to support WinGreen’s campaigns, and as increased PR efforts build link-back traffic from newswires and news websites. Finally, your company’s reputation in your field will improve as dozens of new white papers, articles, webcasts, and podcasts are distributed to thousands of influencers and buyer under your logo and byline. 16
  18. 18. Return On Investment will vary depending on your circumstances, but in almost all cases, ROI will exceed 100%, and in most cases will exceed 500%. Here we show an example where the client‟s average selling price is $100,000, of which $50,000 is gross margin (the “Return” in “Return on Investment”). Using a standard funnel-nomics assumption where the company wins one out of every four qualified prospects, one out of every five pre-qualified leads becomes a qualified prospect, and one out of every ten interested leads becomes pre-qualified, we calculate that every closed sale (worth $50,000) requires 200 interested leads. Therefore the value of an interested lead is 1/200 X 50,000, which equals $250. In a typical WinGreen contract, interested leads have a cost of somewhere between $9.00 and $21.00 each. We‟ll use the average of $15.00. As you can see from the chart, the ROI of a WinGreen retainer contract in this typical scenario is 1,566% ! 17
  19. 19. The WinGreen System of Marketing has been proven to deliver significantly more leads at significantly less cost per lead. We built the system from our own real-life experience running marketing, sales, and entire companies. As one of our co-founders says, “This is the service I wished I could buy when I was a VP of marketing!” 18
  20. 20. 19