Growth hacking 101 - ultimate guide for event organizer


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Do you love growth hacking? Do you organize events? Do you have difficulties to market your event? Here is the ultimate guide. By Willy Braun (GM @ France Digitale) & Oussama Ammar (Partner @ The Family)

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Growth hacking 101 - ultimate guide for event organizer

  1. Growth Hacking 101 The event organizer guide Startup Weekend Summit France - september 2013 by Willy Braun (@willybraun) & Oussama Ammar (@daedalium)
  2. Growth hacking you said?
  3. But what does that mean?
  4. If you are a marketer that means...
  5. Paid Owned Earned Growth Hacking
  6. If you are tech guy that means...
  7. * remember x e^x Convexity*
  8. If you are a designer that means...
  9. * if you are not a designer and want to understand search “Dieter Rams“ (or clic here) Good design*
  10. If your a CEO thats means
  11. Using money for talent
  12. In short
  13. Growth hacking = always trying new things
  14. Growth hacking = looking for efficiency
  15. Growth hacking = looking for rapid growth
  16. * that doesn’t mean you will work 5 times less Growth hacking = 80/20*
  17. So you want to scale fast?
  18. Start with things that don’t scale
  19. Growth Hacking 1st step
  20. 1 build a hell of a team understand your participants2 3 connect with influencers 4 build your (kickass) identity
  21. You & your friends =/= TEH dream team 1 Build a hell of a team Try only people you think you can’t reach Balance between skills, networks and availability Balance between seriousness & funkyness Include in your team potential sponsors (private & public) & the accomodation provider
  22. What are SW participants first fears? Understand your participants2
  23. What are SW participants motivators? 2 Understand your participants
  24. How did they hear about your event? 2 Understand your participants
  25. How long did they wait before actually buying the ticket? 2 Understand your participants
  26. What made them move? 2 Understand your participants
  27. Can you call at least 5 previous participants right now? Are they coming from different backgrounds? Are there both students & working guys in your list? 2 Understand your participants
  28. So you contacted lots of great people to speak about your event? 3 Connect with influencers
  29. Oh. You send an e-mail. 3 Connect with influencers
  30. How many actually talked about it? 3 Connect with influencers
  31. Did they think it was special/important/awesome? 3 Connect with influencers
  32. Did they feel pride to talk about it? 3 Connect with influencers
  33. How well do you know them? 3 Connect with influencers
  34. Do you know them personally? 3 Connect with influencers
  35. 3 Connect with influencers Did you share a cup of coffee or a lunch with them?
  36. Do you know what they worry about and what excite them? 3 Connect with influencers
  37. is not your identity Build your identity4
  38. your identity = Build your identity4 what you are/what you do how you tell your story
  39. Build your identity4 Vision Conviction Justification Pragmatism
  40. Alright you started with things that didn’t scale... build a hell of a team understand your participants connect with influencers build your identity
  41. Now let’s do things that DO scale
  42. @willybraun But before.. follow us! @daedalium Contacts at the end of the presentation
  43. Growth Hacking 2nd step
  44. AARRR
  45. AARRR > Acquisition : making people hear about your event
  46. AARRR > Activation : get the potential attendee email
  47. AARRR > Revenue : make them pay* * don’t offer free tickets to lower the noshow rate
  48. AARRR > Referral : make the potential attendees speak about your kickass event
  49. AARRR > Retention : make them want to come back
  50. Snipers & co > Step 1 : build a community > Step 2 : make them feel guilty in less than 1 hour if they don’t share > Bonus : don’t forget a small discount ACQUISITION
  51. Partnerships ACQUISITION > Offer them visibility/discount/special treatment
  52. Newsjacking “Become the next Jean-Baptiste Rudelle“ ACQUISITION
  53. Emailing ACTIVATION
  54. Pricing > Your average price is not the public price (A) but your first discount ticket (B) > “this is how it would cost (A), this is what you’ll pay (B)“ REVENUE
  55. Good Pictures Sell > A/B test and keep the best ACTIVATION/REVENUE
  56. The feeling of scarcity > Remember: if you want them to join, you need to make them dream of joining it. > The tickets will be available on monday at 11:00PM. After it will be too late. ACTIVATION/REVENUE
  57. Sheep Powa 34 incredible developers 9 amazing designers > Concrete* numbers * concrete =/= true ACTIVATION/REVENUE
  58. Sheep Powa Thomas, Cathy & John are attending. (If you can’t just use personas) > Your friends ACTIVATION/REVENUE
  59. Story > “1039 people use successfully this product with“ is LESS powerful than the story of ONE user ACTIVATION/REVENUE
  60. Do you enjoy the presentation? Let’s keep in touch! Clic on the yellow button
  61. What’s the most effective? “Startup Weekend gathers 100 entrepreneurs“A
  62. What’s the most effective? “Startup Weekend gathers in one event 100 incredible entrepreneurs & change lives“B
  63. What’s the most effective? “I attended Startup Weekend Toulouse in june 2009 and it changed my life. I met my co- founder, quit my job and raised 200K 6 months later“ C
  64. D “I attended Startup Weekend Toulouse in june 2009 and it changed my life. I met my co-founder, quit my job and raised 200K 6 months later“
  65. What’s the most effective? Yes obviously the most effective one is D. But are you sure your communication doesn’t look like A?
  66. One more thing
  67. Do you want the ultimate secret of growth hacking for an event organiser?
  68. Make an incredible event.
  69. Ressources 37 Signals part1 part2 part3 Lean Startup (book) - Eric Ries Influence (book) - Robert Cialdini Petit traité de manipulation (livre) - Jouffrois The 4-Hour Workweek (book) - Tim Ferriss Newsletters of Francedigitale, The Family & Brocooli
  70. Willy Braun GM @ France Digitale - @willybraun Director of eBusiness instruction - WebschoolFactory - (subscribe to the newsletters!) Authors Oussama Ammar Partner @ The Family - @daedalium Teacher - Sciences Po Paris (subscribe to the newsletter!)