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BestSure Intro


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BestSure Intro

  1. 1. Bestsure hasbeeninexistence asa Professional Financial ServicesGroupsince 1989 and conducts businesswithinthe under-mentioneddivisions: Motor and HouseholdInsurance Commercial or/andBusinessInsurance Building/Sectional Title Insurance Our aimis to provide corporates,professionals,developers,manufacturesandindividualsof superiorinsurance productswhichare uniquelyshapedtosuitthe variousspecificneeds& requirements. The successof a businesssuchasours isbasedon sound businessprincipalswiththe emphasison goodcorporate governance & longterm relationshipswithitsdifferentclients&business partners. All the divisionsinthe BestSure stable are managedbyshareholderswithasoundknowledgeof heir respective fieldswithexcellenttechnologyandintellectualcapital. We are Fais Compliance andare authorisedfinancial service providers: BestSure Financial Service FSPlicense no.13633