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best oracle DBA training | oracle ADF online training


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Ithubonlinetraining are given Oracle DBA on-line training designated insurance of core database principles, the position of the administrator, and employer database capabilities. Oracle DBA path walks you via database configuration, administration, programming, backup and restoration, and excessive availability. You’ll get in-depth introductions to square and PL/sq. as well as important information on managing huge databases and the usage of Oracle’s engineered systems. Maximum overall performance, backup, and recovery problems that database administrators face on a day by day basis can without problems be recognized through knowledge the essential middle of Oracle Database structure can be discussed throughout Oracle DBA online education.
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best oracle DBA training | oracle ADF online training

  1. 1. Overview of Oracle Database Administration  What is SQL?  Roles & Responsibilities of DBA  Oracle Architecture  Process Architecture  Physical and Logical structures of Database  Types of files(Control file,Data file)  Different types of Data files
  2. 2. Database Creation  Using Oracle Universal Installer  Installation Prerequisites  Setting Environment Variables  Installing the Oracle Database Software: Steps  Using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)  Different Startup Modes  Different Shutdown Modes  Types of Database Creation
  3. 3. Configuring the Oracle Network Environment  Tools for Configuring and Managing the Oracle Network  Using the Listener Control Utility  Connecting to an Oracle Database  Oracle Net: Naming Methods  Using Oracle Net Manager to Configure Local Naming  Tnsnames.ora  Network default location  Introduction to Database Links
  4. 4. Managing the Oracle Instance  Oracle Instance Management  Oracle Processes  Oracle Memory Structures  Starting the Instance and Opening the Database  Shutting Down an Oracle Database Instance  Viewing and Modifying Initialization Parameters  Managing Memory Components  Viewing the Alert Log
  5. 5. Storage Parameters  Oracle Database Structures  Exploring the Storage Structure of the Oracle Database  What are segments?  What are extents?  What is Blocks?  Dictionary Managed Table space  Locally Managed Table space  Storage Parameters(Initial, Next, Min Extents, Pctincrease)  Managing Undo Data
  6. 6. SPFile & PFile Managment  What is sp file?  Difference between sp file and p file  Advantages of sp file