How to Become a Marketing Ninja?


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Marketing has changed a lot during the last 30 years.
I quickly show why, how and the implication on both theory and practice.

Then I go more deeply into the 2 main pillars of the current marketing: branding & growth hacking.

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How to Become a Marketing Ninja?

  2. 2. Marketing =community building
  3. 3. Before I HATED the wordcommunity. It seemedfake.
  4. 4. But I was wrong.Let me explain you why.
  5. 5. Before people had (almost)no choice.
  6. 6. So you just needed toacquire users.
  7. 7. So it was rather easy.One product = one brand.
  8. 8. And the final goal was toincrease the share of mind“Share of mind marketing is aimed atestablishing a brand firmly in place asthe first brand people in a marketthink of when they need what thebrand offers.“
  9. 9. Look at P&Gin the 80s.
  10. 10. one product= one brand= one USPUnique Selling Proposition :a short sentence to explain the value proposition of thebrand. The perfect format for a TV Spot (30sec).
  11. 11. Late 90s.The battle of brand image.
  12. 12. Without the brand mostpeople go for Pepsi.With the brand peoplego for Coca.Same for McDonald’s &Quick (“Nous c’est legoût“).
  13. 13. 2000s.The battle for attention.
  14. 14. Too many brands.Too many products.Too many choices.
  15. 15. You have to fight for acommunity of loyal customers.
  16. 16. So they spread your voice, andtell the world you’re unique.
  17. 17. They don’t find you useful.They L.O.V.E. you.
  18. 18. Marketing =community buildingNow the word communitymakes sense, right?
  19. 19. How do youbuild your community ?1. branding / 2. growth hacking
  20. 20. 1. Branding
  21. 21. ChupaChupsAppleRedbullLevi’sRaybanCoca-ColaGoogleStarbucksOasis
  22. 22. 1. Branding1. Branding management= value creation
  23. 23. your first bareer to entryis NOT your techology
  24. 24. your first bareer to entryis NOT your users
  25. 25. your first bareer to entryis your B.R.A.N.D.
  26. 26. COKE’s market valuation:without brand value $50Bwith brand value $120B
  27. 27. The worst thing that couldhappen to not intoxication,explosions of facilities, noteven the lose of the recipe
  28. 28. The worst thing that couldhappen to collective amnesia.
  29. 29. 1. Branding2. What the brand is
  30. 30. A brand is just not aname.
  31. 31. A brand isrepresentation & relationships.
  32. 32. A brand is the way you talk.In your website, in your app,in your emails...
  33. 33. Chrome AppSumoThe world champion of copyis MailChimp (others are good too)OKCupid
  34. 34. the way, MailChimp has madean incredible guide for copy.
  35. 35. A brand is the way you behave.In your website, in your app, inyour emails...
  36. 36. Pair37SignalTwitterClean My MacThe Future Perfect ShopChocolat
  37. 37. Remember: a brand isrepresentation & relationships.
  38. 38. Remember: a brand isrepresentation & relationships.Not just communication. It’salso the way you behave (yourproduct itself, your sales...)
  39. 39. And it’s up to you to buildkick-ass representations &relationships.
  40. 40. 1. Branding3. How to start building a brand?
  41. 41. Just ask yourself these3 questions.
  42. 42. Who are you?
  43. 43. Southwest:We are low costAirFrance:Making the sky best place on earthIt’s the birthday of one passenger. What should the steward do?Southwest:Singing happy birthday is free and fun. Do it!Offering a birthday cake is great but expensive. Don’t do it!AirFrance:Singing happy birthday could disturb some passengers. Don’t do it!Offering a birthday cake is great. Passengers must feel delighted!
  44. 44. How you make adifference in people life?
  46. 46. Instagram.You could pitch “a mobile app to share photoswith friends“OR “a way to share great memories to peoplethat matters“Restopolitan.(They offer a free meal in a restaurant.)You could pitch “50% discount“ (and you’reagainst Groupon and all the others)OR “a way to go more often in a restaurant, theplace where you spend a magical time“
  47. 47. What content do youproduce to resonate?
  48. 48. Did Michelin speak only about tires?No. They knew they were much more.They were about traveling and discovering.Did Guiness speak only about beers?No. They knew they were much more.They were about having LOTS of fun.
  49. 49. 1. Branding4. The Brand pattern hack
  50. 50. “A brand pattern is morethan how a brand looks. Itis coherent andconsistency between howthe brand acts, looks andresponds over time““Brand should be iterativethrough interfaces and notjust the consistency of amessage.“MarcShillum SXSW2012
  51. 51. Brand patternis the declinaison ofthe brand everywhere.
  52. 52. HELVETICA NEUEBrand patterncan be evenshapes, fonts, colors.
  53. 53. One (or two) more thing(s)
  54. 54. Great brands have almost always a slow launch.No media buying. Just tribal marketing.And sheer love.Nike & the ghettos.Redbull & Xtrem sports.
  55. 55. You need a true crusadefor the outside AND the insideThat’s the strength of startupsand the curse of the old brands.The name is alreadya crusade. And thecompetitors seemalready guilty.
  56. 56. How do youbuild your community ?1. branding / 2. growth hacking
  57. 57. 2. Growth hacking
  58. 58. The key is to map outthe user lifecycle.
  59. 59. Keep in mind a simpleframework.
  60. 60. 1. ACQUISITIONGetting people to cometo your site
  61. 61. 2. ACTIVATIONGetting people to sign upfor anything that couldlead to a repeat visitAcquisition -> Activation
  62. 62. 3. RETENTIONGetting users to becomeactiveAcquisition -> Activation -> Retention
  63. 63. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue4. REVENUEMonetazing active users
  64. 64. + REFERRALGetting users to referothers-> ReferralAcquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue
  65. 65. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue1. ACQUISITIONYou hear about Quoraafter your friendsposts a question fromQuora to Twitter-> Referral
  66. 66. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue2. ACTIVATIONAfter reading the pageyou decide to createan accountAcquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue-> Referral
  67. 67. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue3. RETENTIONYou get a weeklydigest email withquestions and linksback to the siteAcquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue-> Referral
  68. 68. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue3. RETENTION (bis)Once you’re backQuora encouragesyou to read relatedquestionsAcquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue-> Referral
  69. 69. 4. REVENUEThey don’t makemoney (yet)Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue-> Referral
  70. 70. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue+ REFERRALThey encourage you toshare interestingquestions. And btw thereferral is in the DNAof Quora. A questionseeks answers.-> Referral
  71. 71. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> RevenueYou need to measureconversions at each stepsAcquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue-> Referral
  72. 72. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> RevenueYou need to measureconversions at each stepsAcquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> Revenue-> Referral
  73. 73. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> RevenueSome average rates(by Dave McClure)-> Referral
  74. 74. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> RevenueAt first, shitty metrics.-> Referral
  75. 75. Acquisition -> Activation -> Retention -> RevenueDon’t focus on acquisition ifyour activation rate is 1%-> Referral
  76. 76. Identify the best and learnfrom them (ie copy & adapt)
  77. 77. One more thing
  78. 78. FOUR more thing (that I love).In fact...
  79. 79. Mint has a landingpage and blog postfor nearly almostpersonal finance topic
  80. 80. Path texts the linkof the app to yourphone. (Price per SMSvia Twilio around $0.02)
  81. 81. Just send the campaign one moretime to those who didn’t open themail changing JUST the title.Very effective & almost no churn.x2email open rate
  82. 82. Campinambullemade a kick-asspage to increasethe referalDownload it free here and feel free to customize:
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