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Video Lectures in Blackboard the Cheap and Easy Way


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Drew Cline, Media Technologist at Wilmington University,, shares how to capture lectures the cheap and easy way.

Swivl Cameras are a great way to capture your lecture to use in upcoming face to face or online courses. In this workshop we will be going over the set up and operation of the Swivl camera and how to incorporate Swivl videos into your course.

This presentation was first shared at the 2016 Northeast e-Learning Consortium,

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Video Lectures in Blackboard the Cheap and Easy Way

  1. 1. Video Lectures in Blackboard: The Cheap and Easy Way!
  2. 2. • Instructional segments are recorded in the classroom • Videos are stored for student retrieval later • ET, AV, or IT departments deploy and manage equipment, personnel, and storage medium for videos How does lecture capture work today?
  3. 3. • In-class recording often requires complicated expensive equipment • Also requires trained technical personnel • More courses/instructors than equipment available • Do-it-yourself options often have poor audio and video quality (camera in back of the room) Potential Problems…
  4. 4. • Online platforms are not using multimedia to its full potential. (, 2014) • An Arizona State University study in March 2014 found a direct correlation between course grades and students viewing faculty-created videos. (Wilson, 2014) Why Bother With Video?
  5. 5. • Bring dynamic, engaging content to online and hybrid courses • Offer accommodations to students for illness, emergency, inclement weather, etc. • Showcase guest speakers or special presentations • Offer alternatives to “read this article, these textbook pages, etc.” Why Bother With Video?
  6. 6. • Students can review material at their own pace • Video segments let online students have more of a face-to-face experience • Students can watch videos at home and come to class prepared to discuss the material (Flipped Classroom) • Instructors can share content with other instructors – don’t reinvent the wheel! Why Bother With Video?
  7. 7. • Why Lecture Capture? • There is evidence that lecture capture technology increases student academic performance. (Education Advisory • The most important factors for lecture capture technology are cost and of use. (Education Advisory Board, 2015) Do-It-Yourself Lecture Capture
  8. 8. Video Lectures With Swivl
  9. 9. • Instructors choose the ideal topics/portions of their in-class lectures for recording (5-25 minutes are ideal) • With 20 minutes of training on the Swivl instructors are ready to go • Videos are recorded locally on to the iPad and can be shared directly to cloud-based storage like Kaltura How Does It Work?
  10. 10. • Instructors set up the Swivl in class • Record lecture segments by topic (shorter is better!) • Send them to Kaltura • Add to Blackboard Courses How does it work?
  11. 11. How Does It Work? Adding to a Blackboard course via Kaltura using the F aculty Repository:
  12. 12. How Does It Work?
  13. 13. • Give distance learners more of a face-to-face experience • Allow for “flipped classroom” segments to be created from traditional courses • Bring dynamic, engaging content to any student – traditional or at a distance. What does it Accomplish?
  16. 16. • New C Series Robot
  17. 17. Learn more, request training, or request a project…
  18. 18. References • Wilson, T. (2014, March 21). Faculty Videos and Games: Enhancing Student Engagement and Performance. Retrieved from games-enhancing-student-engagement-and-performance/ • Learninghouse (2015). Equal Opportunity in Higher Education: Understanding Rigor and Engagement Across Learning Modalities. Retrieved from • Education Advisory Board (2015). Lecture capture technology: Considerations for effective and low-cost lecture capture options. Retrieved from The Advisory Board Company