Foundation Repair Piers


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Your home may be the most sturdy building in the world, however, if it is built upon soil that cannot bear the weight of construction, it may result in damage to the foundation. Foundation repair piers are necessary when expansive clay, mudslides, or poor maintenance cause the underlying structure of the house to become harmed. Click on the above link to find out more.

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Foundation Repair Piers

  1. 1. Foundation Repair Piers By
  2. 2. Foundation Repair Piers“This article is written by an independent resource notaffiliated with Ram Jack.”Your home may be the most sturdybuilding in the world, however, if it is builtupon soil that cannot bear the weight ofconstruction, it may result in damage to the foundation.Foundation repair piers are necessary when expansiveclay, mudslides, or poor maintenance cause the underlyingstructure of the house to become harmed. Foundation Repair Piers
  3. 3. Foundation Repair PiersClay soil, for instance, has very little tensile strength,causing the burden of a house’s foundation to cause shiftsover the course of years or even months.There are no housing concerns thatrival a foundation problem: if you donot repair the damage immediately,you run the risk of expensivedeterioration that can render yourhome unsafe for you and your family. Foundation Piers
  4. 4. Foundation Repair PiersYou may not notice damage to the foundation of yourhome immediately. Soil shifts are rarely uniform and the shape of most foundations are designed to carry weight unevenly if necessary. The problem will become apparent in pier type foundations (as well as beam and slab types) when it has to settle against moving soil. Home Improvement
  5. 5. Foundation Repair PiersYou will be able to see, and sometimes hear, massive cracks inthe concrete.Even if you cannot directly see the concrete,you may notice bulging floors, doors that donot close, furniture that tilts enough to beuncomfortable, or even cracks in your walls.At this point, foundation repair piers arecrucial to avoid electrical shortage, plumbingproblems, and a major decrease in the valueof your home. Foundation Piers
  6. 6. Foundation Repair PiersThe investment of foundation repair piers will pay for itselftenfold in the value of a home.Each repair will have a different price tag due to the number ofvariables required by contractors. If it is a simple crack in the concrete, it may cost very little to mix and pour fresh material. The cost of maintenance, however, is often complicated by the need for further analysis, such as a geochemical survey of the underlying soil. Home Improvement
  7. 7. Foundation Repair PiersThe typical means of foundation repair piers involves drivingpipes of steel deep into the base in order to lift up the faultingfoundation and then fill the gap beneath it.A push pier uses a galvanizedsteel pole with the hydraulic forceof a five hundred horsepower carengine to delve into the soil,while helical piers use a torquemotor to brace up the frame ofthe foundation. Foundation Piers
  8. 8. Foundation Repair PiersWhen they reach the ground beneath the foundation of ahouse, jacks are attached that can elevate the foundation piersto a proper degree. Several wall brackets are put in place to keep this angle constant and avoid future pitfalls. If you need to repair the smaller foundations of decks or patios, the same method is used, but will likely only require a single bracket. Home Improvement
  9. 9. Foundation Repair PiersWhat are the advantages of using these steel frames asfoundation repair piers?They have a lower cost than replacing the actual foundation ofthe house, which can cost nearly as much as the house itself.Furthermore, they are far less intrusiveand can be completed externally.You do not need to worry about rippingup the carpet and flooring of abasement. Foundation Piers
  10. 10. Foundation Repair PiersYou can keep on utilizing the plumbing and electricity of yourhouse during the process. It can repair any damage to the concrete base while also providing the space for more soil to be placed beneath the foundation, avoiding any more faults or cracks. There is no heavy equipment that can churn up a yard: everything can easily be carried in and out, even the torque motors. Home Improvement
  11. 11. Foundation Repair PiersRam Jack has spent over 40 years developing and refining theirFoundation repair system to ensure the best quality in theindustry.The patented Ram Jack Steel piers areengineered to last a lifetime.Exact specifications and strict guidelinesensure that the Ram Jack products havevirtually no failure when installed by ourtrained and experienced technicians. Foundation Piers
  12. 12. Foundation Repair PiersRam Jack’s piers have the highest driving pressure…to locatestable bedrock, the thickest pier material to resist buckling andbowing, and the maximum pier load capacity to ensurestructure stability for a lifetime….guaranteed. Ram Jack technicians install our foundation repair system with no heavy equipment and very little excavation, so your lawn and landscaping is not disturbed. Home Improvement
  13. 13. Foundation Repair PiersEach Steel pier is driven deep into the soil until a solid layer ofbedrock is found.The depth of each pier may vary according to soil conditions.Once all piers are securely set, thefoundation is slowly lifted for maximumpractical recovery.This will permanently halt any furthersettlement and deterioration due to afailing foundation. Foundation Piers
  14. 14. Foundation Repair PiersOur unique piling solutions provide the strength and stabilitythat can only be found in the best American steel.The result is a lasting foundation, and the peace of mind ofknowing you’re on solid ground for the life of your home. Driving Head The Ram Jack® driving head delivers rapid power to long sections of piling for faster installation and a stronger pile. Home Improvement
  15. 15. Foundation Repair PiersHydraulic RamsThe Ram Jack system incorporates dual rams that drive deeperinto permanent strata.Guide SleeveVariable-length guide sleeves,which are preferred byengineers, are designed tostiffen the piling in less-compacted surface layers. Foundation Piers
  16. 16. Foundation Repair PiersWith 19 patents for advanced designs over the last 25years, Ram Jack gets foundation repair.We also get the fact that no one wants to fix the sameproblem twice.That’s why we get the job done right the first time – everytime. Call us today. Home Improvement
  17. 17. Foundation Repair Piers Ram Jack’s Unique Pier Features Home Improvement
  18. 18. Thank YouFoundation Repair Piers For more information please visit