The Start Of Fairy Tail


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The Start Of Fairy Tail

  1. 1. The Start Of Fairy TailFairy Tail is a guild in Kingdom of Fiore. It is 1 of the strongest guilds in the kingdom and all guilds areusually guided by the Magic Council. Magic Council is the ruling body of the magic society and it alsoconsists of the strongest magician. Magic Council has outmost control of all the guilds apart from theDark guild.Fairy Tail episode 1 start in a train station in Hargeon, exactly where pinked haired youngster, Natsuand also his speaking pet cat showed up. Natsu Dragneel often known as the troublemaker inside theFairy Tail Guild. At the same time in another part of the port town, a blonde girl was at a shop andwas shock to know that there was only one magic shop around. The vendor discussed that a majorityof folks around werent mages and attempts to influence her to buy one thing. And she spots a gatekey and she got it immediately after attempting to convince the actual vendor on a discount with theuse of her apperance. After buying the key, she noticed young ladies giggle that a amazing wizard,salamander has arrived in town. Thus she approaches him and ended up being mesmerized but itwas broken because Natsu showed up and ask exactly who he was. Natsu rudely stormed away and had been beaten by the young ladies surrounding Salamander. Yet Salamander forgave him andeach of the gals giggled and lauded him much more. She after that thanked Natsu.In a restaurant, she then announced herself as Lucy and also she treats Natsu and his cat with ameal. Natsu and happy, his cat ended up being extremely grateful as they dont have a money toorder food. She additionally stated that she was a wizard herself as well as never join any guild yet.She proceeds blabbering about guilds and also wizard. She then stop and explained to Natsu andHappy that it was gibberish in their mind. Natsu and Happy talk about how they were searching forSalamader, Igneel a true dragon. She was surprise and also told them that something such as thatwould not be inside a town such as this. She paid off and left them the two but they the two knelt tobe grateful for her.After departing them both, Lucy has been day dreaming about becoming a member of the Fairy TailGuild and then Salamander appears convincing her to join him on his boat. He told her that he waspart of the Fairy Tail Guild therefore she was persuaded.Natsu overheard gals talking that Salamander is a strong wizard and also was also an associate ofFairy Tail Guild. At the same time in the boat, Lucy ended up being nearly trick to consuming a glasswhich will make her to sleep yet she snap from it. Salamder then revealed her true color the fact thatwomen were merely products, so Lucy tried to halt him however her gate keys were grabbed from herand thrown prior to shes the time to make use of the item. And then Natsu suddenly arrive while Lucywas snapped up simply by Happy, the cat has wings. But the transformation magic of happy ismerely constrained so they fell to the ocean and Lucy swam to get her gate keys. While using gatekeys, she called out for aquarious. Aquarious is a celectial being. She was then instructed by Lucyto bring the boat to shore. The Ship was thrown to shore with a huge wave. Natsu then was pissedbecause Salamader, who was a bogus, was stating that he has been from Fairy Guild. Natsu thenannounced that he is belonging to the Guild along with exhibited off his strength. He can consume
  2. 2. fire, inhale flames as well as use fire to strike his foe. Lucy has been surprise realizing that natsu wasFairy Guild which she was seeing a real wizard fighting with each other. Natsu defeated the bogusSalamander, who was an exile wizard from a different guild. While fighting Natsu more than did thingand also demolished the majority of the port town. Then the government showed up so Natsugrabbed Lucy and also told her to come with him should she wants to join the actual guild.So generally this is actually the 1st episode in the collection. Its collection for all however slightlysimply for the romantic folks. Its mainly humorous. And each and every show is part of the problem.Keep on watching and reading about the fairy tail fairy tail dubbed