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Learn Why Most People Are Wrong Doing Their Press Relations


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You will find:
- actionable tips to find the relevant journalists for your RP campaign,
- frameworks to improve your content,
- useful tests & concepts,
- the secret formula to virality (true story)
- best practices from the best PR people,
- tips to newsjack,
- dos & dont's
- case studies
- recommended readings.

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Learn Why Most People Are Wrong Doing Their Press Relations

  1. Learn Why Most People Are Wrong Doing Their PRESS RELATIONS
  2. #journalistsarehumans Don’t be fooled it’s fuck*** personal
  3. #journalistsarehumans But first, a quick story
  4. #journalistsarehumans When you look for a job, a resume is the best way to…
  5. this kind of place
  6. leading to this charming boss
  7. working in a pretty place like this
  8. with outstanding missions like that one (which lead you to wear this kind of tie)
  9. #journalistsarehumans Generic Press Release, is a bit like a resume. you send them blindly to masses & get nothing in return
  10. To get press coverage, #journalistsarehumans you need to do exactly what you would do to find a job
  11. To get press coverage, #journalistsarehumans you need to do exactly what you would do to find a job you build human connexions & understand others’ needs eg: deadline, issues, goals, pure passion…
  12. #journalistsarehumans once you know them & understand their needs help them ! eg: intro, off-the-record, reactivity, etc.
  13. #journalistsarehumans Good PR = making journalists’ lives as easy as possible
  14. #journalistsarehumans Modus Operandi to build human connexions you first need to know the people you want to know
  15. #journalistsarehumans Goal: creating a list of journalists covering your topic Tool: Spreadsheets Prerequisite : identify your topic Todo : 1. Google News 2. Buzzsumo 3. Google
  16. #journalistsarehumans Goal: creating a list of journalists covering your topic Tool: Spreadsheets Prerequisite : identify biggest media in your field Todo : find the relevant journalists
  17. Jedi Trick #journalistsarehumans if you know a very effective competitor in PR (or anyone who share your target market), use its campaign to map the relevant media 1. Use Google Search with quotation marks in a specific extract in an article(key figure, quote, etc.) 2. Use Google Images when you ID images of his (product picture, users in situ, etc.)
  18. #becomingaStoryteller Even if you get close with the journalist you need fuck*** great content “Give me something I care of and that my readers will love.“— The Journalist “Please. Tell me good stories. Make me smarter. Make me laugh. Challenge my beliefs.“ — The reader
  19. Pre-requisite One-sentence pitch* My company <name> is developing <offering> to help <audience> to solve <problem> with <secret sauce>. #becomingaStoryteller * yes, this is what marketers call positioning
  20. “End of Software.“ “Create, deploy, and manage online campaigns that increase revenue in SaaS“ #becomingaStoryteller You need to select the right level of details depending on the situation: mission actions
  21. The RIBS Test Caryn Marooney, head of tech communication Facebook Relevant (Mark Benioff launched Salesforce as the “End of Software“) Do you really improve someone’s life? Do you deserve his/her attention? ! Inevitable (Facebook: connecting the world with technology) Whatever you’re developing is inevitable. #becomingaStoryteller
  22. The RIBS Test Caryn Marooney, head of tech communication Facebook Believable (Benioff comes from Oracle and knew software & all its issues) It will happen and you will be the ones to carry the ball over the line ! Simple (“End of Software“) Take your messaging and edit it down. Get it to its essence. #becomingaStoryteller
  23. #becomingaStoryteller Happy Journalist = Good Content = Viral Content
  24. The Secret Formula for Virality is… #becomingaStoryteller
  25. #becomingaStoryteller clicks views definition = share views x clicks share Jedi Trick Virality = 1. clickability 2. sharability
  26. clicks share #becomingaStoryteller 1. clickability = = headlines let’s see how to write very efficient headlines
  27. Good Headlines = Information Gap Information-gap theory: “The curious individual is motivated to obtain the missing information to reduce or eliminate the feeling of deprivation.“ Loewenstein (source) #becomingaStoryteller
  28. Information Gap #becomingaStoryteller too vague, don’t want to click “This is an amazing video!“ too specific, don’t need to click “This monkey sniffs own armpit, passes out from doing so.“ just right, compelled to click “Adorable chimpanzee does something rather unexpected.“
  29. #becomingaStoryteller Information Gap junk information only? (1/3) Robert Cialdini, a social psychologist set out to improve the way he talk about science. For inspiration he went to the library. He found something he had not expected: the most successful author all began with a mystery story. The authors described a state of affairs that seemed to make no sense and then invited the reader into the material as a way of solving the mystery. One exemple that stuck in his mind was written by an astronomer, who began with the following puzzle:
  30. #becomingaStoryteller Information Gap junk information only? (2/3)
  31. #becomingaStoryteller Information Gap junk information only? (3/3) from Made To Stick, Chip Heath & Dan Heath p80-81 Information gap = giving people the urge to know more, aka “closing the gap“
  32. share emotional 2. shareability = = views arousal #becomingaStoryteller
  33. #becomingaStoryteller Relaxation Joy EMOTIONAL AROUSAL No influence on shareability Fear Sadness POSITIVE EMOTION NEGATIVE EMOTION What truly matters
  34. Finding the underlying emotion: “The 3Ys technique“ #becomingaStoryteller If you don’t know whether your info has the potential to create an emotion arousal or not, ask yourself: “Why does it matter?“.* If you do it 3 times, you’ll find the underlying emotion.
  35. #dailylife You are connected and know how to make good content? time to get your hands dirty
  36. #dailylife The (good) email template Subject: Re: <Their Story Title> Hey <First Name>, ! My name is [first name] from [company name]. After reading your article {{ story.title }} I thought your readers might be interested to hear more about [topic from their article which relates to what you're pitching] since the subject of [general topic from the article] has been in the news lately as you’ve probably seen. Looking over your bio and past articles sounds like you cover [topic from the article] a lot. ! We developed a technology that… <insert your one sentence pitch here>. ! We have some <insert your news/study> which relates directly to your interests and I wanted to shoot over info/details for you to review/check out. Let me know if you’d be interested? ! Thanks, ! <Your full name> <contact info>
  37. #dailylife in-house vs outsourcing? In-House To do: finding the journalists, getting to know them, daily press review, editorial calendar, incoming requests, writing press releases, follow-up calls, press invitation, etc. Outsourcing To do: pitching very precisely your company and its topics to the PR firm/freelance, editorial calendar, spokesperson ID + training, weekly review of news (any news in the company, hot topics, etc.)+ reporting of previous campaign, etc.
  38. #dailylife When to do PR for startups? By @clementdelangue Start early and never stop! You’ll need at least a couple of months to become good at PR. ! Research the audience of the outlet. The better the audience, the more customized you can get. Also use tools like Linktally or Sharedcount to estimate if the articles get shared. ! Never delay an article more than a few days. If a journalist is interested, get the article published now, it will increase your chances of getting even more coverage for your “big launch”.
  39. #dailylife Going from Small To Big Medias Local media/ Small blogs Blogs of national media/ Big blog National Media It’s easier to target the left to reach the right. Journalists use more and more twitter and blogs as a source of news. Trust Me I’m Lying, Ryan Holiday
  40. #dailylife Newsjacking Use news to promote your own product/company. eg: when it starts to rain it’s easy to get coverage for your brand new connected umbrellas ;)
  41. #dailylife
  42. #dailylife
  43. #dailylife
  44. #dailylife
  45. #dailylife DOs & DONT’’s
  46. DONT “Wonderful story“ DO #dailylife Send email with over-used/too vague subjects “A Revolutionary Product“ “Press release about us“ “Launch of our last product“ Be specific “[Infographics + Story]: New scheme of capital gain taxes
  47. #dailylife DONT Send the very same email to 200+ medias DO Tailor made story to your targeted media + generic press release for the others
  48. #dailylife DONT Send emails too long / several attachment DO Short email = abstract. (1 PDF+ 2 photo max) attached. Weblink to bios, tagline, company story & description, logo, last press releases and stock of pictures
  49. #dailylife DONT Send purely promotional information DO Information + content of added value (study, barometer, infographics…)
  50. #Behindthescenes In bloggers’ shoes
  51. 1 2 one of the leading blog covering french startups.. in french By Louis Carle By Liam Boogar one of the leading blog covering french startups.. in english #Behindthescenes
  52. What You’ll Never Do Not-targeted infos 1 2 3 Pictures inside the body of the mail Crappy subject (eg “talk about us“) by Louis Carle
  53. Best Practices Information attached. Good design + hypertexts 1 2 3 Customized email Media attached (.zip) 4 Private access 5 Direct contact by Louis Carle
  54. Five Ways to get on my shit list By Liam Boogar We write in English. N’écris pas en français. 1 2 3 I keep running list of bad startup names. Don’t make that list. “Here’s a recent article of us on another blog“. Bad idea. 4 No good startup was ever pitched to a blogger in 140 characters. You won’t be the exception. 5 Press release are attachments, not emails. Also I only read them after I decide to write about you, not in order to decide.
  55. Five Ways to get my Attention Be ready for Press. If you’re not sure what this means, you’re not ready. 1 2 3 Short email. “Hi. We do X. Want to learn more??“ Get an intro from someone we’ve written about. I like all the people I’ve written about. 4 Ask me to lunch/coffee – I do that every day, so you know I’ll be free in the next week. 5 Tell me why Rude Baguette should write about you ( “we’re French” is not a good enough answer) By Liam Boogar
  56. Should you target tech blogs when you’re a B2C startup? Only 4 valuable reasons : Getting early adopters Getting new employees Being easily findable for other media Building your Search Story 1 2 3 4 these are “nice to have“ Target first the media read/watched/listened by your targeted market!
  57. #SocialPR What about Social Media x Press Relations?
  58. PR x Social Media can: amplify your messages make it last longer create a movement build a community #SocialPR level of mastery/force of your messages Remember the french #geonpi
  59. Recommended readings affiliate links, a good way to pay me the coffee without paying ;)
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  62. Willy Braun GM of France Digitale, alliance of french digital champions Head of eBusiness Studies @ WebSchoolFactory (Paris) Happy blogger: willy (a) @willybraun Special thanks to Mathieu Daix (@mathieudaix), Patrick Robin (@robin24h00) & Clément Delangue (@clementdelangue) for their precious feedbacks