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Adopted policies of whoa


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Adopted policies of whoa

  1. 1. Willowbriar, but are intended to specify a uniform procedure wherebyWillowbriar Homeowners my make application for approval of proposedchanges. (A DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED CHANGES WILL NEED TO BEPRESENTED IN WRITING TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.) Article VII of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions ofWillowbriar and the By=laws shall be binding.1. Detailed plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape,heights, materials, color of paint, and location of the proposed change inrelation to surrounding structures and topography.2. For structural changes to buildings interior or exterior, fences, or otherstructures including the placement of sheds on patios, the homeownershall present to the Board of Directors detailed plans before any workbegins. The Board, at its discretion, may require approval of anyneighbors for structural changes that might affect the view of theneighbors. 2.1 External patio fences shall conform to the type and color used by the other units in the building. 2.2 New Patio sheds should have roofs lower than the height of the fence. 2.3 Non-enclosed patios shall not be used as open storage units.3. Any structural changes to buildings or other structures may also requirethe application for and issuance of a building permit from the City ofLoveland, Colorado, before any work could commence. Presentation ofthe approved building permit for information to the Board of Directors willconstitute compliance with this requirement. Presentation of the finalinspection certificate of the building permit to the Board of Directorswould also be required upon completion of the approved change.
  2. 2. Policy for the Adoption and Amendment of Policies, Procedures, and RulesThe Association shall adopt any Bylaw Changes, Rules and Regulations,and Policies for the Association.A notice of the meeting shall be delivered to each member of theAssociation fourteen (14) days before the meeting. An agenda for themeeting shall be included in the notice. Such notice shall contain inwriting any proposed changes to Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, orPolicies.The requirements of Quorum as stated in the Bylaws shall apply. Alldecisions with by made by simple majority. Policy for Addressing Disputes between the Association and the Unit OwnersThe Board shall address any dispute brought to it by an unit owner in thefollowing manner: 1. All disputes shall be stated in writing citing the specific facts of the situation. 2. The Board will meet in Executive Session within ten (10) days of receipt of the dispute with the petitioner. This meeting will seek to resolve the situation by mutual agreement. 3. If Board is unable to reach a decision, or if the petitioner finds the resolution unsatisfactory, the Board shall call a meeting of the Association in Executive Session. 4. The decision of the Association will be final. Architectural Control Guidelines WILLOWBRIARD HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES Adopted August 1, 1985 Revised August 11, 2012 The Board of Directors of Willowbriar Homeowners Association,acting as the Architectural Control Committee, has developed thefollowing Architectural Control Guidelines. These Guidelines do notreplace Article VII of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of
  3. 3. Policy for the Enforcement of Covenants and RulesThe Board of Directors shall be responsible for the enforcement ofCovenants and Rules. Rules that are enforceable by fines are on theRules and Regulations List.Any member receiving an assessment or fine which the member deemsnot in compliance with the covenants and rules may petition the Boardfor a personal hearing in Executive Session (only Board members present). 1. The petition shall be in writing and state the specific assessment, rule, or fine being questioned, and the remedy requested. 2. The petition shall be presented to an officer of the Association. 3. The Board of Directors shall meet with the petitioner in executive session within ten (10) days of the receipt of the petition. 4. Another person serving as a support person may accompany the petition. 5. The Board shall receive the petition, review it with the petitioner, ask questions, and then dismiss the petitioner. 6. The Board will discuss and vote on the proposed resolution. 7. The Petitioner will return to receive the decision of the Board. Policy for the Inspection and Copying of Association Records by Unit OwnersAll members shall receive a copy of the minutes of each meeting of theBoard of Directors and the Association including any financial reportswithin five days of the meeting.Any member may request of the Board a copy of any specific item in theAssociation records. If the request includes copying of large items (e.g.,the plat of the community) the member shall bear the costs. Policy for the Investment of Reserve FundsAll investment funds of the Association shall be held in separate savingsfunds with individual accounting.Any withdrawals from the investment funds shall require a vote of theBoard of Directors.
  4. 4. Willowbriar Homeowners Association Policies Adopted August 11, 2012 Policy for the Collection of Unpaid AssessmentsAny assessments that are not paid when due shall be delinquent. If theassessment is not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date, theassessment shall bear interest from the date of delinquency at the rate oftwelve (12) percent per annum; the Association may bring an actionat(of) law against the owner personally obligated to pay the same orforeclose the lien against the property, and interest, costs, and reasonableattorney’s fees of any such action shall be added to the amount of suchassessment. No owner may waive or otherwise escape liability for theassessments provided for herein by nonuse of the Common Area orabandonment of his the owned lot. Policy for the Handling of Conflicts of Interest Involving Board MembersA Board Member holding a personal interest in an item before the Board,e.g., a request for an improvement to that member’s property, shall notvote upon the matter and may be requested by the Board to absentoneself from discussion and voting.Any Association Member employed by the Board shall participate inBoard meetings as an ex officio member, but shall not hold an office or abuilding representative position. Policy for the Conduct of MeetingsAssociation Meetings are prescribed by Bylaws as follows:Article III: MembershipArticle IV: voting RightsArticle VI: Meeting of Association MembersArticle XVII: Parliamentary AuthorityBoard of Directors Meetings are prescribed by the Bylaws as follows:Article VII: Board of Directors: Selection; Term of OfficeArticle IX: Meeting of DirectorsArticle X: Powers and Duties of the Board of DirectorsArticle XI: Officers and their DutiesArticle XII: CommitteesArticle XVII: Parliamentary Authority